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The jade stones occur in various forms, with the soft green version being the pricey and most prominent one. However, another magnificent form of jade known as black jade has taken the market by storm. Black jade has gained a lot of praise and popularity in recent years due to its natural abilities and powers. The stones were useful to the Aztec, Chinese, and ancient Mayan civilizations.

Black jade is a psychic protection stone, and it is widely known to deter energy attacks. Once you understand the properties and meanings of this stone, you can overcome any obstacles in your life. Black jade is known as the stone of success and vision.

Black Jade Explained

It is a type of jade that contains dark minerals like omphacite jade and black hornblende jade. It also contains iron oxide and graphite. Typically, there are two black jade types, including black jadeite and nephrite jade.

Black jade is the glossy jadeite jade that occurs in a bizarre black color. It can appear dark green to jet black. The black color in this stone is initially dark green, but iron oxide makes it appear black.


Jade is associated with Piedra de ijada, which is a Spanish phrase referring to loin stone. This term was first heard in the 16th century as the gemstone alleviated different medical conditions related to loins or kidneys. Black jade has a diverse, rich history and folklore.

Black Jade ✨ Meaning ✦ Properties ✦ Benefits ✦ Uses 1

Today when black jade is mentioned, it covers both nephrite and jadeite. Jadeite is sodium aluminum silicate, and nephrite is calcium magnesium silicate. These two minerals are identical but differ in densities, compositions, hardness, and crystal formations. Both nephrite and jadeite are tough crystals but with similar looks and with beneficial metaphysical properties.

Since they are similar in several aspects, it makes them hard to distinguish. This similarity had people not able to distinguish them until the 19th century. However, Chinese artisans had noticed that jade had different variations, especially deposits from Myanmar and Burma. Some variations were easier to carve, harder, and denser.

Many stone masters love this stone, and they call it jadeite. Jade is available in other colors, and these other jades are known as nephrite. If occurring in Peru, Black jade is called shadow black jade or midnight Lemurian by the metaphysical guys. Understand that Lemuria is a lost continent that was located between the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

The Lemurian stone has mineral spots such as pyrite and quartz. The inclusions bring about two colors, including the black stones and the greenish or greyish stones. The black deposits are known as midnight Lemurian jade, and the greenish ones are called shadow Lemurian jades.

Black jade represents wisdom, self-control, power, and protection. The stone expresses social, financial, spiritual, and personal prudence. Its power can purify any negative energies and keep all negativity away. Black jade also means protection and safety, beckoning the power of different goddesses. They may include the goddess of mercy, three goddesses of fate, goddess of justice, and goddess of fertility and Earth.

Green jade means love, but black jade stands for psychic protection. The gemstone helps in manifesting lower chakras powers. It also helps connect one with Mother Earth.

Geological Properties

Most black hade stones are translucent to opaque but relatively light. Their lusters vary from waxy to silky to greasy. Understand that the gemstone is susceptible to acids.

Black Jade ✨ Meaning ✦ Properties ✦ Benefits ✦ Uses 2

Black jade occurs in India, China, Italy, southwest Africa, and the US. Its hardness ranges from 3 to 4.5 Mohs and has a specific gravity of 2.65. Black jade also has a refractive index of about 2.2 to 2.6.

Grey Serpentine – Black Jade Imitation

Serpentine is the name given to a group of minerals similar to amphibole and pyroxene. The minerals chrysotile, antigorite, and lizardite belong to a serpentine group which is black jade imitation. When these minerals form rocks, they are known as serpentinite. The serpentine are rocks are formed in this manner, and they are categorically used as jade imitations.

Grey serpentine is the common mineral used as an imitation of black jade. They have some resemblance even though they might differ in some aspects. These serpentinite rocks are known as New Jade, or China Jade not only resemble jade, but some even occur with nephrite jade. As a rule of thumb, minerals in the serpentine group are much softer than nephrite or jadeite. Most nephrites have a hardness of 5 to 6 Mohs, and antigorite can easily attain this hardness.

However, its hardness is not like that of genuine jade. Due to more effortless workability, the grey serpentine has easily become a jade substitute. Some art objects such as sculptures, bowls, vases, necklaces, and jewelry you will come across maybe serpentinite and not jade.

Black Jade Healing Properties and Benefits

Black jade has got robust healing properties if used well and for the proper purpose. Below are some of its healing properties:

Physical Properties

Typically, it is a metamorphic rock. The nephrite jade form is a result of contact metamorphism. The metamorphism happens when igneous invasion dislocates the original rock. The heat and pressure from the invasion cause the rock to liquefy, soften and recrystallize. That brings about new minerals and causes rocks in that area to turn into metamorphic rocks.

Nephrite only exists if the initial stone was limestone and was rich in magnesium due to the metamorphic process. Nephrite jade is seen as small rocks and sheets. The gemstone occurs with a waxy sheen on the polished surface. Nephrite occurs abundantly than the other stone jadeite. However, both occur in colors such as black, even though jadeite is more lustrous and harder. The black color in black jade results from iron oxide inclusions, graphite, and black hornblende. In reality, black jade is not a genuine black stone but deep green; the high iron concentration is what gives it the color black. That is the main reason you can easily sot some green hues when you keenly observe a legit black jade.

