Blue Jasper ✨ Meaning ✦ Properties ✦ Benefits ✦ Uses

Do you know what the word jasper stands for? It means speckled or spotted stone. That is why you see many stones that fall in this category. These stones’ stunning features make them a unique gemstone to admire. The astonishing patterns and attractive colors made this stone a favorite to the Greeks and Ancient Egyptians.

The stone was fashioned into beads, ornaments, seals, and tools in the olden days and was also mentioned in the Bible several times. It can be traced to different places in the ancient world, such as the Greek Island of Crete, the Minoan Kingdom, and the Indus River valley.

The stone was quite precious and rare back in the days, and many confused it for nephrite, jade, and carnelian. Today jaspers are readily available worldwide, which makes them affordable even though still breathtaking to look at.

Blue Jasper Meaning

Jasper acquired its name from the French word “jasper,” which was borrowed from the Latin name “iaspidem.” Both words mean speckled or spotted stone. You may have come across some gemstone enthusiasts that refer to jasper as “supreme nurturer.” The stone deserves that name because of its supreme healing properties.

Blue Jasper Types

This guide looks at the insights on blue jasper. In this section, you will learn more about the different types of blue jasper.

K2 Blue Jasper

This gemstone is also known as K2 jasper or raindrop azurite. It is a lapidary material and exciting stone occurring in the northern Pakistan area of Skardu. Anyone who sees this stone for the first time will be amazed by its beauty. K2 blue jasper is a white granite bearing sharply contrasting bright blue azurite.

The azurite orbs could be between two centimeters and a few millimeters in diameter. When viewed on the stone’s surface, you might assume there are some drops of blue ink on the surface, but if you examine closely, these blues are spherical.

K2 granite occurs in the Karakoram Range near the China and Pakistan border. It was named after a mountain found in this area. Mount Godwin Austen is the K2 mountain, and remember, it is the second-highest mountain after Everest.

Blue Ocean Jasper

Blue ocean jasper is among the popular jasper varieties you will come across. The gemstone is unique and has a striking beauty. It bears orb-like nodules from silicic fluid forming in the circular nucleus cluster. These nodules fuse with sedimentary elements and create banded layers that give the gemstone its bewildering beauty.

Unlike many jaspers, this stone is transparent but not crystal clear. Even though ocean jaspers were found in 1999, they are still among the top jasper options among many lapidaries and gemstone enthusiasts.

Blue Zebra Jasper

Blue Zebra jasper is a unique gemstone that brings positivity and balance to your life. Even though it may not be as popular as other jasper stones available, its healing powers and beauty are unmatched. The stone bears contrasting stripes that give it a distinctive look. Blue zebra jasper has desirable powerful healing properties.

Spiritual practitioners and natural healers say zebra jasper brings a sense of harmony and balance to anyone who has a life full of chaos. The beautiful stone will help you regain your balance back. Zebra jasper is made up of silicon dioxide and calcium carbonate and has a hardness of 6.5 to 7 Mohs. It is a metamorphic rock that formed more than 600 million years back.

Blue Dalmatian Jasper

Dalmatian is found in Chihuahua, Mexico, and is also known as Dalmatian stone. The stone acquired its name from the spotted appearance, which resembles the Dalmatian dog breed. The gemstone can be polished to produce a semi-precious and high luster stone. However, it is mainly found as carvings, spheres, beads, and cabochons.

Many refer to dalmatian as a stone of joy. That is because the stone bears childlike vibrations that are playful to help you release feelings of hurt. The gemstone will help you overcome bitterness and resentment by connecting with your inner child.

Blue Imperial Jasper

It is one of the finest varieties of jasper. It falls in the prestigious league of the best jaspers, including Bruneau jasper, Blue Mountain Jasper, Willow Creek Jasper, and Morrisonite jasper. But what makes this gemstone a top precious stone? It is because of the gold, blue and vivid teal hues that decorate its surface.

Almost all the Imperial Jasper is found in San Cristobal, a tiny town in Mexico. The locality and the dense vegetation in this region are perfect for creating fine Imperial Jaspers. These stones are saturated in colorful accents and electric shades of brushstrokes.

Blue Mountain Jasper

This gemstone hails from the southern part of Oregon near McDermitt in a mine. It is among the premier jaspers you will ever come across. Lapidary artisans love this stone to polish it into cabochons and make stunning jewelry pieces. This stone bears the olive, green and blue colored orbs in the dusty blue-black. Despite having limited palettes worldwide, every blue mountain specimen you encounter will be different and unique.

Polished slabs have stunning displays that give the viewer a beautiful view of the stone. Anyone who loves unique gemstones will easily go for this gemstone, whether a serious art collector or a casual one.

Blue Sea Sediment Jasper (Blue Emperor Jasper)

This jasper is technically a stability gemstone. Many believe that the stone can protect you from evil things that may try to pull you down. The stone will ease emotional stress on the wearer. Green and blue sea sediment varieties are stunning gemstones that will help you find clarity, love, and inner peace within yourself. It is also lucrative for the alignment of your physical body and is excellent for emotional healing.

