Blue Goldstone ✨ Meaning ✦ Properties ✦ Benefits ✦ Uses

Known by many names, such as Aventurine glass, blue goldstone is a beautiful stone with a glittery appearance and rare properties. Also known as the stone of ambition, blue goldstone is believed to have several healing properties, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. Below is a guide on blue goldstone, including its history, geological properties, healing benefits, and value.

Blue Goldstone Meaning and History

Historically, blue goldstone is believed to be a manufactured gemstone material. Besides aventurine glass, blue goldstone is also known as Monk’s gold, monkstone, gold star glass, and Stellaria. The names Monk’s gold and monkstone are in reference to the urban legend that goldstone was an accidental creation by monks in the 1600s. However, there exist a few samples, including a smooth Iranian-descent amulet, that date back to between the 1100s and 1200s.

Blue Goldstone ✨ Meaning ✦ Properties ✦ Benefits ✦ Uses 1

Additionally, the earliest known written reference to what we currently know as goldstone is the Venetian Head of State granting exclusive rights to Vincenzo Miotti of Venice to manufacture goldstone. Blue goldstone’s creation has a direct correlation to the medieval art of alchemy. However, there also exists a Roman-made deep red variation known as purpurin or haematinum, but its recipe is believed to have been lost in the Dark Ages.

A few decades later, Chinese manufacturers also started making products from aventurescent glass. For instance, the Imperial Workshop made aventurine glass bottles used as rewards and gifts by the Qing Court. Currently, most of the goldstone sold as gems originate from Chinese factories.

Contemporary goldstones are manufactured either with copper flecks or with metallic compounds such as manganese, cobalt, and chromium oxide. Manganese is used in goldstones manufactured using blue color, while purple is used with cobalt, and green is used with chromium oxide.

Blue Goldstone Geological Properties

Additionally, it is an artificial glass containing plenty of flat-faced, highly reflective inclusions. These reflective inclusions have a bright metallic luster as well as a glittering appearance that is aesthetically pleasing.

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Generally, blue goldstone can be carved into beads, hearts, cabochons, arrowheads, pendulums, spheres, and small sculptures. Alternatively, goldstone can also be polished smooth.

Goldstone is manufactured in several varying colors, the most common form being reddish-brown goldstone that contains tiny glittering metallic copper crystals. Blue goldstone is achieved by substituting cobalt for copper. Substituting copper for manganese produces purple goldstone. Other varieties include dark purple, dark blue, and dark green goldstone.

How is Blue Goldstone Made?

Goldstone is manufactured in a large vessel that potentially produces 100 or more pounds. Once heated and held at the right temperature, goldstone glass is allowed to cool slowly, which allows for the reflective metallic crystals to increase in size.

Typically, the glass of goldstone is colorless. The common reddish-brown appearance is a result of the reflections from the included copper crystals. However, as previously noted, blue goldstone is manufactured using metal compounds, unlike copper. The blue goldstone glass color is caused by cobalt. In addition, it has a 5.6 hardness on the Mohs Scale.

Aventurine Glass and Aventurescence

Before the goldstone name was used, the goldstone material was commonly known as aventurine glass. This is the origin of three commonly used words in gemology:

  • Aventurine: This is a noun for a green quartz variety containing small, highly reflective flakes of fuchsite, a green chromium-rich mica. The fuchsite’s reflective flakes produce the aventurescent luster and add a green color to the material.
  • Aventurescent: This is an adjective describing materials that exhibit the aventurescence phenomenon. These include aventurescent iolite and aventurescent quartz.
  • Aventurescence: This describes the phenomenon produced when a material contains light-reflecting particles, resulting in a glittery or sparkly luster.

Blue Goldstone Healing Properties and Benefits

Blue goldstone is known for its various benefits to one’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Below is a guide on blue goldstone’s healing properties and benefits.

Blue Goldstone Physical Healing

Blue goldstone is considered a master healer. The stone has significant healing effects and possesses healing powers for the tonsils, thyroid, and throat. Additionally, it cures inflammation, rheumatism, and arthritis. Blue goldstone works on your urinary tract, lower back, and reproductive system. Furthermore, the blue gemstone helps you stay energized if you experience general body weakness.

The stone’s healing properties aid in detoxifying and strengthening your circulatory system while boosting the nervous system. Blue goldstone also stimulates your mind. The stone’s healing powers enhance bone strength and tissue regeneration.

Moreover, it has been known to alleviate inflammation and protect against ulcers and bacteria. Goldstone’s energies can also help cancer patients, as it assists with the side effects of chemotherapy.

Blue Goldstone Emotional Healing

Blue Goldstone helps wearers and users remain grounded and become more generous to others. It assists detached and timid individuals in overcoming their shyness and breaking out of their shells. If you are emotionally exhausted, blue goldstone supports you and inspires you to keep fighting.

Moreover, it keeps you calm in emotionally volatile situations by helping you avoid saying anything you might regret. Its soothing color assists you when you feel burnt out, stressed, or as if you are overworking with little to show for it. It helps restore your faith.

In its emotional healing journey, blue goldstone aids you if you have any love and relationship troubles. It has energies that help harmonize your relationship, leading to fewer disagreements. Over time, blue goldstone’s energies will help you and your partner approach clashing opinions with humor and light-heartedness instead of arguing.

Blue Goldstone Mental Healing

Blue goldstone helps absorb negative thoughts and replaces them with determination, drive, and ambition. By calming your emotions, blue goldstone enables you to make conscious decisions. Furthermore, by clearing away negative emotions and thoughts, the stone allows you to achieve peace of mind.

