Tips about Shopping for Crystal Jewelry

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Following are great tips, good ideas, smart advices about how to select a piece of real, fine quality, elaborate and beautiful crystal jewelry that special suited for you.


No gas or liquid inclusions shaped in star points, clouds and wadding in a piece of crystal jewelry made of find and quality crystal could be found, and to select those jewelries made of crystals with pure, smooth and limpid characters, if you find touches of irregular rupture stripes, points in the crystal, which can be decided to an inferior.


There are two types of crystal products processing techniques: grinding and carving, for example, crystal necklaces, bracelets and crystal earrings are belonging to grinding pieces, and crystal statues of Kwan-yin, inner-carved snuff bottle belong to carving pieces.
A fine made crystal jewelry with exquisite and elaborate craftwork will not only display the exterior beauty of crystal jewelry such as the designs, styles and symmetrical features, but also could dig out its inner beauty such as its limpid and brilliant quality, artful colors extremely.


In the process of the machining the crystal must go through a procedure of silicon carbide polishing, and a careless and coarse workmanship will leave traces of friction on the crystal surfaces. Fine crystal jewelry are all with good natural transparency and shiny luster, as a local saying as “made by hot enough fires”.


As to those bunched string pieces of crystal jewelries such as necklaces, bracelets and Rosaries, it’s necessary to view whether the eyelets of crystal beads are flat and straight or not, the sizes of eyelets are fine shapely or not, and in which there are no small cracks too. At the same time the walls of eyelets should be clear, clean and transparent, and have no “white marks”.


Even within the same type of crystal jewelry, there are a variety of textures and colors in the different parts. The crystal jewelry in a particular plain color should made of crystals with same colors, while the crystal jewelry of crystals with different colors, it’s required to have a texture and tone that is attractive and elegant.


When you are shopping for a piece of crystal jewelry, you should to wear it for a try, and to see whether the size, elasticity and length of the jewelry are all suit for you. For an enchated jewelry, it’s necessary to make sure that the crystal jewelry is strong, standard and shapely. In addition, another thing should take for consideration is the design, style and color of the jewelry is fitted with your fit, your skin color, your face and your clothing.

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