Black jade is technically etheric protection and defender stone. It attracts necessary energy guards for your body, heart, and mind alike. The stone will defend the wearer against negative entities such as people who may want to weaken your energy. People believe that this stone will easily protect you from morphogenic fields like violence and fear that may arise in crisis and chaos.

The stone aids candid self-evaluation and also transforms the harming emotions. Black jade helps the wearer lead and live an active and contented life. It is a reminder that reminds you of your dreams and helps you push towards achieving them even in unfavorable circumstances. Black jade promotes reverence at home and helps the wearer speak with respect and love according to what is on their heart and mind.

With this stone, one can easily achieve a harmonious balance in life, especially if the people you live with are strong or dominating. The stone will give you moral strength while you speak to other people. It will also prevent you from being influenced by a praiseful but deceitful speech. Most experts consider black jade as a gemstone for overcoming guilt feelings and discarding any self-defeating stances.

Anyone who needs to work on their elimination systems and immune system can fruitfully use black jade. The magnificent stone reminds the wearer that to have wellbeing and peace in life; you have to filter the negative energy and waste that may come your way from invaders. That means acting to protect your body from harmful things like parasites, bacteria, and viruses.

It also means cutting out toxic people from our lives as well as staying away from toxic situations. Waste products should also not accumulate in your body for you to live healthily. Black jade is a talisman for your adrenal glands above the kidneys. It helps you respond appropriately to stress. When mixed with Pyrite, black jade helps the wearer distinguish between casual symptoms and root causes of issues. It helps you take good care of yourself.

Mental Healing Properties

Black jade gives the wearer intelligent energy. It helps you see situations from a different angle and avoid rushing to make conclusions. Many refer to it as a “philosopher’s stone.” That is because it encourages people to view life from a logical angle and see patterns and systems that help them discover greater meanings.

The stone encourages inclusiveness, tolerance, and practicality. If you are someone who uses their words to give guidance or instructions, you can use this stone. It is ideal for teachers, parents, media personalities, and politicians as it encourages beliefs, actions, and integrity in what we speak.

Emotional Healing Properties

Black jade contains soothing and calm energy is resourceful in sudden crisis or long-term stress. With this stone, you have an objective stance and do not allow emotions to get better of you. It will help you remain calm in times of turmoil and help restore peace in your life. As for the long-term stress, the stone will help you realize that stress is mostly a choice.

It will let you know how you can make choices that will lead to a happy life full of serenity. Emotional changes will not happen in an instant if you are stressed. It requires patience for the stress to go away. Black jade promises to restore peace in the wearer’s life. It engages with honest self-reflection and basically helps you make better choices.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Black jade encourages the wearer to explore their vulnerabilities and embrace them as they are. It teaches us not to fear the vulnerabilities but instead find a way to work around them and with them. The gemstone helps us unpack any negative beliefs we may be having about ourselves. It is also a protective stone that helps us explore more about PTSD and trauma issues.

If you are looking for the perfect stone for intense spiritual work such as shamanic journeying, then this is the stone to look for. Black jade will help you become spiritually mature and have strong spiritual beliefs. The black jade from Peru contains inclusions that make it a good gemstone for attracting security and financial abundance.

Black jade is associated with zodiac signs such as Gemini, Taurus, Aries, and Libra. The stone is also associated with the Earth’s elements and vibrations.

Black Jade and Chakra

Keep a stunning black jade necklace with you at all times. It connects easily with your chakra if placed in the right places. Ensure you place the stone on the fourth chakra, which is the energy center of your heart. That is the only surest way to achieve its benefits. With this stone, the wearer does not feel unworthy. They will feel that they have the right to earn a better income as long as they work hard to earn that money ethically.

How to Use Black Jade

Have a piece of black jade at your workplace that will protect you against co-workers and bosses that may have power greed. The stone will deflect energies from such people who will ultimately do anything to succeed in life. People with controlling personalities will also not transmit their energies to you if you carry a piece of the stone.

You can rock black jade as a pendant or necklace or any other jewelry. It will help the wearer stay clear of dishonesty or fraudulent people. Some people put the stone in their home whereby it acts as a guardian stone. The gemstone will dispel negative energies from the outside environment or even people that do not have good intentions.

Zodiac Connection

If you are a Taurus born between April 20 and May 20, this stone is for you. These are realistic, calm, and temperate people. However, these people are also quite determined to achieve their ambitions, and they are tenacious. The stone will help you put everything in order.

Cancers and Libras will receive security, harmony, protection, confidence, zest for life, and strength from black jade. Jade is a powerful stone for Aquarius, Pisces, Virgo, and Scorpio. Its calming effect inspires these zodiac signs and gives these people mindfulness, peace, and stability.

Black Jade Value

Black jade cost varies from one stone to the other depending on several factors. Like with other gemstones, you have to consider the type of the stone and the quality. Jadeite black jade could get up to around $3 million for every carat. Nephrite jade costs around $100 to $1000 for every pound, for it is easily found.

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