Chiastolite Andalusite Meaning and Properties

Chiastolite also known as Andalusite is an aluminum orthosilicate mineral, and is called the name Chiastolite when it exhibits “crosses” which are dark-colored carbon or clay (an aluminum orthosilicate containing various metals such as iron and magnesium) mineral inclusions within the Andalusite base mineral.

The frequency of Chiastolite Andalusite connects to the physical base and crown chakras and a strong connection to the Earth star, and Soul star transpersonal chakras. It cleanses all of one’s chakric system and energy fields of any blocks, or negative entities and helps to close any holes within one’s etheric body that may be leaking energy.

The energy of Chiastolite helps to activate the higher chakras and via the Soul star brings “light” energy down one’s chakric column and via the Earth star ground this high vibrational energy into one being, connecting one to the higher vibrational energies of one’s soul. It helps one to form an energetic circuit so that energy can circulate, always present for one to utilize when required, so that one is always vibrating at an optimum energy level.

This crystal can help one in meditation to connect to the Akashic records, aiding one in understanding one’s journey from lifetime to lifetime.

Chiastolite / Andalusite supports and strengthens one’s energy fields aiding physical strength, stamina, and wellbeing.

Associated Chakras

  • Earth Star
  • Base Root
  • Crown
  • Soul Star

Physical Ailment

  • Physical Stamina
  • Physical Strength
  • Physical Wellbeing

Spiritual Connection

  • Akashic Records
  • Souls Energy

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