Cat’s Eye

Cat’s Eye gets its unique look due to the presence of fibrous mineral inclusions. The fibers in a Cat’s Eye form tubes that are parallel to one another deep within the quartz stone. These fibers are not that pronounced when in a square or rectangular form, however, when in a sphere or oval shape, the fibers are more pronounced and extremely fascinating to look at.

The luster of the Cat’s Eye gives it a chatoyant or vitreous look and it is usually opaque or translucent in transparency. The Cat’s Eye is pretty hard; measuring 7 on the Mohs scale and the fracture should be noted as conchoidal. The Cat’s Eye is usually rounded, oval, or spherical, and quite attractive on many types of ornamental jewelry.

For most Cat’s Eye lovers, it is worn on a ring, a charm, or as part of a bracelet. Many people like the Cat’s Eye because of its mystical qualities that help the intellect, foster wisdom, and its connotation with a cat, meaning crafty or sly.

Where Cats Eye is found and how it formed

Cat’s Eye quartz is formed due to a process or the presence of fibrous mineral inclusions. Fibers in the form of tubes are found within the quartz stone. When the Cat’s Eye stone is in a square or rectangular shape, the tube-like fibers seem natural and not that striking, however, when the stone is cut in a circle or oval, the parallel fibers become much more pronounced and striking.

Quartz Cat’s Eye is usually located and mined in the veins that form within the quartz rock. Cat’s Eye is usually near milky quartz that borders quartz veins. Cat’s Eye has a specific luster called chatoyant. Its chatoyant luster, crystal structure, and transparency make it stand out from normal quartz. The Cat’s Eye is a striking piece of jewelry that is very beautiful, luxurious, and mystical. If you are looking for a unique-looking gem, take a look at the Cat’s Eye.

Cats Eye Jewelry

Cat’s Eye is usually a term used for a property in a gemstone or mineral. Cat’s Eye can be found in many materials, including Quartz, Beryl, and Chrysoberyl. The Cat’s Eye gives these materials fire and brilliance, as well as a glassy translucent quality with a dark slit, core, or pupil.

The Cat’s Eye is mainly used as ornamental jewelry and does not have any industrial uses. The Cat’s Eye is mainly used for ornamental jewelry and has been treasured for thousands of years. Poets have written about its beauty since ancient times. Cat’s Eye is associated with wisdom, truth, and psychic abilities. For people looking for a great gift for a philosophical person, a Cat’s Eye is sure to please. Cat’s Eye can be fashioned into many types of ornamental jewelry but is most likely purchased as a ring or charm.

The Cat’s Eye is not associated with any birth month or astrological signs; however, many people give the Cat’s Eye to a person that is Sagittarius or to those that have a birthday during November to highlight the philosophical and intellectual qualities.

Generally speaking, Cat’s Eye is affordable for almost anyone and they are fascinating to look at because they are said to mesmerize. They come in various colors but will always have a dark slit or pupil near the center. With the wonderful range of colors that include yellow, white, gray, green, red, blue, black, and brown, there is pretty much color for almost anyone and any style.

History and Origins

The Cat’s Eye has been known to man since the beginning of history and has been written about for thousands of years. It was referred to in a poem 2,000 years ago and was thought to be caused due to extreme cold. Since ancient times, many people wore the Cat’s Eye as part of religious ornaments, believing that it would bring good luck and wealth to the wearer.

The Cat’s Eye is also believed by mystics to give the wearer powers such as deep philosophical thinking and the ability to be wise. It was also believed to be helpful when concentrating or to spur healing. Today, the Cat’s Eye can be seen closely associated with the traits that we give our cats as crafty, intelligent, and even devious.

In the traditional sense, the Cat’s Eye was given its name because it has many similarities to a Cat’s Eye, including a glassy translucent quality with a slit or pupil in the center. The word Cat’s Eye was taken from the old European word Querklufterz, which means cross vein ore in Saxon.

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