Blue Spot Jasper

It is a semi-precious stone and quite rare. This stone is not readily available just anywhere. However, it is popular in rosary and jewelry. You will see various blue patches on its surface, which gave it the name blue spot jasper. The stone also comes with some near-earth and brown color spots, making it look like it is straight from the ground below.

Blue spot jasper has a smooth surface and extraordinary characteristics, just like other natural gemstones. Even though blue spot jasper is not transparent, it bears a bright color. Many people can easily confuse this gemstone with a lapis lazuli or sodalite.

This stone bears stable grounding and substantial healing properties. Blue spot jasper is known to emit constant and slow energy to allow you to be in your physical self. The stone brings calmness, builds inner strength, and promotes courage.

Blue Jasper Uses and Purposes

If you wish to induce tranquility and alleviate your stress levels, carry or wear Blue Jasper. The stone has a cleansing effect that will eliminate the negative energy in your life, stabilizing your aura. It is known to soothe the nerves and boost your focus in anything you do. If you have harmful thoughts or nightmares, this is the best stone to help you.

Blue Jasper sustains the emotional and physical body once you are injured or ill. The stone will bring renewed vitality and gradual strength your way. Blue Jasper is an astonishing stone that lends emotional support and enhances your self-discipline. It has slow and steady vibrations that encourage perseverance and help you avoid extremes.

If you wish to quit smoking or reduce your consumption rate, this stone can prove helpful. To those who want to stop drinking excessively, Blue Jasper is the ideal talisman. Blue Jasper is great if you wish to have happy pregnancies and is also ideal for fertility. The stone can align your chakra energies to give you a secure astral journey, especially the Navel and Heart Chakras.

Blue Jasper Healing Properties & Benefits

Blue Jasper Physical Healing Energy

Blue Jasper is widely known as a stone that will restore your tissue deterioration issues. If you have disorders in your spleen, liver, bladder, stomach, or kidneys, this stone can help you a lot. Blue Jasper is also known to regulate supplies in our body and balance the mineral content. It regulates supplies of sulfur, manganese, iron, and zinc.

The stone’s water will soothe your digestive system and is considered a potent gem elixir since it will not stimulate your body. All you need to do is leave the stone soaked in water overnight for it to demineralize. Blue Jasper is lucrative for nosebleeds and reduces hemorrhoids. It will soothe gout and epilepsy and could treat loss of smell.

Blue Jasper Emotional Healing Energy

Blue Jasper offers robust energy for your emotional body. It gives you calm stability and eases your stress levels. The stone will create a pleasant sensation that invites humility, patience, compassion, and generosity. Also known as a courage stone, Blue Jasper will bring tenacity and determination to your life in everything you pursue.

The gemstone will help you overcome your insecurities and confront your problems. With the help of this stone, you will easily fight off guilt and fears that may be weighing you down. You will also work in perfect harmony with other people.

Blue Jasper Spiritual Energy

Blue Jasper is known to enhance your connection with Mother Earth. It will also boost the sacredness of life and spiritual wisdom found in nature. The stone encourages you to enjoy life at whatever moment regardless of what you are going through.

With the help of this stone, you will find harmony within yourself and the people you interact with. Via dreamwork and meditation, Blue Jasper will enable you to connect with Earth’s ancient past and assist you in retrieving spiritual knowledge.

Blue Jasper and Chakra

It stimulates the Throat Chakra, which is essential in creativity, communication, and self-expression. If your Throat Chakra is not balanced, you will find it challenging to communicate with other people. Experts argue that if your throat chakra is unbalanced, you will:

  • Not express your thoughts how you wish to
  • Be fearful of talking to others about your truth
  • Feel anxious anytime you want to communicate
  • Symptoms of an unbalanced throat chakra may include:
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Chronic sore throat
  • Raspy throat
  • Gum disease
  • Thyroid challenges
  • Laryngitis

Zodiac Connection

Blue Jasper is a versatile stone, which is no different when it comes to the zodiac signs. It resonates well with several zodiac signs such as Cancer. Cancers will benefit significantly from this stone as it helps them open up, especially the shy ones.

Scorpios will also benefit from this stone as they will receive vibrations of lightheartedness and joy. Scorpios can be serious at times, and only Blue Jasper can help them see the joy of life.

Virgos do not easily open their hearts to people, but this stone can help them. It helps them become generous with their inner feelings and also trust them.

BLue Jasper Value

Blue Jasper’s value is not as high as opals or diamonds, but the stone has stunning color and patterns combinations. Some Blue Jaspers can fetch less than one dollar in the market, but some specimens will cost $2 to $5 for every carat. The Imperial Jasper could cost a fortune since these are rare pieces.

Blue Jasper vs. Sodalite

Blue Jasper incorporates chalcedony and microgranular quartz, among other mineral phases. The gemstone is an opaque and impure silica variety.

Sodalite is widely used as ornaments yet a royal blue tectosilicate mineral. Even though most of the deposits are opaque, their crystals are transparent to translucent. It is a member of the group tugtupite, nosean, hauyne, and lazurite.

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