Blue Goldstone Spiritual Healing

Blue goldstone is also popular as a spiritual healer. The stone reminds you that there is a supreme power controlling everything. Additionally, it boosts your perception and knowledge, helping you discover light in the darkness.

It enhances your self-confidence and self-belief. Blue goldstone also increases your life force glow and strengthens your inner self. It provides courage during your vulnerable moments. Moreover, it may not give you all the answers you need simultaneously but strives to steer you in the right direction.

Blue Goldstone helps you manifest all your life’s desires. It encourages you to utilize your creativity to improve your life and take you where you want to go. More importantly, it is a spiritual protector that enables a perfect energy flow between the spiritual and physical realms. By doing so, it encourages faith in a higher power.

Blue Goldstone Uses

Blue goldstone can be used in several ways to derive its benefits, including aesthetic appeal and healing properties. You can choose to wear it as jewelry, which helps attract abundance, enhance motivation, and create harmony in your personal and professional interactions.

Alternatively, you can carry it as a stone whenever you travel. This helps protect you from any danger or unfortunate chain of events. You can also place it strategically inside your home to spread its uplifting and calm energies. Position it in your workplace to enhance creativity and boost productivity. Doing so also attracts abundance and prosperity and may lead to a pay increase.

You can also keep blue goldstone near you during meditation. It helps bring calm and peace of mind, making your meditation process more fruitful.

Blue Goldstone Metaphysical Properties

Goldstone is known to help in achieving one’s goals. It is even thought to symbolize drive, ambition, and ingenuity. Blue goldstone reduces tension and encourages positivity. It is known to transmit healing energies, soothe hypersensitivity, increase acceptance, and aid in learning. Generally, blue goldstone has healing energies that heal your mind, body, heart, and soul, thus promoting oneness.

Blue Goldstone and Chakra

Goldstone energies heal and help align the chakras. Blue goldstone is associated with the crown and heart chakras. It is a wonderful stone to use in meditation, connecting your Third Eye, Throat, and Crown Chakras. Blue goldstone is also known to favor the sexual chakra.

Blue Goldstone and Zodiac

Blue goldstone is connected to the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Sagittarius individuals can tap into blue goldstone’s healing power and benefits with ease. However, it can be used by all individuals, including those with other zodiac signs.

Proper Care of Goldstone

Blue goldstone requires cleaning at least once a month. It is advisable to use lukewarm water with a drop of detergent and a clean cotton wool ball to wipe off dirt from the stone’s surface. For hard-to-reach areas, use a clean, soft brush. To rinse the blue goldstone, dip it into a bowl of lukewarm water without adding detergent. You can also rinse it by wiping it with a damp swab. Use a clean, soft cloth or paper towels to blot dry.

More importantly, blue goldstone is susceptible to scratches and damage with a 5.5-6 hardness on the Mohs Scale. As such, handle the stone with care to avoid damage.

Difference Between Blue Goldstone and Blue Sandstone

While these two gemstones resemble each other, they are entirely different. Upon close observation, you will notice that their appearance often changes. The main distinction between blue goldstone and blue sandstone is that blue goldstone is an artificial gemstone, while blue sandstone occurs naturally from the earth.

However, special procedures can be used to replicate blue sandstone artificially. Even so, artificial blue sandstone is not as visually appealing as blue goldstone.

Blue goldstone and blue sandstone also differ in size. Blue goldstone is typically produced in standard forms or models for pre-designed jewelry. On the other hand, blue sandstone varies greatly in size, as found in natural mineral deposits. Due diligence is advisable during purchase to ensure you buy the right product.

How Much is the Blue Goldstone Worth?

Blue goldstone is highly accessible. It is due to this fact that it does not have a high value, unlike gold and diamonds. Also, its value can be attributed to its status as an artificial gemstone. However, while it is not very valuable, blue goldstone is valued for its aesthetic appeal and makes a wonderful addition to your jewelry collection.

Its value may increase if the stone is paired with others, such as gold. When sold individually in a jewelry store, blue goldstone may be priced as low as $8. If you buy it as an accessory, for example, earrings, expect to pay as low as $10.

Is Blue Goldstone Natural?

Contrary to popular belief, blue goldstone is not natural. While it is valued as a gemstone, blue goldstone is actually artificial, with a recipe believed to be top secret. Different theories point to the stone’s origin. However, it is believed to have been first made in Italy. Blue goldstone continues to be an artificial creation.

What Causes Goldstone’s Glittery Appearance and Color?

The glittery effect results from the cooling process creating copper crystals that reflect on each other, giving the stone its color and glittery effect. This is common for the reddish-brown goldstone.

However, goldstone comes in various colors, including reddish-brown, blue, purple, and green goldstone. These other goldstone color varieties do not have copper but other metals such as manganese, chromium oxide, and cobalt that give them distinct colors.

Each of these metals contributes individually to each goldstone’s color and glitter. A common misconception is that goldstone’s glittery appearance is attributed to copper filings or copper inclusions added when creating the glass.

Is Blue Sandstone Manmade? How is Blue Sandstone Made?

As mentioned previously, blue sandstone is purely natural, unlike blue goldstone, which is man-made. Blue sandstone is a natural mineral mined in Canada, India, Madagascar, and the US.


Blue goldstone is a readily available artificial gemstone with beautiful color varieties, from the common reddish-brown to blue, green, and purple. On one hand, blue goldstone is a beautiful stone ideal for jewelry. On the other hand, it is artificial and readily available, making it less valuable.

It also has several healing properties and benefits for an array of ailments and troubles. However, blue goldstone closely resembles blue sandstone. As such, ensure you inspect your blue goldstone thoroughly before buying to guarantee the correct purchase.

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