Blue Obsidian Meaning and Properties

Blue Obsidian is a soft pale blue type of Obsidian, a silica-rich volcanic rock, glassy in appearance, and rare in its natural form. Much Blue Obsidian available is man-made colored glass or a vitreous by-product from smelting known as “slag”.

The frequency of Blue Obsidian connects to the throat and third eye chakras. It opens and cleanses these chakras so that one is open to higher guidance and then able to communicate knowledge gained with clarity and understanding.

The natural blue form of Obsidian stimulates the throat chakra so that one is able to freely express one’s thoughts and feelings with clarity. It aids one with one’s communication skills so that one can speak articulately.

Blue Obsidian helps one to “go within” to obtain a deeper understanding of one’s inner, true self, thus aiding one with communication with one’s soul and to receive its guidance and one’s soul’s purpose for this lifetime. It helps one to view life with calmness and serenity.

The cooling and soothing energy of this pale blue-toned Obsidian helps with issues relating to the throat area.

Associated Chakras

  • Throat
  • Third Eye

Physical Ailment

  • Throat

Emotional Issue

  • Calm
  • Communication

Spiritual Connection

  • Connection to Higher Self or Soul
  • Souls Guidance
  • Souls Purpose

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