Brown Jade Meaning and Properties

Brown jade is technically a chi stone. It gives the user a warrior’s energy. The stone gives you individual will and power and casts out all the doubts, fears, and worries that may be holding you back. The stone pushes you to act on your life. Brown jade is regarded as a stone of passion and strength, and physical vitality. It stimulates your Life-Force energy.

Brown Jade Meaning and History

Jade is a huge term that encompasses several gemstones. However, the purest jade forms include nephrite and jadeite. Jade’s history traces back around seven thousand years back when this gemstone was useful in making tools and weapons. The ancient people loved using jade because of its toughness. Its name came from the Spanish word “Piedra de ijada” meaning “stone for the pain in the side”.

The Aztecs and Mayans regarded this stone as a valuable gemstone for use. Spanish explorers named it after they discovered Central American natives held the gemstone to their side and believed it would cure their ailments. Chinese refer to this gemstone as “yu,” which technically means “imperial” or “heavenly”. Therefore, in Chinese culture, jade is known as an imperial gem.

Jade is also significant in New Zealand history. The gemstone occurs on the Island and has been a treasure for the Maoris for a long time. They call it “pounamu”, “New Zealand jade,” or “greenstone”. The stone has been used to make tools such as fish hooks, chisels, and even weapons like short clubs. The jade gemstone that occurs in New Zealand is nephrite. The green nephrite found on Lake Baikal in Russia is “Russian jade”.

Of the two jade varieties, jadeite is rarer and thus more precious. The most precious jade is emerald green jadeite.

Geological Properties

Brown jade is one of the family members of jadeite. It is among the two distinct minerals that bear the jade name. Nephrite is a typical calcium magnesium silicate with a waxy sheen and surface polish. It occurs in shades of black and brown, olive green, or white. On the other hand, Jadeite is a sodium aluminum silicate, rarer than nephrite, lustrous and hard, and more expensive.

It may occur in various colors such as leafy green, emerald green, greenish-black, pink, red, brown, black, lavender, orange, or white-gray green. Even though these gemstones have different densities, hardness, composition, and crystal structures, they have a similar appearance and are both tough stones. They are both valuable in terms of metaphysical properties.

Brown Jade Healing Properties and Benefits

Physical healing properties

Brown jade invigorates all the systems in your body as it is known as a tonic stone. It is a cleansing stone that is quite powerful and enhances the elimination and infiltration of organs in your body. Brown jade treats your spleen, kidneys, and supra-adrenal glands. It gets rid of all the toxins and balances the water-salt ratio in your body.

Brown jade also encompasses a restorative feature. The gemstone allows your skeletal and cellular systems to re-bind and restores themselves. It also assists in getting rid of the pain when the body is healing. Jade has been used to cool down cramps and help stitches heal.

Emotional Properties

Brown jade is a stimulating and passionate stone. It allows users to let go of things that weigh them down and are also associated with love. With the help of the stone, you will access anger but do away with the tension in a constructive way. Many people regard brown jade as a “dream stone” since it helps soothe the mind and release negative thoughts.

The gemstone helps integrate your body with your mind and stabilize your personality. It will help you come up with ideas that make tasks less compelling. You can place it on your forehead to have insightful dreams. It will help you get rid of suppressed emotions via dreams and help you remember other dreams. Jade provides the user with self-reliance, confidence, self-sufficiency, and self-assuredness.

Spiritual Properties

Brown jade assists the carrier to take decisive actions when facing their demons. The gemstone gives you the courage to overcome adversity. You will also change some aspects of your life that do not align with your spiritual nature with the help of this gemstone. Brown jade protects the wearer from deceitful entities when working in the spirit realm.

Brown Jade and Chakra

This gemstone is known to stimulate the Earthstar and Base Chakras. Base Chakra is also known as Root Chakra and is found at the bottom of your sine. This chakra is responsible for controlling the energy for kinesthetic movement and feeling. The base chakra is basically the foundation of your spiritual and physical energy.

Whenever you are out of balance, you will have low enthusiasm, low activity levels, and you will need constant stimulation. At any time you are out of spiritual energy balance, you will feel distant and disconnected from reality. Upon regaining your balance in the base chakra, your body regains stamina and strength, revitalizing your spiritual energy. The stone will help you regain your power, which will lead to spontaneous and independent leadership.

Earth chakra is found below your feet and connects you with mother Earth, thus allowing out-of-balance energies to get out of your body.

How to Use Brown Jade

Brown jade produces powerful amulets that you should carry with you for protection. It is also worn as jewelry and guards your belief against any form of doubt. Keeping the stone close to your body gives you courage and strength during hard times.

Brown jade helps promote harmony and peace in your relationships. Place a brown jade in your office or home to enhance its energies. You can also use this gemstone for inner peace and meditation purposes. If you feel restless, hold the gemstone close to you to calm your thoughts and emotions.

Zodiac Connection

Technically, jade cannot be considered a traditional birthstone. However, the gemstone resonates well with people born under Taurus. That is in spring, from April 20 to May 20. Taureans are “down to Earth” individuals, and they are doers. These people are affectionate and are known to be stubborn with high tempers.

Jade properties also work well with Libra. Librans are known to be artistic, strong-willed, respectful, and artistic. Brown jade resonates perfectly with these signs, but you can also receive its properties if you do not fall under these signs.

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