Custom Bridal Jewelry

Many brides would like to order custom bridal jewelry, but I don’t want to go over budget. Here are a few tips to help you find affordable custom bridal jewelry.

The cost of your custom bridal jewelry will be based on a few things namely design, materials and time. A simple pendant necklace with colors from your wedding on a chain is a simple, but lovely design for the bride as well as the bridesmaid’s jewelry. In this case the bride would have her necklace designed to match her dress. I suggest a color from her dress or a bead similar to one on her gown. The bridesmaid’s pendant necklaces could be a one color or a combination of colors from her shoes and dress or some other color in the wedding. The next thing to think about is what materials will be used in your custom jewelry.

If you use precious metals like sterling silver and 14kt Gold or 14kt Gold-filled, your cost is more. If you opt to go with base metals, your cost will be cheaper, but after a few wear the metal finish will wear off never to return to its original color. Also, glass pendants can be very pretty, but if you want your wedding jewelry to sparkle, Swarovski crystals add the perfect amount of sparkle to your design. Time also plays a part in the total cost your custom bridal jewelry. The more time or elaborate you design the more your custom jewelry will cost.

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