Blue Moonstone ✨ Meaning ✦ Properties ✦ Benefits ✦ Uses

Blue Moonstone History & Overview

Blue moonstone, called Cat’s eye, is a feldspar made from sodium potassium aluminum silicate. The gemstone’s beautiful blue sheen is one of its most striking things and is caused by something called schiller or adularescence. This trait is portrayed in all moonstones and arises when the mineral layers of the stone reflect light. Adularescence gives Blue Moonstone its distinctive, lunar-like glow, which appears to emanate from within the gemstone itself.

Blue Moonstone has been part of human culture for many years. Ancient Greece, India, Rome, and China prized the crystal. Although most of these cultures had some lunar connection with the gemstone, their beliefs and interpretations differed. For instance, the Romans connected the meaning of the stone to a moon goddess (Diana) in their culture. They believed that Diana’s image could be found within the gemstone and anybody who used the stone could become wise, get a gift of prophecy, and even receive second sight.

Blue Moonstone ✨ Meaning ✦ Properties ✦ Benefits ✦ Uses 1

The belief was different in Asian cultures that this stone would get washed up along the shore after every 21 years. People believed that the stone brought extra strength during winter and could even wear it as a talisman. The stone is also called the Traveler’s Stone as it is thought or believed to offer protection for the people on distant voyages or traveling at night.

What Do Moonstones Symbolize? 

Like the moon, Blue Moonstone inspires a bit of romantic lore. Blue moonstone has been associated with love, protection, and fertility. Lovers of jewelry highly value these gemstones over centuries. However, these stones are probably the most famous in Scandinavian nations and Germany. In these regions, the stones are preferred over alexandrite and pearls as the June Birthstones. Blue Moonstone has been there for many seasonal shifts, like the moon hanging in the sky. 

What Causes a Blue Moonstone Sheen?

The sheen in Blue Moonstone is among the most striking characteristic of this gemstone. As mentioned above, the blue sheen is caused by something called adularescence. It arises when the light is diffracted as it hits the alternating, thin orthoclase and albite layers within the stone.

Blue Moonstone ✨ Meaning ✦ Properties ✦ Benefits ✦ Uses 2

This, in effect, produces an appearance of a cloud-like, floating, blue-to-white light within the gemstone. If the albite crystals are granular, they produce a blue sheen. However, if the gemstone has thick albite plates, it produces a white sheen.

Blue Moonstone Meaning

In various spiritual traditions like Feng Shui, the moon represents divine feminity. The Blue Moonstone energy is yin, receptive, reflective, and connected to the holder’s subconscious. While the moon cycles connect you to nature, Blue Moonstone’s spiritual meaning reminds you that life also has flows and ebbs.

You might hear the gem called a Stone of New Beginnings. This is possible because this crystal has various healing properties that can help the bearer shed bad habits, old fears, and instabilities to move forward with courage and faith. A new life may be a job, a new business venture, love, or even the beginning of the journey to self-acceptance, inner peace, and joy. It is also referred to as a Stone Of Love And Exoticism since it is believed to enhance and stimulate kundalini energies.

Blue moonstone cultivates empathy and compassion towards others and yourself. Using it will help you in tapping into your intuition and also help you to see some situations. The stone is also believed to activate the bearer’s intuitive and creative feminine energy, ensuring you are in tune with your real emotions. The crystal will also help cool down and balance your tensions. Its tranquil energy invites restoration, motherly protection, and creativity.

Healing Properties & Benefits

Emotional Healing

This is a unique stone that is full of Yin energy. The calming, gentle stone is beneficial to both men and women. Blue Moonstone is an excellent choice for men who wish to gain a greater sense of feminine self. Its properties can enhance a woman’s most beautiful qualities that make her strong yet nurturing at the same time. Though the stone has soothing vibrations, it also can bring out the passion and fire that most relationships sometimes lack. The healing and meaning properties of the stone can help the bearer heal the insecurities and pain which might be holding them back from the loving and heartfelt relationship they could be searching for. Crystal healers also use the stone to help them with the issues like travel fatigue, depression, sleep disorders, jet lag, and insomnia.

