Crazy Lace Agate Meaning and Properties

Crazy Lace Agate History

Crazy lace agate is known as Mexican agate. It is a young mineral when compared with other minerals in the world. Crazy lace agate is exclusive to Northern Mexico, a place known as Chihuahua. The lacy agate is famous for its healing energies and stunning banded patterns. Some people believe that this mineral was formed around 65-90 million years ago.

Crazy Lace Agate

The gemstone retains most of its energy in Mexico since this is where it naturally occurs. Evidence shows that the crazy lace agate was put on as an amulet in the ancient days. The early inhabitants of the land wore the gemstone for courage and endurance in battle.

Metaphysical Properties

Just like other silica and agate rocks, the crazy lace agate is a healing stone. Some people refer to the stone as happy lace or laughter stone. Commonly, it is a protecting and balancing stone, and people believe it can keep off the evil eye. The stone quickly absorbs emotional pain and brings joy.

Crazy lace agate is also known to boost one’s energy and even help one concentrate and achieve their goal. Bearing the stone makes you focus a lot on what you are doing, and therefore, it is perfect for people who may be suffering from ADHD. Crazy lace agate promotes maturity, composure, and inner stability. Its properties can encourage your self-confidence and security.

Crazy Lace Agate Geological Properties

Crazy Lace Agate Meaning and Properties 2
CategoryChalcedony variety
Formula (repeating unit) SiO2 silicon dioxide
Crystal systemRhombohedral (microcrystalline)
Crystal habitCryptocrystalline silica
FractureConchoidal with very sharp edges.
Mohs scale hardness6.5–7
Specific gravity2.58–2.64
Refractive index1.530–1.540
Birefringenceup to +0.004 (B-G)

Did you know that the Mexican agate is microcrystalline quartz infused with aluminum and iron? The stone has a complex pattern and bright color. Its design is responsible for the blacks, golds, greys, and creamy browns that swirl the stone. As mentioned earlier, the stone is found in Northern Mexico in Chihuahua.

Taking care of the crazy lace agate

Only use a soft brush and warm water with soap to clean your crazy lace agate. Even though it is a hard mineral, it can easily get damaged or scratched when it comes into contact with more rigid materials. Do not use chemicals when washing the jewelry and crazy lace agate beads. The gemstone is quite sensitive to heat, so do not expose it to heat, especially if it is dyed. For the color-enhanced agates, avoid exposing them to too much light as they will quickly fade. Storing crazy lace agate should be done in a soft cloth or fabric-lined box.

Crazy lace agate design

The mineral’s designs and colors are something very magical. It bears golds, creamy browns, and occasional pinks that create a stunning pattern that make the stone appear sensational. You could easily combine it with other colored gemstones or use it on its own. This stone complements autumn fashion whether you decide to rock it as earrings, pendants, or strands. Use the crazy lace agate to combine your uniqueness, earth tones, and calmness.

Healing Properties and Benefits

Physical healing properties

Crazy lace agate enhances mental function by working on your perception, analytical abilities, and concentration. When applied as an elixir or placed on your abdomen, agate is known to stimulate your digestive system and relieve gastritis. The stone is also quite beneficial for your eyes alongside hollow organs like the intestines, uterus, and stomach.

Video source: YouTube / Crystal Wisdom with Shannon Marie

Crazy lace agate alleviates itching after insect bites and heals skin disorders. The stone prevents varicose veins, enhances tissue metabolism and the elasticity of your blood vessel walls. Agate is also very beneficial to your heart. Putting on an agate on the chest heals emotional disharmony and strengthens the cardiac muscle.

A cold agate will cure fever when placed on your forehead. To some people, agate alleviates epilepsy symptoms and prevents people from sleepwalking.

Emotional Healing Energy

The moon goddess and crazy lace agate are the same. The stone, in all aspects, has taken up the Cerridwen of Celtic mythology. Your agate is as strong as the moon energy. People believe it has protective properties. The stone helps some people overcome arachnophobia. Carry it along as you go on a trip as it may help you avoid accidents.

