What is White Gold Plated With?

Whether you’re thinking about buying white jewelry or you’re just interested in knowing ...

What is the Highest Karat of White Gold?

White gold has become super popular in today’s day and age. Many women who look for ...

What is Pure Gold Made Of?

Pure gold, also known as 24k gold, is 100% made of the element gold (Au). The purity ...

White Gold Tarnish

If you have a piece of white gold jewelry, you may have noticed that as time passes ...

What is 18k Gold Made Of?

Most people believe that when they purchase a gold ring, bracelet, watch, or necklace ...

How to Tell White Gold From Silver?

Whether you’ve already purchased a piece of jewelry or you’re in the process of ...

How to Clean White Gold Jewelry?

If you’ve ever owned a piece of white gold jewelry then you probably know that white ...

How Much Gold Does the US Have?

Whether you’re doing some research for a school project or you just want to know how much ...

How Much Does a 10k White Gold Ring Cost?

Whether you’re looking to purchase a white gold ring, sell one, or you’re just ...

How is White Gold Made?

How is White Gold Made? White gold is made by combining pure 100% gold with other ...
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How is Rose Gold Made?

Whether you’re shopping for rose gold jewelry, or you’re just curious about knowing ...
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Gold jewelry and ancient cultures

Because of its unique qualities, gold had spiritual meaning in many ancient ...
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