Care and Cleaning Tips for Diamonds

“Diamonds are forever;” it’s a line we hear all the time but we must not take it literally. Just because diamonds are durable doesn’t mean that we should just leave it behind. Keep in mind that diamond jewelry don’t come cheap so it is only natural for you to take good care of it.

Diamonds, like other precious gemstones, should be cleaned regularly in order to preserve their luster, and charm, and enhance their lifespan. Even so, cleaning diamond jewelry should be done very sparingly to prevent damages to your precious stone. This is because diamonds are very delicate and can get damaged easily in the process of cleaning if proper care is not observed.

Basically, diamonds get dirty due to continuous wearing as they come in contact with oily skin. Dirt piles up on the surface of these precious gems and unless they are cleaned regularly, it will only be a matter of time before they lose their charm and luster. The good news is that you can learn a few tips here and there that will help restore the beautiful looks of your diamond jewelry.

One common readily available home solution that can help in the maintenance of your diamond jewelry is the non-abrasive cleaning agent known as ammonia wash – the kind of cleaner that is commonly used at home to clean windows. Another less harsh chemical solution to use in cleaning diamond jewelry is mixing a part of vinegar in two parts cold water. Simply dip all your diamond jewelry in the solution and using a cotton swab, wipe gently in circular motions until they shine. Finally, you should rinse your diamond jewelry in warm water and using a lint free cloth, wipe and part the jewelry until dry completely.

Be advised that potent ammonia-based solutions and chemicals such as chlorine can harm your diamond jewelry and generally nearly all other precious metals, and will further cause premature erosion of their charm. If you have diamond gemstones which are part of a set of a jewelry piece, you should be aware that they need special care and attention and are not like plain diamonds. You should clean them with utmost caution so that you don’t end up loosening the gem from its delicate post that safely secures it into its place.

Cleaning such a delicate piece of jewelry can be done by mixing a solution of 1:2 mild dishwashing soap and warm water respectively. Take a cotton swab, soak it in the solution and in small circular motions, clean the whole piece of jewelry until sparkling clean. Take extra care around prongs so that your gem stays intact and doesn’t loosen. After which you should rinse your jewelry thoroughly using cool water and pat dry lightly using a lint free piece of cloth.

At times though, you might discover that your diamond jewelry has a huge buildup of grime and dirt due to poor storage or poor cleaning. To restore such a piece of jewelry, you might want to consider buying a professional jewelry cleaning solution, which you can get at many jewelry outlets today. Such a cleaning solution, known as an ultra-sonic cleaning kit can help remove all accumulated dirt and grime easily. Ultra-sonic cleaning is the process of using specially prepared cleaning solutions combined with high frequency sound waves.

While personal cleaning of diamond jewelry is very wise and practical and is highly recommended in most cases, heirloom jewelry ought to be restored by a professional jeweler who is not only bonded but also insured. Professionals will be able to clearly identify all alloys within your jewelry that your heirloom gem is set in. They are qualified and highly skilled in their work hence their first and foremost priority lies in taking extra care in restoring, preserving, and maintaining the value of your most treasured investment.

It would be great to have a piece of jewelry that still looks the same even though it has been a year since you bought it. To make this possible, you will have to take good care of your diamond jewelry. Of course, it is very impractical to keep on buying diamond jewelry simply because the previous set has lost its luster. So here are some diamond jewelry care tips:

  1. Handle the diamond as seldom as possible. If you have a diamond ring avoid touching the diamond. Keep in mind that your fingertips have oils too and if you keep on touching the stone, the oils will accumulate and eventually will alter the look of your diamond. Also, the oils may cause your diamond to lose its sparkle. This means that if you don’t want your diamond ring to look like an imitation, you should refrain from touching it from time to time.
  2. Diamonds can end up chipped, cracked or damaged if you wear them while doing some rough work like construction or gardening. When you do physical work, you don’t really have to accessorize so keep your diamond jewelry in the jewelry box every time you do some rough chores. You wouldn’t want to go to a party and let other people notice that your diamond looks like it went through hell and back.
  3. When storing your diamond jewelry, avoid storing them along with your other jewelry because this can cause scratches and affect the physical appearance of your diamond jewelry. To store your diamond jewelry, place them in a fabric lined jewelry box that has compartments. In this way, your jewelry pieces won’t end up bumping and scratching each other.
  4. After each use, examine your diamond jewelry. Check for any loosened diamonds or misshapened prongs. This is highly applicable to diamond rings. If you notice any damaged or loosened prongs, bring your jewelry to the nearest professional jeweler to have it fixed as well as cleaned.
  5. Avoid getting your diamond jewelry in contact with various chemicals like hairsprays, bleach, lotions, etc. as these can damage not only the stone but the band as well. It can result to less brilliance and even less sparkle.
  6. To clean your diamond jewelry, you mix a few drops of ammonia with warm water. Soak your diamond jewelry in this solution for a few minutes, then gently scrub it using and old toothbrush or a soft bristled brush. When you’re done, do not forget to rinse and dry.
  7. Do not clean your diamond jewelry near the sink because there is a risk that it might slip through your hands and drop down the drain. Instead, clean your jewelry on the table using a dish and a towel.

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