Crazy lace agate is a healing gemstone since it gives users an emotional and physical balance. It promotes your overall health. It brings joy and calms down complicated emotions. Technically, agate is known as a calming and soothing stone as it works slowly, giving the user great strength. Its many layers bring about great emotions and overcome the heart’s bitterness and negativity.

The stone also works on inner anger and promotes courage and love. For people suffering from emotional trauma, this stone can also help you a lot. It will help you ease internal tension and fears. Crazy lace agate balances the mind and body and assists the bearer make informed decisions. The stone also promotes dynamic thoughts and mental agility. The gemstone encourages communication and thinking, and many believe it was used to unite generations.

You will also notice the stone is quite emotionally protective. Bearing this stone, you will always want to ensure your partner is happy in your relationship. Your partner will always have what they deserve, and the same will be done for you. With the presence of this stone, you will cherish every moment and commit to having even more memorable moments. The stone will remind you of your worth and how amazing it feels to be comforted, protected, and loved.

Spiritual Energy

Crazy lace agate is known to raise links and awareness into the collective consciousness of your life. The stone encourages you to contemplate your life experiences that could potentially lead to inner stability and spiritual growth.

Crazy lace agate and chakra

This stone is believed to balance and stimulate the Third Eye Chakra. The Third Eye Chakra is a person’s dreams, ideas, perception, and consciousness. It is located on your forehead, and it basically controls the flow of energy in your body. The third eye also controls your foresight and intuition. It controls all your cognitive functions, whether you are asleep or awake. This stone is responsible for people’s cognitive functions. It ensures the cognitive functions work for you.

This laughter stone also stimulates the Crown Chakra. It is responsible for your inner peace, universal connection, spirituality, and wisdom. Just as its name suggests, the chakra point is on your head. It is basically the fountainhead of your spirituality and belief. The energy and power your crown chakra emits will maintain your individuality amidst universal consciousness.

Crazy lace agate will connect you to the universe while differentiating you from the many manifestations and voices of the universe.

How to use it

Apart from being used for healing purposes, the crazy lace agate is also essential in art and jewelry. People considered it a favorite stone that belonged to Roman mythology, goddess Pomona. She was a goddess of fruit and harvest. With time people started using the crazy lace agate as gratitude towards the Roman goddess. For medicinal purposes, the stomach and eye were put on these affected areas to discharge their energies, and they could ultimately heal these illnesses.

The Egyptians used the crazy lace agate for decorations; they used various techniques that would color the stones and make them even more bright and colorful. Ancient Indians considered this stone a fragment of the gods. To them, the stone separated from their bodies and came to Earth. Whoever held these stones was basically a bearer of good news and happiness to his tribe or members of his tribe.

In cultures where the connection with gems and meditation are practiced to promote spiritual gifts, agates are an enhancer and can also be used for meditation sessions to boost concentration via energy vibration. Carry the gemstone with you everywhere to avoid accidents; for people with a sleeping problem, make sure you place it somewhere in your bed, like under your pillow. The stone is also used to manufacture stunning jewelry pieces.

Zodiac connection

Understand those crazy lace agates that are white cannot be considered natural birthstones. However, the red crazy lace agates are natural birthstones born between October and November. It is also called the middle of autumn. The scarlet crazy lace agates rule over the stones born at the start of autumn and those born during September 25th and October 21st.

As for the zodiac connection, most agates are zodiac stones for individuals under Gemini. Geminis are quick thinkers, talkative, and quite flexible. However, there are times when they are more nervous or experience incredible mood swings. This stone helps them achieve calmness, joy, and clarity at a time when it is needed most.

Crazy lace agate in Feng Shui

This stone is known to impart metal energy in terms of Feng Shui. It is the energy of healing, intelligence, and creativity. Metal energy is known to bring people closer as it crystallizes ideas. Use this stone to enhance the spaces around your home to gather strength and concentrate more on group work. That technically means placing the stone in the Western and Northwest regions of your home. These are known as the “Travel” and “Helpful people and Blessings” areas of the house.

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