April Birthstone: Diamond

April is the most privileged month in the year because it has diamond as its birthstone. Diamonds are the most expensive precious stones because they have the most extraordinary properties in the mineral kingdom. And they look good with any outfit, being the first choice for many Hollywood actresses.

Most diamond are more than a hundred million years old; some are three billion years old. They are the oldest gemstones known to man.

April birthstone Diamond

Their chemical composition is of pure carbon, crystallized over millions of years deep inside Earth’s core at an incredible pressure into the toughest object on the planet. There is nothing more resistant than it. You can only cut a diamond with another diamond. No need to worry that you’ll scratch it; it will never happen.

When it comes to wearing diamonds, there’s no wrong way. Diamond brooches adorn business suits. Diamond studs are worn to the gym. This ground swell of wearing diamonds every day started a few years back when designers like John Galliano and Donna Karan popularized them on their runways.

Diamond colors

Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance known to man. It is also the most popular gemstone. In their natural state, diamonds can be found in various colors: the rarest colors are red, blue and green while orange, violet, yellow and yellowish green are more common.
The color can be changed using different heat treatment methods. Diamonds also vary from colorless to black, and they may be transparent, translucent or opaque.

Diamonds grade

The grade of a diamond is based on the visual carbon particles within the stone (called clarity). The 4 C’s to remember when selecting natural diamonds are

  1. Carat
  2. Color
  3. Cut
  4. Clarity

April birthstone Diamond

People should understand that it is the cutting that releases the true brilliance of a stone.

All diamonds are a mineral composed of pure carbon and the fewer carbon particles visible through a jewelers’ loupe, and the better the cut, the more your natural diamond will be worth. Yes, you can purchase very small diamonds, less than 1 or 2 points in size, for a few dollars. But remember two wise sayings, “you get what you pay for,” or “if it seems too good to be true then it probably is.” In other words, there are very inexpensive diamonds on the market, but the quality is usually inferior and not recommended as a good investment. Education about natural diamonds is the consumers only defense when it comes to choosing the right diamond.


Cubic zirconia as fake diamond

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But how would you like to have the look of diamonds without the high price? No one will know unless you tell.
Because the price of genuine, high-quality diamonds doesn’t necessarily suit everyone’s budget, high-grade, laboratory-grown Cubic Zirconia steps in as the closest you will find to a diamond at a fraction of the price. Cubic zirconia is one of the most widely used and the finest quality materials to make fake diamonds. But, while the hardness of a diamond is 10, cubic zirconia’s have only a hardness of 8.5.
Cubic zirconia tends to scratch more easily because it is softer, and when too many scratches accumulate on its surface, it loses its original brilliance.

April birthstone Diamond

The Jeweler’s Legend

However, you should never use fire on diamonds. There is a story of a jeweler who went to the king of Spain to promise him that he could build him the biggest diamond in the world. For this, he asked to be given a bunch of smaller diamond that he would use to build the big one. The king agreed.

April birthstone Diamond

The jeweler’s plan was to melt the small diamonds into a huge, more beautiful one. To his surprise, the diamonds didn’t turn into an extraordinary precious stone, but into graphite which has the same chemical composition, but it’s worthless. When he was asked for the diamond, the jeweler could not explain what happened. The king thought he just kept the gems for himself, so he beheaded him.

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