Dearest ring

Dearest ring

An acrostic ring is a Victorian romantic ring century ring in which the initials of the precious stones mounted on the band spell out a word such as dearest or regards.

In terms of design, the most common forms are either as a straight line with stones arranged to ‘spell’ the intended word, and octagon or daisy shapes.

The word “dearest” is an acronym, spelled out with seven stones:

Similarly, regards can be spelled out

Other terms of affection spelled out in gemstones include adore (Amethyst, Diamond, Opal, Ruby, Emerald), love (Lapis lazuli, Opal, Vermarine, Emerald), Other terms of affection found in rings include the French souvenir. Later variations included the spelling of another word or a person’s name. In some cases paste gems were use rather than precious stones.

Traditionally, these rings, though seen as romantic and tokens of love, were not given as engagement rings.

Source: Wikipedia

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