Faden Quartz Meaning and Properties

Faden Quartz is a type of Quartz that is silicon dioxide and can be recognized by the fibrous-looking “thread” that is visible within the main tabular crystal. Faden is German forfibre.

The frequency of Faden Quartz connects to all the chakras. It re-energizes and stabilizes one’s energy fields by linking the physical and transpersonal chakras allowing for integration between all of one’s energy fields thus aiding in energetic healing processes.

Faden Quartz Meaning and Properties 2

As Faden Quartz is a variety of clear Quartz it is programmable and thus can have an intention “programmed” into its vibrational field to increase its healing properties.

Faden Quartz carries a high vibration and thus aids one in raising one’s consciousness to the higher dimensions helping to establish a strong connection between one’s physical personality-self and one’s higher self or soul.

Faden Quartz Meaning and Properties 3

Faden Quartz can aid in the healing of broken bones, torn muscles, and other such repairs to the physical body. It can also help to repair the etheric body allowing for any tears, breaks, holes, or leaks to be energetically re-connected or “sewn” together.

Associated Chakras

  • All The Chakras

Physical Ailment

  • Bones – Broken
  • Muscles – Torn
  • Physical Trauma

Spiritual Connection

  • Energetic Healing

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