Jewelry Guide
Jewelry Guide

6 Ways To Safeguard Your Jewelries

It is essential that you not only protect your jewelry from burglars and other ...

Diamonds Are Forever

Bond, James Bond. That's the trademark phrase for Ian Fleming's much celebrated fictional ...

What You Need To Know When Buying Her A Diamond

There's a lot to say about a diamond's role to a woman's life. How a diamond appeals to ...

5 Qualities Of Diamond Pendant Jewelry

Many women love to wear diamond pendant jewelry around the neck, and some convert ...

Women’s Love Affair With Diamonds

Admit it. Each woman has her own fantasy and that would definitely include getting that ...

4 Diamond Jewelry Scams You Should Avoid

Due to the popular demand of diamond jewelry, a lot of people have been taking advantage ...

4 Diamond Cuts You Should Consider

Like any other gemstone, the diamond doesn't come out all perfect and ready. It has ...

4 Variables That Affect The Value Of A Diamond

Diamonds have become a symbol of commitment, of never ending promises and this is ...

3 Most Sought After Colored Diamonds

People have always envisioned diamonds as clear and colorless, the kind that you ...
Jewelry Guide

5 Diamond Jewelry Shopping Tips

Buying diamond jewelry can be exciting. Whether you are buying it for yourself or you are ...
Jewelry Guide

How to Tell if Gold is Real or Fake?

Whether you just bought some gold or you’re thinking about buying some, you might be ...
Wedding & Engagement Rings

Custom Bridal Jewelry

Many brides would like to order custom bridal jewelry, but I don’t want to go over ...
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