Black Jasper ✨ Meaning ✦ Properties ✦ Benefits ✦ Uses

Gemstones and crystals, especially Jaspers, are believed by various people to have powerful energies that help them in the journey through professional and personal trials. To keep them safe when working in risky environments. To motivate and make them more productive.

Black Jasper, also called Blackstone or Basanite, is one such gemstone. This article will learn about Black Jasper, its healing properties, values, and many more.

Black Jasper (Basanite) Geological Properties & Occurrences

FormulaSiO2 (with varying impurities)
Crystal systemHexagonal
Crystal classQuartz (Chalcedony)
Mohs scale hardness6.5-7
Specific gravity2.5-2.9
Refractive index1.54-2.65

There are, confusingly, not one but two rocks called Basanite:

1. Black form of jasper:

Black Jasper (Basanite) is a deep velvety-black variety of amorphous quartz. Basanite, Lydian stone, and radiolarite are terms used to refer to several types of black, jasper-like rock which are dense, fine-grained, and flinty/cherty in texture.

The “Lydian Stone” known to the Ancient Greeks is named for the ancient kingdom of Lydia in what is now western Turkey. A similar rock type occurs in New England. It is mentioned and its use described in the writings of Bacchylides about 450 B.C., and was also described by Theophrastus in his book On Stones, a century later.

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2. Black volcanic rock closely akin to basalt:

This Basanite is an igneous extrusive (volcanic) rock with a porphyritic to aphanitic texture. It comprises mainly olivine, plagioclase, feldspathoids, and pyroxenes. The stone forms when magma of low silica content and high alkali oxides solidify quickly close to the surface of the Earth. This fine-grained stone has low silica content and enriched alkali metal content. This stone may be glassy or highly fine-grained. The minerals present include Plagioclase, Olivine, augite, and feldspathoids (leucite or nepheline).

The crystal can be found in Hungary, Spain, New Zealand, South Western US, and Italy.

Black Jasper Healing Properties and Benefits

Physical Healing Properties of Black Jasper

Physically, Black Jasper can be used as an effective pain reliever. It can also help people recover and heal after a joint or hip replacement. This stone can treat those with digestive and foot ailments of healing.

Black Jasper ✨ Meaning ✦ Properties ✦ Benefits ✦ Uses 1

Black Jasper helps maintain the balance of your body’s mineral intake. After a prolonged illness or surgery, Black Jasper can help you regain strength and balance. Many people believe that Black Jasper can stimulate your sexual pleasure while prolonging it simultaneously. The stone is also believed to treat those with low sex drive and infertility.

Black Jasper will help the bleeding stop and protect you from becoming infected from wounds. The stone has also been known to help protect the liver, gallbladder, and spleen and regulate a person’s digestive process. Blackstone is also believed to help with stomach aches and other digestive troubles. As you can see, there are many physical healing properties of this stone.

Black Jasper and Emotional Healing

If you aren’t familiar with this stone’s emotional healing powers, you will know its power after using it during an emotionally trying moment of your life. It is a potent cleansing, encouraging, and loving stone that can help you overcome the impacts of sad or bad experiences in life.

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Black Jasper’s healing powers support you when eliminating whatever you don’t want to have in your life, like insecurity, jealousy, hate, pain, and fear. The stone is excellent at providing peace, reason, balance, and stability, increasing your optimism about life and commitment to pursue happiness. Whenever confused or overwhelmed, Black Jasper will make sense of various things. The stone keeps you calm while working on your aura to avoid becoming very emotional whenever things worsen. It removes the negative vibrations preventing you from viewing your unfortunate experiences on a bigger scale.

Black Jasper will ensure you appreciate bad and good experiences since both make you and your life. In emotional healing, black Jasper can help you transform negative thoughts into more beneficial things. Having this rock will see the lessons in regretful or unfortunate experiences, making you not linger in disappointment, shame, and pain.

Black Jasper will provide you with emotional healing, ensuring you see the opportunities out there that make you happy, loved, and successful. Black Jasper works to ensure you see the many wonderful blessings you have whenever you feel like giving up. Although Black Jasper won’t get rid of what’s hurting you immediately, it provides you with daily strength and courage to get you through the challenging or unfortunate parts of life with ease.

Black Jasper’s emotional healing powers can guide you when eliminating what you no longer need in your life, especially your personal life. Do you have a toxic partner who you are unsure whether they are a good friend when you aren’t looking? Having a crystal of this stone will help you get all the answers you’re looking for and provide you with the courage to sever ties with such fake friends.

If involved with a person you don’t look like they will commit to you, Jasper will get rid of the blinders and ensure you can see whatever you’ve refused to see for long. Black Jasper is a perfect stone of companion when having troubled emotions. It will eliminate anything hurting you and enhance things that keep you strong.

Chakra & Spiritual Healing With Black Jasper

The energy points in your body covering you from top to bottom are called Chakra. Through Balancing these energy points, you could improve your consciousness and strength and make your connection to the world strong.

Stimulates Root Chakra

Black Jasper healing properties and powers revolve around the stone’s grounding nature. It vibrates with root chakra’s energy located at the pelvic floor and the base of your spine. Root Chakra is responsible for a person’s sense of security and stability. If the root chakra is imbalanced, you might feel insecure, greedy, restless, and other various uncomfortable feelings.

