Crystal Skulls

Crystal skulls are crystalline beings who personify the “group aware or group conscious” energy of the Aquarian Age.

Crystal skulls are crystalline beings that have been part of legends and prophecies over many millennia. Stories have been kept and passed down from generation to generation of indigenous peoples, telling of the great role crystal skulls play in helping humanity. Stories of the information, knowledge, and wisdom they store and hold within, and stories of how the time will come when they will be of aid and assistance to all life on Mother Earth. That time is now.

Quartz Crystal skulls discussed here include Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Tourmalinated Quartz, Citrine and Natural Citrine, and other varieties of Quartz. Other crystals and gemstones are used to make a carving of skulls but do not act in the same way due to their different crystalline structures.

Quartz due to its specific crystalline matrix can receive and transmit energies. It can be programmed to hold specific vibrations and to hold and store information and wisdom. It can be activated and linked into various energy fields so that energy can be transferred and integrated throughout the dimensions. Quartz crystal skulls can act as a “Crystalline Internet” linking with one another and thus linking us to the “group consciousness” of the planet.

Crystal skulls have become a focus of great interest to many people over the past few years, the number increasing rapidly since the start of the “Age of Aquarius”. More and more of us have become aware of the true nature of our “being” and as we awaken we understand the great need for all of humanity to live in harmony and to honor one another and all of nature that dwells on Mother Earth.

One can become a “caretaker” for a Quartz crystal skull. Meditating with the skull will help to awaken and activate the skull so that it becomes attuned to one’s vibrational frequencies and energies. The skull will also be able to link via an “Etheric energy network or grid” to other skulls throughout the world. The “Etheric energy network” has doorways to the higher dimensions so that knowledge and wisdom can be brought forth into the third dimension to help humanity at this time.
Quartz crystal skulls are therefore perfect tools to help us as individuals raise our energetic vibrations and consciousness, to help us heal ourselves, and thus by doing so, help the whole of humanity.

As a Quartz crystal skull caretaker, one of the most powerful acts one can do in service to humanity and Mother Earth is to meditate with the skulls for World Peace.

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