4 Diamond Jewelry Scams You Should Avoid

Due to the popular demand of diamond jewelry, a lot of people have been taking advantage of it. If you are not careful enough, you might fall prey to these scams. So here are some diamond scams you should steer away from.

1. We all know that the higher the carat weight, the more expensive the diamond becomes. Some jewelry stores do not specify the carat weight of the main stone; instead, what they put on the tag is the carat total weight. Carat total weight measures the weight of the jewelry including the stone.

If you are not careful with this, you might end up paying more for something that is not worth it. Keep in mind that one big diamond is worth much more than ten small ones. So in case you stumble upon a jewelry store that only places the carat total weight on the tag, ask for the separate carat weight of the main stone. If they refuse, then leave it.

2. If you see an ad on the paper about a jewelry store putting all of their diamond jewelries on sale, be careful. Honest diamond jewelry dealers cannot really afford to mark down up to 50% of the price.

Diamond jewelry is naturally pricey especially if it is made from the finest diamonds. If these jewelries are sold at a really low price, then something must be wrong. It can either be that the dealer sold it at a really high price or it is made of poor quality diamonds. So be careful with these types of promotions because you might end up paying more than what you’ve bargained for.

3. Jewelry stores are often well lighted in order to give a better view of their jewelry pieces. Light can play tricks on a diamond’s color and clarity. Putting a diamond under a bright white light can make it look clearer thus justifying the price. So be careful with light trickery.

Every time you look at diamond jewelry, always check it under various lights or better yet check it under natural light. Though it would be hard to spot the color difference, it will certainly keep you from buying obviously tainted diamonds simply because it looks clear under a light.

You can also ask a certificate from an independent lab that proves the quality of the stone. If the store owner agrees to give you one, then that is good; if he refuses, then don’t push it and look for another store.

4. Diamond jewelry scams are not only done in jewelry stores but it can also take place outside. For example, you bought diamond jewelry from a very well known jewelry store with a very good track record. You took the jewelry to an appraiser to have it appraised for insurance purposes and then suddenly he tells you that what you have is low quality diamond jewelry.

After such, he then recommends a particular store that he says sells high quality diamond pieces or he suggests to you to buy a piece from him. Be careful with this trick because he might be doing this so that you will end up buying from the store that he recommended where he probably has a kickback or you end up buying from him.

To keep this from happening, go to a well-known and independent appraiser which means that he or she is not connected with any jewelry store and that he or she is not selling any diamonds or other stones. The appraiser should also have a good reputation and has been in business for a long time. We all know that the track record tells it all.

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