Etheric Tears or Breaks

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Etheric tears or breaks are negative vortices that form within one’s etheric body and can be caused by direct physical injury, surgery, shock, or by base (root) chakra issues.

It is important that the etheric body is whole. Any tears will cause energy to ‘leak’ from the etheric body which can cause physical symptoms such as tiredness, lack of energy (including the severe cases of chronic fatigue syndrome and M.E), and pain. Also, certain psychological issues which relate to the base chakra, such as insecurity, excessive sleeping (indicating a withdrawal from the world), and being fearful can result from these ‘leaks’.

Etheric tears or breaks can be sealed with the following technique using a pendulum and crystals.

Use intention, ask to be guided, and show the site of any etheric tears which can be on any area around the physical body.

Use a pendulum to receive a positive response to indicate where the tear starts and finishes, thus the position and length of a tear or break can be determined.

Place double terminated Quartz points along the length of the tear or break, which are often found at sites of pain or discomfort, or along surgical scars.

A female Quartz point is now used to ‘draw out’ and remove any dense, stagnant energy from the site or tear by moving or rotating the female crystal point in an anti-clockwise direction, until either the signal received from the pendulum changes from negative to positive or by using one’s intuition, indicates that the stagnant energy has been cleared.

The site is then sealed by energizing using a male Quartz point by rotating or moving in a clockwise direction, again until the response from the pendulum changes from negative to positive, or by intuition, that the process is complete.

Once all the etheric tears or breaks are sealed, sweep through the Etheric body with a Selenite wand.

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