Black Moonstone Meaning and Properties

Moonstone is typically a form of feldspar. Black moonstone is a silicate gemstone and is famous for its shimmering effect when moved. This effect is also visible when the source of light moves from one point to another. The effect is known as adularescence. People believe that these stones glow to resemble tiny moons in the evening.

Moonstones appear in a wide range of colors, including black, pink, green, white, brown, and gray.

History and Geological Properties

Black Moonstone has been around for centuries, and people have been using the stone for its healing properties. The Greeks believed this stone was associated with their gods, while the Romans believed the moon’s rays created black moonstone.

Black Moonstone Meaning and Properties 1

Black Moonstone was discovered in Madagascar, and this is the only place where the authentic Black Moonstone gemstone occurs. If you come across Black Moonstone and the seller claims it is from another site, not Madagascar, it is probably fake. Like other Moonstones, black moonstone glows from within, giving the stone a sense of mystery.

Despite its name, black moonstone, the gemstone is not truly black. Most of the black moonstones have swirls and lines of tan, gray, and peach. These lines connect with different chakras in your body, which makes this stone quite powerful.

Black Moonstone Meaning

Just as its name suggests, black moonstone properties are connected to the lunar and its cycles. That technically means the stone is ideal for healing feminine and women issues. It empowers them to become deluxe versions of their lives and be better people in society. Black Moonstone meaning encourages new beginnings, new life and gives one the courage to pursue their goals and dreams.

That means Black Moonstone is the perfect stone if you want to try something new in your life. With this rock, you can achieve inner growth and peace, self-discovery, and creative inspiration. Add this stone to your healing practices, and it will help you fight any negative energies.

Healing Properties and Benefits

Black moonstone is relatively new in the world of crystal healing, but many people already know of the beneficial healing properties they bear. Black Moonstone users often experience haling that covers their emotional, spiritual, physical, and metaphysical realms. Whether you carry the stone along with you, place it in your living area or rock it as jewelry, the stone will have effective healing properties on you.


It is not wrong to say that everyone has to deal with emotional baggage in their life once in a while. Emotional issues can hinder personal growth and development, whether these are deep emotional issues or just on the surface. The good news is that you can use Black Moonstone to heal from emotional issues and achieve lasting results. Its healing properties help the wearer to get to the deepest part of their feelings and face them with grounding, courage, and intuition.

If other people’s attitudes and words lower your self-esteem, use Black Moonstone to fight off this. Using this stone for the right purpose boosts your self-esteem and blocks any kind of negativity in your environment. If you are looking for a stone that will help you fight stress and anxiety, then this is the gemstone to go for.


As mentioned earlier, Black Moonstone is highly associated with women, and so many practitioners feel the stone is effective in healing women’s issues. That may include issues such as pregnancy, fertility, menstrual cramps, and childbirth.

Experts also believe the stone is perfect for digestive tract problems. If you have colon problems, acid reflux, or stomach disorders, the stone can help you heal. People with issues such as scratchy throat, kidney stones, speech disorders, spleen issues, and migraines can use Black Moonstone in their healing path. The stone is also a potent healer of bronchitis, colds, and other respiratory ailments.


If you are looking to boost your spiritual connections, then consider Black Moonstone. While having a healthy body and sound mind is everything we are looking for, do not forget to strengthen your spirit. This stunning gemstone can link your spirit to higher beings. With this crystal, you can easily discover your hidden gifts such as mind-reading, astral projection, telekinesis, or clairvoyance.

Metaphysical Properties

Practitioners love Black Moonstone as it proves ideal for healing sessions and meditation. Holding this stone as you meditate lets its energy flow to your body, giving you a calmness and grounding effect. The peach-colored lines will easily connect with the navel chakra, and the stone helps correct your chi. Navel chakra is associated with digestion and feminine issues. Black Moonstone connects to the third eye, crown, and sacral chakras.

Black Moonstone and Chakra

Effects of the moonstone gem can be best achieved by applying it to various chakras. These chakras include the throat and crown chakras. The healing stone will also have some effect on the sacral chakra.

How to use black moonstone

If you have never encountered this magnificent stone, you probably wonder how you can use it. The stone can be used in several ways as you go about your daily activities. Here are a few ways you can use it, but it can be used in many other different ways. Do not be afraid to experiment on various ways you can use Black Moonstone.

Many people love using moonstones as jewelry. It is a gorgeous and impressive crystal that can be used as a bracelet, ring, pendant, or necklace. The stone has alluring aesthetics that will compliment your fashion while the stone emits its energy to you. In case you lose balance and require more grounding, carry the stone as a bracelet.

It will sync with the appropriate chakras for grounding and emit its energy to you. Wear Black Moonstone as a necklace and enhance your throat chakra.

The stone is also used for meditation sessions. It works on different chakras in your body hence giving the user the much-needed calmness for meditation. If you want to achieve new things and find new beginnings in your life, then use Black Moonstone.

Zodiac Connection

Like other crystals, Black Moonstone has a greater connection with some zodiac signs. That does not mean that you will not enjoy the stone’s benefits if you do not fall under these zodiac signs. However, people under Cancer, Libra, and Scorpio will experience greater healing energies from this stone. These signs bear a special affinity to Black Moonstone.

