Cuban Link Chains: A Symbol of Luxury & Wealth. The Origins of the Cuban Link Chain & Why It’s Loved

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When it comes to jewelry such one of the most popular trends is the use of link patterns. The link design is used in all sorts of jewelry all over the world. But the most common forms of jewelry that they are used in are bracelets and neck chains. In the modern days, these link chains form an essential part of almost all sorts of accessories that are being used. They are particularly very popular with people who love hip-hop culture, musicians, rappers, etc.

In this piece, we will walk you through certain facts about the Cuban Link Chains so that you have a fair amount of idea about what these Cuban Link Chains are all about before selecting your ultimate jewelry.

In the world of jewelry and fashion, there have been many trends and designs that come in and become so popular that they remain around forever. The Cuban Link Chain is one such jewelry item that has been there for a long time and has managed to somehow always remain relevant and very much in trend. In recent times, the Cuban link chain has gained a lot of popularity and is on the wishlist of many youngsters across the globe.

The Cuban Link Chain is called so because of the fact that they were first popularized by Cubans staying in the city of Miami, Florida. Having said that these chains are not only popular with the people of Miami but are also popular amongst the people of Las Angeles and New York. The Cuban Link Chains are also commonly known as “Hip Hop Jewelry” as they are extremely popular amongst rappers and hip-hop stars. They are also used widely by the street smart urban population in America and across the globe.

What is Cuban Link Chain?

The Cuban Link Chain is not the usual link chain as it has oval links that intersect with each other in a beautiful rope pattern. The links twist into each other forming a cable design that also lends it a pretty traditional look. This as such creates a classic and timeless design that is suitable for people of every age and followers of every style. The link chain lends the jewelry a very full look.

The links are made out pretty wide which makes the chain look thick and nice. The chain rests nicely on your body, whether you are wearing them on your wrists as bracelets or as chains around your neck. In fact, these link chains are so versatile that they can be used as anything, in making any kind of accessory.

Who invented the Cuban Link Chain?

Though the use of gold-colored or gold chains dates back to as early as the Egyptian civilizations, the Cuban link chains as we know them today were first seen in the late 1970s. The use of these Cuban Link Chains was first started by DJ Kool Herc when he started hosting those amazing hip-hop parties. This is where the world first saw the use of thick Cuban link chains.

In the next few years, other musicians also followed the trend. Kurtis Blow came to the limelight by wearing loads of gold chains in his debut rap album. This was the first rap album where someone had used Cuban link gold chains as an integral identity of rap music which was to set the trend for many years to come.

How old are Cuban Chains?

As we mentioned above that the gold chains have been there since ancient times, the use of Cuban Link Chains is relatively new. They were first used in the 1970s, which implies they have been there for around 45 to 50 years. There have been numerous items of fashion and numerous jewelry trends that came and faded away. But the Cuban chains since their advent have only grown in their popularity. The wide and full look of the chains and the fact that their use signifies the relatively urban and free hip hop way of life makes it relevant even today.

Are they actually Cuban?

The Cuban chains are also very commonly known as the Miami Cuban links as they first originated in the city of Miami in Florida. These as mentioned earlier were first used by DJ Kool Herc in his hip hop parties at the Bronx, and this is where the attendees of these parties used a variety of such jewelry and accessories flaunting the Cuban links. So, though these chains were not originally started in Cuba, they are called so as they were started by the Miami Cubans.

How Miami Cuban Links are made?

Okay, now that is a pretty interesting question that people often ask. The design in itself will leave you in awe and this question gets pretty obvious. The Miami Cuban Link chains are a product of an expert level of craftsmanship and skill. Each of these chains is of the highest quality. You can make out the quality just by looking at them. Most of these are handmade; the diamonds too are studded by expert and skilled craftsmen after they are sized and polished in the cutting and polishing machines.

Differences between Miami Cuban Link Chain and Curb Link Chain

This is one of the most common questions that you may have. Though both these link chains look similar there are but many differences.

The Curb chains look a lot softer and shinier in their appearances. The links are not that widely designed and are not so broad plus they are linked loosely. The loose links make them lightweight and provide for better flexibility. They are an excellent alternative to Cuban links for people who are on a budget and who like to wear lightweight jewelry.

The Miami Cuban links on the other hand are completely different in terms of their composition and how they are made. The links are made thicker and tighter thereby, there is no space left between the links. This makes the chain more rigid. Since, there is less spacing between the links more links are used to complete the chain, thereby making them pretty heavy. On average, they are 50 percent heavier than the curb links.

From a usage perspective, the Miami Cuban links are more popular than the curbs and are deemed to be more versatile.

What makes it unique?

Cuban Link Chains: A Symbol of Luxury & Wealth. The Origins of the Cuban Link Chain & Why It’s Loved 1

When it is about jewelry and gold chain, it is not only the look and the feel of the jewelry that makes it special, what stands out is the durability, and the ease of usage of your jewelry. A Cuban link chain has the durability of standing the test of time and being your companion of all weathers plus it has the versatility that you always need.

