5 Qualities Of Diamond Pendant Jewelry

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Many women love to wear diamond pendant jewelry around the neck, and some convert necklaces to bracelets by forming a loop and placing that jewelry around the wrist. Most pendants are made with fine metals such as 14-karat gold and some are fashioned from platinum. The latter would be secured with a lobster claw clasp or a chain. Diamond pendant jewelry items are extra special to woman who have a passion for diamond jewelry because they are the focal point of any wardrobe outfit.

  1. Most diamond pendant jewelry is fashioned with equal shapes in mind, rather that shape is square, triangle or equilateral. All of these shapes will support a diamond pendant as a jewelry item, and most pendants are simply designed to dangle from a chain. Many jewelry designers will fashion diamond pendants from various metals with color mixing optional. Gold can be from the black hills of South Dakota or mined deep from some southern Continent. The colors of gold vary from white gold to yellow gold. Some people think that white gold is platinum and the wearer would never tell them that they were wrong.
  2. For the sake of expense, some diamond pendant designers have formed pendants from lesser precious metals such as silver. The more costly metals of platinum and titanium are fashioned for the elite of society. All types of people love silver jewelry and diamond pendants can be fashioned to resemble the higher cost metals. Silver pendants will usually be supported or held in check by a silver chain of the same grade and quality. The closures used on these chains will be fashioned from silver. A jewelry designer will usually want to maintain continuity as use the lobster claw closure on silver jewelry to make it a saleable item in the jewelry store.
  3. Jewelers enjoy using diamonds in pendants because the stones sparkle and shine. People love wearing jewelry that gets attention and diamonds are but one stone that does this. The clean appearance of this one stone makes people want to own it. That is one of the main reasons why customers put their focus on buying diamond pendants.
  4. Some customers want to wear diamond pendants because they symbolize life or love or a number of other factors that have occurred in their lifetime. Some signify the number of children they have had in life by the number of diamonds that dangle from the chain that a diamond pendant dangles on. Women are very sentimental creatures and place love above all less including the designs they select for a loved one.
  5. Eternity pendants are usually selected by married couples on the occasion of an anniversary to signify their eternal love for one another. Diamond pendants are costly at times, and what better way to signify your love than this. Shops will fill the shelves with all types of jewelry that couples can use to commemorate a first date, birthday, anniversary, or any other special day with special meaning. Getting diamond jewelry would really make any day seem special.

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