Cancers can benefit greatly from this gemstone as it helps them with personal growth, grounding, intuition, and stress relief. The stone is popular for the enhancement of psychic abilities. That means physically-inclined and highly-intuitive Cancers can effectively use this gem to their advantage.

Typically, cancer is a moon sign meaning they are more feminine, and Black Moonstone easily compliments their caregiving abilities. The stone gives grounding and empathy energies to Cancers and prevents them from becoming overbearing or too bossy.

Black Moonstone is a magnificent healing stone for Libras. That is because it bears the ability to protect them against negative vibrations and thoughts. The stone tends to bring a sense of empathy and stimulates new beginnings.

Scorpios are known to possess deep intuition powers. They can benefit a lot from the intuitive vibrations and properties of Black Moonstone. Considering the feminine aspect of the stone, it can counteract the jealous, resentful and evil nature of Scorpios.

Black Moonstone vs. White Moonstone & Rainbow Moonstone

Understand that rainbow moonstones and white moonstones also exist. However, they are quite different from the black moonstone from the meaning to other aspects such as the healing powers and the chakra points.

One key difference is in the meaning of the different moonstones. White moonstones are believed to have the ability to sort and fix negative relationships in humans. That means the stone can help the wearer fix any negative relationships they have with friends or family. Rainbow moonstone has romantic powers. That means it helps the wearer pursue admirable and pleasurable desires that involve the essence of love and heart matters.

The other significant difference is in their appearance. The white moonstone does not have lusters present in the rainbow moonstone but contains clear patches. Rainbow moonstone appears pure white and some random iridescent flake. Black moonstone is different from these two because of its healing properties.

For instance, white moonstone is used mainly for mental defects in crystal healing sessions. Rainbow moonstone is primarily used for heart-related issues.

Black Moonstone vs. Labradorite

Many people easily confuse the black moonstone with a powerful crystal known as labradorite. However, these two crystals are quite different if you look at them keenly. Their differences are evident in their appearances, chakra points, healing abilities, and healing powers.

The obvious difference is in their appearance. Labradorite may occur in black, but it is more common in gray with accents of white or green. This gem does not contain the peach veins present in the black moonstone. Understand that labradorite does not change its color like black moonstone when exposed to light. Instead, it exhibits copper-toned red hues.

Black moonstone comes with different healing properties. Labradorite healing properties enhance mental abilities associated with the spiritual realm, such as prophecy, telepathy, or clairvoyance. This magical property has earned labradorite the nickname “temple of the stars.” Labradorite is highly used during fortune-telling sessions and psychic readings.

Labradorite and black moonstone are different in how the different stones affect your body, mind, and soul. To wrap it up, labradorite is primarily used to correct the negative actions that your mind may be going through or planning. That may be bad habits, impulsive behaviors, recklessness, and anti-social tendencies. Technically it means labradorite is associated with calm, peace, and serenity feelings.

Is Larvikite Black Moonstone?

Larvikite is not black moonstone, even though some people would easily confuse the two. Here are the metaphysical properties of larvikite that will distinguish it from black moonstone.

Technically, larvikite is a grounding and protective stone. It helps the wearer dispel any negative energy, just like black moonstone. However, its chakra is quite different from the black moonstone chakras. Larvikite is associated with the root chakra that helps the user reconnect with the powers of the Earth.

Larvikite creates a deeper connection between the wearer and the Water element and nature. Unlike black moonstone, the stone is more effective near water bodies or during rainstorms. Larvikite evokes inner strength by triggering the wisdom, creativity, and security of a person. It is also used in meditation to give the user inner visions.

Larvikite enhances the psychic abilities of the wearer and helps them to see themselves as Higher Self. It assists them in understanding the clarity of past-life recall visions. Grounding energy emitted by larvikite will help you a lot during meditation or astral travel. The stone will act as an anchor and guide your soul everywhere it goes.

Larvikite is also a protective and supportive stone. It teaches patience and helps you achieve your goal. The gemstone can help you adapt to new environments and even open new doors for you. Larvikite assists the wearer in making rational decisions and sorting issues that may seem complicated. It allows you to take in information easily as well as support your cognitive functions. Larvikite protective energies will protect the wearer even while asleep keeping away nightmares.

Larvikite is a cleansing stone that removes negative energy and toxins that hinder personal growth and development. The stone can also treat ailments such as skin disorders, boost metabolism, and help in muscular detoxification. It calms nervousness; therefore, perfect for people dealing with anxiety.

Is Black Moonstone Rare?

Black moonstone is a very rare gemstone. That can be articulated to where they occur and how they form. In fact, it is the rarest gemstone of all moonstones occurring on Earth. Its rarity is partly because of where you can find the stone.

The gemstone is exclusively found in Madagascar. This is where you will come across authentic Black Moonstone. The extraction process is also expensive and long, which is another factor why this gemstone is not easily available in the market. Just like with most gemstones, the larger deposits are more expensive and rarer.

Take Away

The world is a stunning place to live in because of its natural beauty. One thing that makes this world astounding is the presence of beautiful and incredible gemstones. Black Moonstone is among those fascinating stones that make the world a breathtaking place. Use the stone for its various uses and infuse its energy.

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