You can wear your favorite Cuban link bracelet along with your Rolex to an office meeting, or you can sport a Cuban link chain to a party downtown; they are just the jewelry you need to complement your personality. This unmatched durability, and versatility that they offer make them unique and amazing.

Why are Cuban Links so expensive?

Most of the Cuban link chains are made out of pure and solid gold. Some of these chains are also studded with gold all over them as well. All of the chain links are made out pretty broad, the links are tightly bound – so you can imagine the amount of gold required to make one of these chains. And on top of that if you need one with diamonds studded on it, then it is evident that such a chain would not come cheap.

Gold and diamonds are some of the most costly materials found on the planet and as such these Cuban link chains are pretty expensive too. You can, however, get many gold-plated variants of these Cuban link chains that are pretty affordable and will not be too heavy on your pocket as well.

How much is Jay Z Cuban Link Chain worth?

Cuban Link Chains: A Symbol of Luxury & Wealth. The Origins of the Cuban Link Chain & Why It’s Loved 2

The Jay Z Cuban link chain that the rapper flaunts is said to be weighing about 11 pounds. That’s 11 lbs of pure solid gold that makes his chain to be one of the most unique pieces.

This classy timeless piece of Jay Z Cuban link chain was worth about $200,000 that he simply used to wear to a party. So, as you see these Cuban chain link chains are not so cheap. You may have one on your wishlist but the wish may take many years to come true.

Are Cuban Link Chains strong?

Cuban Link Chains: A Symbol of Luxury & Wealth. The Origins of the Cuban Link Chain & Why It’s Loved 3

If you have observed the Cuban link chain design, they are made in such a way that each of the links interlocks with each other thereby ensuring that the chains are highly durable and strong. The links as we mentioned earlier are tightly bound with no spacing in between. This makes them rigid and the interlocking pattern lends them more strength. As such, the tight interlocking pattern of the chain makes the Cuban Link chains strong and long-lasting.

Are Cuban link chains in style?

Cuban Link Chains: A Symbol of Luxury & Wealth. The Origins of the Cuban Link Chain & Why It’s Loved 4

Started in the late 1970s the Cuban link chains have gained immense popularity through the last many decades. These Cuban link chains are a hot favorite among celebs. Everyone starting from rappers, athletes, to rock icons have been using them as a symbol of their status quo and the fun urban culture. Today, youngsters and people who have an inclination towards hip hop and rock music tend to get interested in getting one of these.

Though the thick Cuban links have a great sense of masculinity in them and are often used and loved by men, they have many women takers as well. This timeless chain design as such has always impressed and been loved by people and never goes out of style.

What ideal size Cuban Link should I get?

Cuban Link Chains: A Symbol of Luxury & Wealth. The Origins of the Cuban Link Chain & Why It’s Loved 5

After reading so much about the amazing Cuban link chains, you will definitely be tempted to buy one for yourself without wasting any more time. But not yet. First, you need to find out what size of a Cuban link chain will be ideal for you. You will need to decide what you want first. A big one or a small one? Then decide on the width, how broad do you need the links to be? Based on your choices and preferences, you can then select your kind of Cuban link chain. At first, you may not get the size right and if that is the case you can always walk back to the jeweler to add or remove the extra links as required.

How to wear a Cuban Link Chain?

Cuban Link Chains: A Symbol of Luxury & Wealth. The Origins of the Cuban Link Chain & Why It’s Loved 6

Though, this is not a topic or a subject that you will need training on. But just in case you run short of ideas, we must tell you – there are numerous ways of wearing your Cuban link chain. Versatility is the best part about these Cuban link chains.

You can wear it with your formals – a full suit with a bow tie and the chain around your neck below the tie or you can wear it on a summer outing while outdoors with a simple vest and increase the style quotient. Or why wait for an occasion, you can wear them with almost anything – a simple t-shirt or a jacket. The latest trend is to wear it like a choker, but you may want to see if you are comfortable wearing it that way.

Can you put a pendant on a Cuban Link?

Absolutely Yes. In fact, many celebs and rappers have been using huge-sized pendants along with these chains. You can go for any pendant that coincides with your choice and preference. The pendant also depends on the size of the chain that you have selected.

The chain size should be such that the pendant once used is not hanging too low. Too low around the stomach or too high around the neck can spoil the look and feel of it all. Use the right chain size and the right pendant. One of the most widely used Pendants is the Angel and the Cross pendants paired in one.


With all that we have discovered about the Cuban link chains, they are the jewelry that has been there and will be there for times to come. Originated from the city of Miami, these chains are now popular across the globe. Use this piece to know everything about these Cuban link chains before buying one for yourself or your loved one.

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