Axinite Meaning and Properties

Axinite is a complex borosilicate mineral that can include calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, and aluminum within its chemical composition. The color range is brown, red/brown, yellow, blue to violet/purple depending on the main chemical components.

Axinite is pyroelectric and piezoelectric.

The axinite group includes:

  • Ferroaxinite: iron-rich, clove-brown, brown, plum-blue, pearl-gray
  • Magnesioaxinite: magnesium-rich, pale blue to pale violet; light brown to light pink
  • Manganaxinite: manganese-rich, honey-yellow, clove-brown, brown to blue
  • Tinzenite: iron-manganese intermediate, yellow, brownish yellow-green

Axinite: Meanings, Benefits and Properties

The frequency of Axinite connects to the third eye and base chakras. It is a strong grounding stone, aligning the chakric column and allowing for high vibrational energy to be grounded and stabilized within one’s physical vehicle. This in turn increases one’s physical vitality and strengthens one’s ability to endure physical exertions.

The energy of this crystal helps to stimulate the third eye chakra allowing one to “see” the truth in situations, increasing one’s mental processes and aiding with achieving the meditative state, so that one can connect to one’s “inner self” and expand one’s awareness.

Associated Chakras

  • Base Root
  • Third Eye

Physical Ailment

  • Physical Vitality
  • Physical Wellbeing

Emotional Issue

  • Truth – Emotional

Spiritual Connection

  • Expanded Awareness
  • Grounding
  • Meditation – Spiritual

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