Blue Jade Meaning and Properties

People have long believed that crystals and gemstones possess powerful energies necessary for physical and emotional healing. Some crystals are believed to harness the toxic powers of a person and bring positive ones.

Be rationally discerning and intuitive. Broaden your perspectives by taking the higher road. These are some benefits of these gemstones. Blue jade can enhance your prayer, communication, and meditation while letting you act calmly and think efficiently in stressful times. Keep reading to learn more regarding Blue Jade.

Jade Meaning & History

Jade is a collective term encompassing various gemstones. Nephrite and Jadeite are the only pure forms of Jade. Its history goes several centuries back when its use was to make tools and weapons because of its hardness. The Aztecs and Mayans held it in high regard.

“Jade” comes from “Piedra de Ijada” in Spanish. After seeing Central American natives hold pieces of it by their side, Spanish explorers gave it the name, believing it would cure ills. This gemstone is called “Yu” in China, meaning imperial or heavenly. The gemstone was considered imperial in the Chinese culture and was found in the tombs of Shang monarchs in China.

Jade has also played a role in New Zealand’s heritage. You can find it on New Zealand’s South Island and has long been prized by the Maoris, who refer to it as “greenstone,” “pounamu,” or the “New Zealand jade.” It has been used in making Maori tools, including fishing hooks and chisels, ornaments, and weapons like short clubs. The Jade found in New Zealand is Nephrite in most cases.

Blue Jade Meaning and Properties 9

In Russia, a spinach-green Nephrite called the Russian Jade is found in the region around Lake Baikal. Jadeite is rarer compared to Nephrite, making it more precious. The even and striking emerald green Jadeite called Imperial Jade is the most invaluable variety.

Siberian Blue Jade (Dianite)

Siberian Blue Jade was discovered in 1997 in Eastern Siberia, Russia. Because it was found in the same year Princess Diana of Wales died in a car crash, it was named Dianite in her honor. Blue is also a color of truth and honesty, principles that Princess Diana lived according to. The late Princess was authentic to herself and never was willing to compromise for these virtues.

Siberian Blue Jade is a crystal of emotional expression, imparting thoughtful dialog and clarity of assigning words to our complex feelings. Dianite expands your IQ and EQ, allowing you to communicate with precision and love. The watery-blue healing crystal helps in nurturing and developing successful relationships.

Dianite will guide your heart as it ventures through the turbulent waters of life, keeping it on course and afloat always. The gem is marketed as Nephrite or Imitation jade.

To those who feel anxious, overwhelmed, or hurried, Dianite is supportive. The uplifting stone helps you remain relaxed in stressful situations. It helps in relieving frustrations and anger. It is called philosopher stone because it encourages us to view the occurrence from another perspective.

Dianite can help you think about what you had done or said in the past. You can draw on your past lessons and their effect on your being today—the crystal.

Dianite inspires both extensive and coherent thinking, helping to make us more creative, and prompts a sense of harmony. Dianite is believed to treat instances of hyperactivity and make the person holding it feel kindhearted.

Geological Properties

Dianite, often called Blue Jadeite, is an amphibole-rich rock. We can find the gemstone in the river confluences of Tokko and Chara, Aldan Shield, Murunskii Massif, Saha Republic, and eastern Siberia in Russia.

Blue Jade Meaning and Properties 10

It is a blue nephrite comprising strontian potassic richterite combined with porcelaneous aggregate whitish Quartz-Microcline.

Crystal systemMonoclinic
Crystal habitIntergrown grainy or fine fibrous aggregate
Mohs scale hardness6–7
DiaphaneityTranslucent, opaque
Specific gravity2.9–3.38
Refractive index1.600–1.688

Named after the late Royal, its sparkling blue depths resemble the icy-blue Sapphire of Prince Diana’s famous engagement ring.

Blue Jade Healing Properties & Benefits


Blue Jade is helpful in soothing inflammations. It is also beneficial to reduce swelling, treating arthritis, bronchial conditions, and asthma. The gem is pleasing to the joints and bones, especially the hips, and treats viral and bacterial infections, genital-urinary infections, bedwetting, and cystitis.

Blue Jade helps relieve stress-related conditions and helps with ear and eye problems, tonsils, and adenoids in children, and treats tinnitus in adults. The crystal also helps in laser treatments and sound healing.

Blue Jade is also a powerful cleansing stone, improving the elimination and filtration of organs of the body. The gem is excellent in treating supra-adrenal glands, kidneys, and spleen, eliminating the toxins, and keeping water-salt/acid-alkaline and fluid ratios in your body at a balance.

Jade possesses a restorative property that allows cellular and skeletal systems to re-bind. It also helps remove the pain associated with the self-healing of the body. Holding the crystal also ensures that the stitches properly bind and heal. The gemstone was used to diminish “Charlie horses” and cramps.


