Aqua Aura Quartz Meaning and Properties

Aqua Aura is an enhanced form of Quartz that has undergone a special treatment process whereby the surface of the Quartz has been bonded with vaporized pure gold. This results in the characteristic vivid aqua-blue base color and the beautiful iridescent rainbow-colored “flashes”.

This stunning aura had also been used to create Aqua Aura Blades of Light and Aqua Aura Danburite.

The frequency of Aqua Aura connects to the throat and third eye chakras. It cleanses and stimulates the throat chakra by removing any blocks and imbalances so that one can communicate one’s inner truths.

This beautiful aura stimulates the third eye chakra allowing one to connect with the higher dimensions and thus be open to channel higher vibrational consciousness and higher truths. The energy of this aqua blue-toned crystal helps to soothe one’s emotions and relieves stress and anger.

It can aid with psychic protection as the high vibrational energy of this aura raises the vibrations of one’s energy fields and thus helps to dissipate and transmute any negative energies that would otherwise enter.

Associated Chakras

  • Throat
  • Third Eye

Physical Ailment

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Throat
  • Thyroid

Emotional Issue

  • Anger
  • Stress

Spiritual Connection

  • Connection to Higher Dimensions
  • Protection – Psychic

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