The stone’s grounding abilities let us find strength and steadiness. Meditating with Black Jasper can help you achieve a higher consciousness, connecting you and your earthly essence.

Whenever you fall prey to negative energies and emotions, you become vulnerable. You consequently make those around you vulnerable. Black Jasper is an immensely protective stone and may protect you from these dangerous attacks.

Amplifies Manifestations

The Healing powers of Black Jasper improve your manifestations by connecting with the Earth’s vibrations. It rebuilds self-confidence to become comfortable with your place on the Earth.

Promotes Energy Flow in Feng Shui

The healing properties of Black Jasper can be applied in Feng Shui, the Chinese science and art of spatial orientation and arrangement concerning the flow of energy. If your environment has poor Feng Shui, it welcomes bad energies and bad luck that may be volatile. Use your crystal of Black Jasper near your house for positive balance and transformation.

How To Use Black Jasper For The Best Results

If you plan to wear Black Jasper like jewelry, wearing it close to your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chakras is the best choice. Belts, wrist bracelets, and rings made of this stone can also be excellent as they can protect, ground, and ground your energies.

Wear this stone on your body or keep it close to you to avoid distractions. For better results, pair it with September Birthstone. You can attract loving, warm energies inside your home by placing Black Jasper crystals right at the center of your house or in the southwest area. You should charge your Black Jasper using other crystals and be discharged every 20 days.

You can effectively discharge Black Jasper by placing it close to any indoor potted plants. Because it is already too energetic, sunlight isn’t needed.

Zodiac Connection

Black Jasper is a highly versatile stone, which is why it isn’t a surprise that it is associated with several sun signs. Cancers benefit from Black Jasper’s nurturing qualities and even help open a person up if they are shy Cancer Zodiacs.

Virgo people at times have a hardness expressing their feelings to others, and Black Jasper could help them trust and be more generous with their emotions.

For Scorpios, the benefits of Black Jasper lie in the stone’s lightheartedness and vibration of joy. Scorpios may become solemn, and Black Jasper can help them see the brighter side of life.

Black Jasper Value

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where another person has seen your Black Jasper collection and expressed their interest in it? Or, maybe have a lot of Black Jasper in your collection that you plan to sell some and make space for more? Regardless of the reason, you are here to know how much Black Jasper is worth. Let us look at Black Jasper’s value and provide answers to some of the questions you may have.

Is black Jasper a Precious Gemstone?

Because of its abundance worldwide, Black Jasper is categorized as semi-precious. However, its variation only can excite any collector. If you are diving into the rock collection business, Black Jasper is an excellent stone, to begin with. For a beginner Black Jasper collector, there are several questions that you could be grappling with, among them being how much is Black Jasper worth?

Black Jasper costs about $1.5-$5 per carat. However, various factors determine the actual value of the Black Jasper. Below are some of the factors.


Much of the value attached to any crystal directly relates to color saturation. Normally, the deeper and richer the color of the crystal, the more the value is attached to the piece.


As mentioned earlier, Black Jasper is pretty common, which may cause the stone’s value not to be high as other Jaspers. However, the rarer the stone, the higher the value.

Variety and Origin

The geographical origin determines the physical appearance of Jasper. Hence. Black Jasper can have varying patterns and colors based on the mining location. For instance, Egyptian Black Jasper is reasonably priced since it is widely available. The same case applies to Indian and Australian Jasper.


We can find Jasper in the form of oval-shaped polished, non-faceted, reasonably priced stones. Conversely, branded Jaspers have a slightly higher value since it needs additional care when cutting to prevent layer separation.

How the stone is fashioned

All the varieties of Jasper, including Black Jasper, have low maintenance, are durable enough, and are easy to polish for most jewelry applications. The stones are occasionally cut, typically cabbed, and rarely faceted. The beauty of the patterns on the stone and the artistry at which it’s fashioned plays a vital role in determining its value.

Many factors can determine the value of Black Jasper. However, rarity, colors, and patterns play a higher role. The brighter the Jasper and the sharper the patterns, the higher the price.

Black Jasper vs. Obsidian

Black Jasper

Black Jasper is a deep velvety-black variety of amorphous quartz. Black Jasper bears huge grainy crystals and not fibrous layers of Agate or Chalcedony. 


Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic stone. It is formed when lava from volcanoes rapidly cools with minimal crystal growth. Although Obsidian appears mineral-like, the stone is not a true mineral. This is because, similar to glass, Obsidian isn’t crystalline and has a highly variable composition to be categorized as a mineral. Classified as a mineraloid, Obsidian usually is dark with an extremely felsic composition.

Obsidian has a dark color when pure, although that color may vary depending on the present impurities. The stone may get black to dark brown color from iron. Many obsidians have Nano inclusions of magnetite. Some Obsidians includes white, small, radially clustered crystals of cristobalite in black glass, making snowflake or blotchy pattern. Obsidian might have patterns of the bubbles of gas that remained from the flow of lava.


Black Jasper is a crystal with energies of tenderness and love. It increases a person’s ability to relax and be at peace. Black Jasper will give you comfort in challenging times and give users integrity and honest life. The stone will heal you on an emotional, spiritual, physical level. The stone brings mental clarity and balances to ensure you can progress buoyed by love and wisdom.

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