The crystal encourages patience, helping those overwhelmed by situations out of their control to have an even temper. It improves the mental abilities of the two sides of the brain, increasing your capacity to have rational thoughts and discern the best path. Blue Jade is a crystal of slow and steady progress, allowing you to view the world from a better perspective and a higher vantage point to avoid getting lost in life.

Jade is regarded as a “dream stone”. It releases irritability and negative thoughts and soothes your mind. It makes your personality stable, integrating it with the body to make activities less complex and easier to tackle while stimulating ideas. Putting a crystal of Blue Jade on your forehead brings insightful dreams. Jade will improve your dream remembrance and release the emotions suppressed within through the dream process.

Jade will remove the self-imposed limitations and help you cherish your desires and ideals, facilitating your ambitions and developing those thoughts into reality. Jade provides self-assuredness and confidence, self-sufficiency, and self-reliance.


Blue Jade helps one hear the inner voice and heart that guides their spirit in making various life choices. The crystal stimulates psychic abilities and spiritual sense and is a superb crystal for mediums, offering the ability to hear the inner voices and discernment in using it.

Video source: YouTube / Blue Jade Crystal – its Healing Effects by Mark Bajerski

Jade represents nobility or ranks and ideals in all its forms. Wearing Jade helps create magic for the highest good and protects a person from deceitful or harmful things during spirit work.

Blue Jade and Chakra

Blue Jade stimulates and clears the throat chakra, allowing self-expression and sound healing energies. Blue Jade can activate the crown chakra as a visionary and dream crystal.

The throat chakra is the body’s voice, a pressure valve through which the energies from other chakras get expressed. If the throat chakra is out of balance or blocked, it may affect the wellbeing and health of other chakras. When at balance, it allows us to express our feelings and thoughts. We can communicate our ideas, emotions, and beliefs.

When it is open, and at balance, the throat chakra helps you bring your truth into the world. Energy can easily flow within our spirit and body. The energy springing upward from lower chakras can stay on course, allowing natural release and free expression.

The crown chakra is the gateway to your expanded universe beyond your body. It is on top of your head. Crown chakra controls how you think and respond to the surrounding environment. It is the source of your spirituality and fountainhead of what you believe in. When the Crown chakra is balanced, your energies are balanced. You know your place within the universe and can see anything as it is. Setbacks do not raffle you because you know they form a vital part of life.

Blue Jade Uses and Purposes

Blue jade is a crystal of wisdom. Sound healers who use bells, drums, voice healing, or rattles love it. If you struggle with touch therapies and Reiki, Blue Jade will help you understand.

Blue Jade Meaning and Properties 11

Blue Jade is powerful for resolving disputes and calming angry situations. These are situations like personal litigation like custody conflicts and divorce, in which the opposing party is deceitful, or in family dynamics where some members feel unheard.

The crystal is suitable for indigo children or those at odds with the social system or education to accept that sometimes life is not fair while maintaining their innocence and idealism. Jade is a crystal that will calm you in the middle of the storm. Its action soothes cardiac rhythm and balances nerves.

Keeping a piece of this crystal inside your pocket or on a pendant where you can stroke now and then guards against illness and recharges energy. The crystal can be used for tempering the fear or shock of the old or young under hospital care or away from family or home.

Jade is superb in healing guilt feeling and cases of extreme defeatism. It also heals the excessive need to adapt yourself to a group (pathological normality) even if it has exaggerated militarism, sect-like, follows the leader’s attitude, or the compulsive need of surrendering to a general opinion to belong regardless of the cost.

Jade helps nurses, veterinarians, doctors, and other healers make practical diagnoses as a professional support crystal.

It is a crystal of support for educators and is carved like a symbol of faith. Jade can be uplifting to military personnel. Jade necklaces and pendants protect against authoritative abuse and deception for sexual or financial gain. The crystal symbolizes peace through strength and helps occupations or homes where intimidation or bullying from violent teens or children is encountered.

Zodiac Connection

Blue Jade is the traditional zodiac crystal for those born under Sagittarius from November 22 to around December 21. Blue Jade is a blue gemstone that means communication and emotional balance. Sagittarians are great compassion and understand that tribulations are part of life.

Jade is the zodiac stone for people born in spring under the Taurus sign between April 20 and May 20. Taurus is shown as a bull because it is quiet but firm. Taureans are humble, realists, and doers. We know them for their tempers, stubbornness, and affection.


Through carrying the energies of peace and harmony in various circumstances, Blue Jade can help with problems and issues that are emotionally charged. It is a stone of wisdom that can help you approach a situation from another perspective different from the normal. It will still be your mid and let you see solutions you might not have seen earlier.

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