Aquarius birthstones

BirthstonesGarnet (Main), Moss Agate (Alternate), Sugilite (Alternate), Garnet (Hindu), Turquoise(Planetary), Lapis Lazuli (Planetary), Jasper (Talismanic)
KeywordsI know
Color(s)Purple, Yellow
Lucky Number7

Aquarius, the eleventh sign of the Zodiac, brings us the rebels, visionaries, and inventors.

Aquarians, ruled by Uranus, bring us people who can think outside the box. These are the inventors, the visionaries, the future-looking people we meet. Being too Uranian can be difficult, as it adds eccentricity to the character. Too much eccentricity (i.e., being too different) can bring down the wrath of society. Aquarians will be unaware that anything is wrong with being different – in fact, they’ll revel in it!

Aquarians make great friends. They’ll never let their emotions get in the way of an impartial decision. They’re humanitarians and see all men as brothers. Astrologically speaking, Aquarians are quite highly evolved (and probably won’t bore you to tears).

Aquarians are the know it all’s of the universe and can sometimes get into trouble by inflating their own opinions of themselves. A “fixed” sign, Aquarians will not budge once they’ve made up their minds so trying to sway the viewpoint of an Aquarian is a challenge! An Aquarian loves an argument, too! Their intellect is their greatest amusement and so they often enjoy a good debate.

Set your heart on an Aquarius? Aquarians love their independence, so much so that while they are great friends and joiners, they remain detached in personal relationships. It’s not that they aren’t good-hearted, they just need independence like the rest of us to need air to breathe.

They can keep the emotional distance necessary for some of the really gut-wrenching charity work that would leave the more emotional signs disturbed. Aquarians truly work from an altruistic viewpoint and you’ll rarely find a kinder person.

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