Capricorn birthstones

BirthstonesRuby (Main), Black Onyx (Alternate), Onyx (Hindu, Talismanic), Jet (Hindu), Lapis Lazuli (Planetary)
Keywords“I use”
Color(s)Navy Blue, Black, Dark Gray
Lucky Number8

Capricorn, the tenth sign of the Zodiac, brings us the business persons of the world.

Capricorn, ruled by the disciplined, cold, hard-working Saturn seek worldly status. They have tremendous pride beneath their cool exteriors. They seek to rise in the world and usually manage to do so, accumulating wealth along the way (especially later in life). Capricorns tend to age in reverse. They look old when they’re young, but then seem to have a strange reversal and grow younger looking.

Capricorns desire security. They’re not flighty like some other signs and get ahead by sheer hard work and determination. They know where they’re going and how they’re going to get there and woe to anyone who gets in their way.

Beneath the cold, hard-driving exterior of a Capricorn is a loyal, protective person, capable of great sacrifice for those they love. They’ll never leave you when the going gets tough and they’ll always repay a kindness.

Set your heart on a Capricorn? Don’t be fooled by their aloofness. They act like they could care less, but deep down they need love and appreciation more than most. And deep down they have one of the best senses of humor – a dry, sarcastic wit, but very funny and well timed. When a Capricorn is depressed, they’ll work harder. Because work, getting ahead, rising in status is what makes a Capricorn feel better inside.

A Capricorn will have few friends and tend to keep them for a life time. Once a Capricorn lets you into his life, you’re usually there for good.

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