Diamonds Are Forever

Bond, James Bond. That’s the trademark phrase for Ian Fleming’s much celebrated fictional superspy from MI6. Diamonds, they say, are tiny little shards of heaven. There must be good reason as to why this highly valuable precious stone is the favorite of many celebrities, wealthy and powerful influential people around the world. Heck, even Marilyn Monroe said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Diamonds come in many shapes and colors and all of them precious and valuable, no matter what size they come as. You can find these things in many parts of the world, but as many as they seem to be, this is a scarce resource; perhaps even more rare than gold or platinum.

Usually found in jewelries, these things are what your wives dream of when you wish to buy them jewelry. They don’t even need to think of occasions like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or achievements anymore; they just come at you when they stop by their local jewelry stores or come back from a visit to Tiffany and co. There are many reasons as to why people treasure diamonds. What are yours?

It’s a symbol of your status

There’s nothing like a huge rock on your finger to show how rich and powerful you and your hubby are. Diamonds, as obvious as they may seem, cost a hefty price if you wish to purchase one, depending on the size or carat of the diamond that you wish to purchase.

Diamonds can be placed on any kind of jewelry. You can use it in an earring, embed it on a ring, on a bracelet, a bangle, even place it on your own tooth if you wish to do so. People like actors, musicians, rappers, pro athletes and their wives and husbands indulge in this immensely precious resource. Even wars are financed by these things, these so-called blood diamonds that has spurred the fighting in Sierra Leone as popularized by the movie “Blood Diamond” starring Jennifer Connelly and Leonardo De Caprio.

Such is the power of these things. They are of great value and would cost millions if you find one large enough. If you can afford to buy a few, it would definitely concretize your status as being one of the affluent people that can afford such luxuries. Just make sure that you still have enough money to live as comfortable and as luxurious as you have grown used to.

It’s definitely one of the safest investments you will ever make in your life

Land is the only resource that never depreciates as the world and technology’s reach grows ever larger. Man’s vast and powerful empire still rests on the same size of land as when the Earth was born. But aside from this, jewelry is perhaps the next thing one can think of when you invest your money.

Since currencies appreciate and depreciate faster than you can say recession, people usually don’t want to keep all of their assets in the form of money. Even the all-mighty greenback is feeling the pressure of the economic slowdown. But jewelries on the other hand increases in value no matter what you do.

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