Crystal Formations and Shapes

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Crystals can be found in many shapes and forms, many are natural formations such as clusters and points, and others such as eggs and spheres have been crafted by man. All are valuable “tools” for us to use either for their energetic and healing properties or just because they look so beautiful and enhance any environment!

Below are examples of many of the various crystal formations and shapes, however certain more specialized formations such as Master crystals and Quartz metaphysical crystals are described in more detail in other articles.

Clusters (usually natural)

Crystal clusters are made up of many terminations upon a matrix. They are in group formations and thus form group energy.

They can be used to energize other crystals, bring balance and harmony to the environment, and harmony and peace to groups or families.

However some crystal clusters are “grown” within a laboratory environment, examples are Tschergimite and Boussingaultite.

Eggs (hand sculptured)

Crystal eggs can be used to scan energy fields and the narrow end of an egg can be used in reflexology and acupressure.

They can also be used during meditation as they can be comfortably held in the hand.

Geode (usually natural but are often hand-embellished)

Geodes and caves house multi-terminated points within a matrix outer-coating or shell.

Energy is amplified and held within the geode but can move out due to the open face.

They can be used to energize cleansed crystals or energize a healing space.

Merkaba (hand sculptured)

The Merkaba is the Star Tetrahedron and represents the energetic template of the vehicle that holds our Light Body. Mer ka ba means LightSpirit and Body.

It is a geometric shape, a combination of all the Platonic solids.

Merkabas can be used in meditation and certain crystal energy healing processes can activate the body’s actual Merkaba which is residing in the higher dimensions.

Obelisk (hand sculptured)

An obelisk is a tapered four-sided shape with a square base and the apex of the obelisk is pyramidal, thus energy becomes focussed at the tip.

Obelisks can help one to make a connection with the consciousness of past cultures, acting as a marker of time.

Palm stones and Thumbstones (hand sculptured)

Crystal palm stones and thumb stones have been crafted to produce smooth, tactile, mainly oval shapes.

They can be used for holding during meditation, placing on chakras during a crystal energy healing, or for holding to allow the particular crystal energy to fill an energy field.

Platonic Solids (hand sculptured)

The five shapes that make up the Platonic solids are representations of sacred geometry that exists in all of nature.

The vibrational frequencies of the Platonic solids can be used to remind the cells of our physical bodies of their original perfected form by re-alignment and polarization of energy.

Two other shapes are sometimes included with Platonic sets. These are the Sphere that represents the void (universe of pure energy) and the Merkaba (star tetrahedron) with represents the Light Body.

Points (natural or hand sculptured)

Natural points usually have a rough base with straight-ish sides leading to a single multi-faced termination.

Double terminated points have a multi-faced termination at either end of the point. They move energy in two directions, radiating and absorbing energy at both terminations. Herkimer Diamonds are examples of natural double terminated points.

Natural points are often enhanced by a man by cutting the base, edges, and terminations and then polishing them to produce a smoother and often more tactile finish.

Both natural and polished points can be used for crystal energy healing work.

Pyramids (natural or hand sculptured)

Pyramids take the form of a geometric shape, with four triangular faces and a square base. Crystals with naturally occurring pyramid shapes include Apophyllite tips and Fluorite.

Energy becomes amplified and focused within the pyramidal shape so that a beam of focused energy is emitted through the apex.

Spheres (hand sculptured)

Crystal spheres emit energy in all directions equally. They can be used in meditation or for scrying.

Tumblestones (produced by man)

Tumblestones are crystals and gemstones that have been made smooth and tactile by tumbling together with a polishing medium.

Tumblestones are perfect for use in crystal healing layouts or carried on a person, to enable the transfer of specific crystalline energy as required.

Wands (natural or hand sculptured)

Wands are used in crystal energy healing to carry out various procedures. These include removing stagnant energy, replacing energy within an energy field, and layering particular crystal energy into a chakra or subtle body.

Hand sculptured wands with rounded ends can also use for crystal massage, reflexology, or on acupressure points.

Many natural single terminated points, including those that taper and are known as lasers, can be used as a wand.

Laser Wands (natural)

Laser wands are usually natural clear Quartz and are used to direct focused energy in a precise manner, hence the name laser.

Lasers are powerful tools and should be respected at all times. They can be thought of as an extension of the user’s intention and energy.

Lasers are excellent for breaking up stagnant energy within an energy field, or for more precise work with energetic cords or energetic ties that are built between individuals.

Vogel Wands (hand sculptured)

Vogel wands are shaped according to the Tree of Life of the Kabbala and were the vision of Marcel Joseph Vogel.

Vogels are used to project energy into an energy system by rotating clockwise or to draw negative energy out by rotating anti-clockwise.

Star Vogel (hand sculptured)

Star Vogels are often used along with Platonic solids to project energy in a precise manner.

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