Cuban Link Chain

Who is Cuban Link?

Felix Delgado born in Havana, Cuba in December 18, 1974, better known by his stage name Cuban Link, is a Cuban American rapper. He and his family emigrated to the United States in 1980 and they settled in New York. Delgado took on stage name Cuban Link and associated with fellow rappers Big Pun and Triple Seis in a group under the name Full-A-Clips.


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Who invented the Cuban link chain?

The exact origin of the Cuban link is difficult to define. Cuban link chains are an evolution of the hip-hop jewelry movement that began in the late 70s to mid-80s. Various hip-pop celebrities were played a pivotal role in making Cuban link chains popular: Kanye West, Jay Z, Theophilus London, T.I.
DJ Khaled certainly thinks that he did started the trend of Cuban link chains and played an important role in making the longer versions popular.


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What is a Cuban link chain?

The Cuban link chain (also known as Miami Cuban links) is trending jewelry nowadays. The necklace links are thick, strong, and have flattened faces. Many people consider Cuban link necklaces as a component of hip-hop fashion. Having a unique interlocking pattern, they are thicker and more attractive than the other variety. The link pattern can stretch into longer, or the oval shapes that change the look completely. They are very durable and normally, last for a lifetime.

Due to their heavy weight and masculine appearance are generally recommended for men. A more common version for women is called a Cuban Concave Curve. This version tends to have thinner links and a rounder, less massive appearance.


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Differences between Cuban Link Chain and Curb Link Chain

The difference between Cuban link chains and curb link chains are the weight and the style. Cuban Link Chain is round, bolder, and much thicker on both sides while Curb chain has a thinner and flatter wall.

The other main difference is the weight. A Cuban link chain is three times heavier than regular curb link chain.


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Can you put a pendant on a Cuban Link?

Usually, this type of necklace is looking great combined with a matching pendant.

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