Chinese Quartz Meaning and Properties

Chinese Quartz is from various regions within China. There are different types all composed of Quartz, and silicon dioxide, some having black inclusions of carbon or manganese which are then referred to as Black Phantom points.

The frequency of Chinese Quartz connects to all the chakras opening, cleansing, and balancing them so that one’s energy can flow unhindered throughout one’s chakric column and energy fields.

Chinese Quartz opens one’s consciousness to the higher dimensions so that one is able to receive information and guidance, increasing one’s inner vision and insight.

Chinese Quartz that has black inclusions or phantoms supports the grounding of higher vibrational “Light” energy into one’s physical vehicle and integrates this energy into one’s energy fields aiding with healing on all levels. It also helps to ground the energy of one’s thoughts and ideas into the third dimension and allows one to become emotionally strong, confident, and stable.

Associated Chakras

  • All The Chakras

Physical Ailment

  • Balance and Stability
  • Physical Wellbeing

Emotional Issue

  • Emotional Balance
  • Emotional Stability
  • Emotional Strength

Spiritual Connection

  • Energetic Healing
  • Inner Vision


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