3 Most Sought After Colored Diamonds

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People have always envisioned diamonds as clear and colorless, the kind that you usually find on engagement rings and also the kind that dazzles the most with its brilliance especially when a ray of light strikes it. However, diamonds are not that monotonous as expected. In fact, there are rare diamonds that possess a tinge of color. These colored diamonds are really rare and are extremely valuable as there are only about 10,000 of them or so. As hard to find as these are, these diamonds are a little bit pricier as compared to the colorless versions.

Since colored diamonds are really hard to find, some jewelers would result to the method of treating such in order to make it a colored one. Although some colored diamonds are treated, the master jewelers always make it a point that there would be a close resemblance to those that were naturally colored by Mother Nature herself. Learning a little bit or two about these fancy colored diamonds may help one decide in picking the type of diamond to serve as an accent on a ring, bracelet or probably a necklace.

Red Diamonds

Natural red diamonds are really hard to find but despite this fact, this colored stone is the most sought after. One known naturally colored red diamond is the Moussaieff Red or the Red Shield whose carat weight is 5.11. Due to the fact that red diamonds are really rare and uncommon some or most of these red diamonds we see today are treated by irradiating them to result to a color change plus combined with a heat treatment in order to make the color a bit more stable. Whether these diamonds are treated or not the fact still remains that these red diamonds are really expensive.

Pink Diamonds

When talking about pink diamonds, one can’t help but remember the movie “The Pink Panther.” But what is the pink panther? Well, in the movie, the pink panther pertains to the pink diamond ring owned by a wealthy man who got killed in a soccer game. However, pink diamonds are not only seen in movies. In fact these colored diamonds are also one of the rare colored ones.

The minefield that supplies the most number of pink diamonds is found in Australia which is known as the Argyle Mine. This mine produces about 90% of the pink diamonds found all over the world. Moreover, pink diamonds of a deeper shade are very hard to find. What is commonly found are those of a lighter shade. The largest known pink diamond is the Steinmetz Pink which is a 59.60 carat oval cut diamond.

Green Diamonds

Naturally colored green diamonds are very uncommon so in order to make up for this some diamonds are artificially treated in order to achieve this particular hue. It is believed that natural green diamonds are irradiated while they were still underneath the earth’s mantle. True blue green diamonds are extremely expensive since not all green diamonds are really green, meaning that some of these diamonds may only have patches of green in them. The known example and highly prized diamond is the Dresden Green Diamond whose documented carat weight is 100 carats, that is in its rough or original form.

Naturally colored diamonds are extremely rare and even with the availability of artificially treated ones, these colored diamonds are still hard to find. The unique color of these diamonds will sure add a touch of uniqueness to any jewelry.

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