Cleansing Activating and Programming Crystals

Cleansing Crystals

Crystals need to be cleansed regularly as they absorb low vibrational and negative energy from human energy fields during a crystal energy healing. Various methods can be used. However, whatever method is employed you should state (either out loud or silently) directing the statement into the crystal

“I cleanse you of all negativity and everything not of yourself”

Some of the methods that can be used to cleanse crystals are:

  1. Sound vibrations are excellent for removing all negativity held within a crystal’s atomic structure and then re-energizing the crystal by replacing the low vibration with the higher frequency inherent to that particular crystal. The sound waves produced from a tuning fork (F – heart chakra), Tibetan cymbals or bowls, or a crystal bowl, can be used to produce the correct vibration or frequencies to purify the crystals.
  2. Place the crystal under running water from a tap using an intent to remove the negativity by visualizing it being washed out from the crystal as the water pours over it. Thus cleansing and purifying the crystal.
  3. Cleansing crystals in a running stream or even in the sea are more ‘natural’ ways to use the water purifying method, but not perhaps practical for most of us!
  4. Another method is to place the crystals in a solution of (preferably) sea salt and allow them to soak for some hours, for example overnight. Then wash under the tap and allow to dry naturally. The salt solution is made by adding about 1 gram of sea salt to 1 liter of water.

Warning! Care must be taken when using any method that brings certain crystals in contact with water and/or salt. For example, Selenite and Halite will dissolve. Calcites will fracture and break apart and some softer crystals such as Malachite can become scratched when using “salt”. If in doubt then use another method.

Energizing and Activating Crystals

Again there are several different ways of doing this

  1. Tuning forks (F – heart chakra) are excellent for re-energizing and awakening the crystals to vibrate at their specific frequency.
  2. Sunlight (male energy) and Moonlight (female energy) are natural ways to re-energize crystals although care must be taken as many crystals (for example Amethyst and Celestite) will fade if left in direct sunlight for long periods.
  3. Place the crystals on a multi-terminated Clear Quartz or Amethyst cluster, and leave for at least 12 hours.
  4. Place crystals within a grid of 3 or 6 Clear Quartz single terminated points with the natural terminations directed at the crystal being re-energized.

Programming Crystals

Due to the precise atomic structure of crystals, they can be programmed to hold the specific vibrations required to assist in processes such as healing, meditation, or protection. This is achieved by using the qualities of a particular crystal frequency and directing the energy “in the highest and best good”. Your intention will allow you to connect to your heart and soul energies.

Whilst holding the crystal in whichever hand is most comfortable, or on your heart or 3rd eye chakra, visualize (or imagine) the specific quality of energy you want to program, and direct the energy into the crystal maintaining the connection for about 1 minute. Focus on the crystal until you feel the programming is complete.

Thank the crystal Devas for their help in programming your intention within the crystal. Only ever program crystals that have been cleansed of all negativity and re-energized. The program will remain held within the crystal until cleared by washing it energetically with Pure White Light in the form of a visualization.

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