Spiritual Healing

The use of Blue Moonstone for enhancing psychic and spiritual powers is not common. Instead, the properties and meanings of this stone serve to shield you as you test and broaden your spiritual and psychic limits. Blue moonstone is renowned for enhancing your spiritual experience while enabling you to connect to your distinct idea regarding the Infinite.

Physical Healing

Throughout history, crystal healers have relied on the healing properties of this crystal to help people recover from various physical ailments. It oozed feminine energy. That is why healers usually seek out the stone for help with various female-related issues. These problems include fluid retention, menstruation, labor concerns, pregnancy concerns, and hormonal imbalances.

The gem is also famous among crystal healers that have problems with detoxification or absorbing important nutrients. Some say that using the stone to help with various digestive problems that have something to do with the elimination or absorption. Its healing properties are commonly used to delay the aging process. The crystal healers proclaim that your skin, hair, nails, and internal organs will benefit from the stone’s helpful vibrations.

Metaphysical Properties

The meaning of well-being goes beyond emotional, physical, and spiritual health. It is also critical to also consider the metaphysical influence on your well-being. But what is the meaning of this? According to the teachings of many cultures, your body features important centers of energy called Chakras. This is where the flow of life energy happens. If one of the chakras is out of alignment or blocked, then you might experience a chain reaction of emotional and physical problems.

Blue Moonstone and Chakra

Healing stones tend to connect more strongly with one or different chakras. However, Blue Moonstone’s metaphysical properties strongly connect to the throat, crown, and third-eye chakras. Using the stone during meditation is a great way to heal and maintain the chakras mentioned above’ health. You can either place the stone on the mat, hold it by your hands, or even place the gem on the chakra you are working on. This is a great way of introducing the properties and meaning of Blue Moonstone into your life.

How to Use Blue Moonstone for the Best Results?

This crystal may be used as a companion stone because of its calming abilities and the water Feng Shui element that it brings to the bearer’s space. A home or office with plenty of yang energy could benefit greatly from the stone’s energies. You could use pendants made from this gemstone as they form a perfect expression of an enlightened state of being.

The stone is best placed in the southwest place/area of your home since it’ll improve the marriage and love aspect of life. Blue Moonstone is a stone of eroticism and energy. It will stimulate your kundalini energy and carnal desires. Additionally, it is a powerful fertility gemstone that can align your body with natural lunar cycles. Are you planning lovemaking under a full moon? Ensure that you wear a necklace made using Blue Moonstone.

You also can make a fidelity or fertility grid by arranging a circle of 13 Blue Moonstones around the bedroom and placing one under the bed. The crystal will console anybody that feels overwhelmed by their weighty problem. You may wear Blue Moonstone to encourage and value yourself for the person you are and also truly understand all your emotional needs.

As mentioned above, the stone is also great for travelers and protects those wearers traveling at night. Do you travel frequently? Ensure that you place a crystal of this gemstone in your pocket or glove compartment of your vehicle to ensure you’re safe while driving and also protect you against the dangers of road rage. This stone is also calming to children. It can soothe your children when they are away from your home. 

It’ll help prevent sleepwalking and drive away any bad dreams. Further, it also encourages them to have a restful and good sleep. When you wear it as jewelry or even carried in your purse or pocket, its energies will also bring out your personality and beauty. It will help you remain focused and increase your efforts at keeping all undesirable elements from your life.

The crystal will keep the wearer focused on positive things and protect them from getting overwhelmed by any negative events in their life. Keeping a Blue Moonstone crystal will also filter the harmful electromagnetic transmissions that drain your good energy and health. Using it will also enhance your power of determination and concentration. It will increase your sense of focus and productivity by enhancing the energies in your space. When placed in the northwest or west area of your home or room, it will bring energies of love, creativity, and happiness. Your efforts will also be solidified, which will lead to more abundance!

