Coconut Jewelry & Fashion

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Make a big and bold statement with this stunning bracelet by Iris Apfel for the “Iris Apfel Collection.” Adding a “wow” accessory to any plain outfit will make you stand out of the ordinary.

The “Iris Apfel” Collection features eye-catching designs in organic materials such as horn, bone, coconut, exotic trees like the ipil-ipil, banana leaf, elepante-sikit, bamboo, and woods like natural kamagong, greywood, robles, bayong, and nangka.

The coconut is not a nut but a fruit. The word coconut refers to the fruit, while the tree is called coconut palm. It belongs to the Arecaceae palm family and can grow to six meters in height. The coconut is the most popular palm in the Philippines. It is widely cultivated all over the country, and it is the most important commercial palm in the world.

Referred to as the tree of life, the coconut offers various uses and benefits to mankind. It is used in the production of timber, food, fermented and unfermented drinks, alcohol, vinegar, splits, strips, and fiber for making baskets, mats, rope, hats, brushes, brooms, fuel, caulking, food oil, cooking oil, soap, a substitute for butter and lard, ointment, oil cake, animal feeds, and fertilizer. The buds are good for making salads. Oil is the most important product of the coconut palm.

The dried kernel, known as copra, is one of the top export products of the Philippines. Copra is dried coconut meat that has high oil content, as much as 64%. Coconut oil retards aging. It counteracts heart, colon, pancreatic, and liver tumor inducers and it is easy to digest.

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