Blue Moonstone and Wealth

Using the stone for professional support will help you succeed in your selected field and encourage you to do more of what you’ve laid out. Blue Moonstone will help you express yourself and be confident in front of many people. It will show how the bearer can effectively communicate to create more impact. The stone attracts good vibrations that increase your prosperity and abundance levels.

The metaphysical properties of Blue Moonstone are, in most instances, connected to hidden knowledge. The wearer can use the power of the mind to explore the unknowns. As a result, you can use Blue Moonstone to find the strategies for making money and success that, in most instances, go unseen by others. 

Have you felt blown away by your business competitors? Using Blue Moonstone can light or clear the way to unlimited but focused thinking. Remember that new, fresh ideas make you an innovator. It is a crystal that can help you continue surrounding yourself with uplifting energies, ensuring that you continue working hard towards your aspirations and dreams.

Blue Moonstone, Love and Relationships

This stone will inspire you to accept more love in your heart and open your heart to your nurturing qualities. In addition to helping you recover from emotional wounds, it will help you find new love. Whenever you need to hide from love or keep your affairs secret for some time, it is a highly comforting gemstone that will calm your emotions and strengthen your resolve. You can reunite with someone you love but have parted ways with by wearing a Blue Moonstone pendant. It will help you to iron out your differences and restore harmony to your relationship.

You will feel the calming effects of Blue Moonstone on your emotional body. The energies of this gemstone will balance and heal your emotions, bringing them under the necessary control rather than expressing or repressing them. Blue Moonstone also will help you determine/identify your emotional patterns saved in the subconscious. The stone will protect you and serve as a guardian when you feel as if you are about to explode with emotions. Further, the stone promotes non-linear thinking and helps you maintain emotional balance.

Feng Shui Applications

Blue Moonstone can be used to enhance the Feng Shui of your home. A spherical Blue Moonstone is thought to have the highest benefit compared to other shapes because its glow spreads in all directions. You can also carry the crystal around in your pocket as a tumbled piece. Place a crystal of moonstone close to your bed or even under the heart to increase or balance the feminine emotions. In some cultures, the gemstone is called a “dream stone” as it is believed to bring beautiful dreams and visions.

For balance, restoration, insight, or self-care, place a piece of Blue Moonstone in the Bagua position for love relationships (Kun). To enhance balance and well-being and reduce tensions in your entire home, use the Bagua to place a moonstone in the center of your home (Tai qi, Kun). Find and use an iridescent rainbow moonstone to help you visualize and gain insights. Please keep it on your bedside table or hold it in your hand while you meditate to help you dream clearly. Your vision board can even be activated by placing Blue Moonstone near it. Having a piece of Blue Moonstone in your workplace or office activates your creativity.

Meditation with Blue Moonstone

You can enter deep into the subconscious mind by meditating with the Blue Moonstone crystal. The stone will help you uncover the missing pieces of the entire puzzle within your life, those parts of you that may have been forgotten or left behind. Further, Blue Moonstone’s relaxing energies will help you enter deeper mediation. It brings you to balance while allowing you to have self-reflection. It is best to meditate with moonstones outdoors under the luminous rays of the moon at nighttime due to their strong connection to the moon. Creating a meditation altar outside or meditating in your garden can also help.

Zodiac Connection

Certain gemstones have been thought to be strongly connected to specific zodiac signs. It is important to note that there are differing opinions regarding healing stones in general. For instance, there are different opinions on how this stone’s heating and meaning properties connect with the zodiac signs. There is no particular zodiac sign that Blue Moonstone attracts, according to some crystal healers. However, others claim that the stone is strongly connected to the zodiac signs of Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. The differing opinions appear to stem from regional and cultural differences and ancient teachings passed down over generations.

Moonstone as a June Birthstone

Moonstone is the June Birthstone, together with Alexandrite and Pearl. It is also the designated crystal for the Geminis. Every 13th year of marriage and every 13th year after that, it is gifted as a June birthstone. The stone brings prosperity, balances the mind’s positive and negative sides, amplifies passion, and brings prosperity. Putting it in the mouth on a full moon has also been said to help predict future events. 

The Best Combination to use with Blue Moonstone

Although this stone is highly effective in healing when used alone, its potential for deep healing increases when paired with other gemstones. It can be combined with other stones like Lapis Lazuli, Blue Sapphire, Charoite, and Prasiolite. Merlinite and Golden Yellow Labradorite also can be great combinations as they balance your female and male energies.

Since different stones have their preferences, it is essential to ensure that you pair the Blue Moonstone with something that resonates with it. Below are some of the pairings that you could make. Pair this crystal’s properties and meaning with Prehnite to begin a new relationship. For help with bonding, love, and other general matters of your heart, pair Blue Moonstone with Rose Quartz and Chalcedony. Do you feel reluctant to seize that upcoming opportunity? Pair Citrine with this crystal to have the courage to take the next step.

Those looking to increase their spiritual potential are a lot left behind. They can unlock and unleash their psychic potentials by pairing Blue Moonstone with other crystals like Labradorite, Vanadinite, and Amethyst. For lucid dreaming, ensure that you pair White Beryl, Sugilite, Wavellite, Staurolite Fairy Cross, Covellite, Ruby, Axinite, Kyanite, or Sodalite with Blue Moonstone. You also can pair the stone with Lapis Lazuli, Blue Sapphire, and Sunstone for energy balance.

How To Cleanse Blue Moonstone?

Blue Moonstone also requires recharging and good cleansing regularly. This removes the negative energy it picks up when healing and protecting you. There are many ways to cleanse your Blue Moonstone. However, using warm water and a mild soap is probably the easiest. Rub the stone gently with your fingers to remove any dirt. When you are done, use a clean, soft cloth to rub it dry.

The other method of cleansing your crystal is to smudge it with sacred herbs like cedar, sage, lavender, or sweetgrass; after the smoke rises evenly and calmly around the stone, the crystal will be cleaned. The core meaning of the stone responds when cleansed under the beautiful light of the full moon. So, put your crystal near your window 2/3 days or before the full moon. It will receive a bath from the purifying rays of the moon. Leave it under the moon for about 3 hours, although it could be better if you’d leave it overnight. This method is excellent for recharging the crystal.

Crystal tuners, clear Quartz clusters, Tibetan singing bowls, and quartz chips can also be used for cleansing the Blue Moonstone. However, trying different methods for cleaning the stone is alright. With time, you’ll better understand how to clean the crystal. Don’t place Blue Moonstone under the sunlight as it might sap strength from the stone.

Simulated and Synthetic Moonstones

There have been substitutes for Blue Moonstone, such as milky chalcedony & certain types of synthetic spinel, but these substitutes generally look inferior and can easily be identified. However, artificial Blue Moonstones have not entered the market.

 How Much is a Blue Moonstone Worth?

In what might appear surprising, Blue Moonstones have varying prices. While some Blue Moonstones might cost you several cents, others could go as high as hundreds of dollars. This is usually based on size, color, and adularescence. Larger crystals normally cost higher compared to smaller crystals. Although Blue Moonstones are never clean, even those weighing above 2 carats might cost you about $100 per stone. Hence, the larger, more transparent, and more intense a Blue Moonstone is, the more expensive it’ll be. However, crystals exhibiting good color and transparency are getting rarer, meaning their prices have also considerably risen. Generally, the more transparent and bluer the adularescence a Blue Moonstone has, its value will be higher.


Blue Moonstone is a crystal that has high healing potential. However, you should take care of your stone. Regularly cleanse and recharge it, and do not expose it to sunlight. The best way to recharge it is by leaving it under the moonlight. Remember, how well your crystal takes care of your spirits, emotions, and physical well-being depends on how well you cleanse and recharge it.

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