Feldspar – Colors, Shapes, and Sizes

Moonstone is perhaps the most mystical of the gemstones. In fact, moonstone is not a gemstone or even a fancy mineral, it comes from Feldspar. Feldspar is so common, that it makes up almost 60% of the earth’s crust. While Feldspar is extremely common, moonstone which is found within the stone is a little rarer.

Moonstone has a striking shimmer quality to it and it is fascinating to look at. Most people associate Moonstone with femininity or fertility, it truly does have a sensual look to it that is very smooth and usually reflects a wonderful aura. Moonstone can be found in many colors. However, the most popular moonstone color is blue. Blue moonstone is by far the most valuable, but other colors include green, orange, brown, yellow, and a mix of colors.

Moonstone is usually cut into spherical or marble forms. Usually, moonstone is made into beads, a bracelet, or a pendant. Moonstone is usually priced on color, size, and adularescence, which is a term used for its reflective or shimmering quality. While moonstone can be large, it is usually cut into pieces that look attractive as jewelry or ornaments.

It should be noted that Moonstone does have a weakness, it can break or chip. It only has a hardness score of 6 on the Mohs scale, so it is important to be careful with it. It should be noted that Moonstone does dull over time, however, you can take your moonstone to a professional jeweler to be polished and it will look brand new once again.

How and where is Feldspar formed and found?

One of the most distinctive stones that are sold as jewelry today is the Moonstone. The moonstone is not a special gemstone or hard-to-find mineral, in fact, the moonstone is made out of stone that is as common as the stone from your backyard.

What makes Moonstone so unique is its shimmering quality, it sometimes gives off a three-dimensional aura of color or colors that make it fascinating to look at. It comes in many colors, most notably blue. The light that is shined onto the moonstone gets trapped and bounces around the crystalline structure, reflecting back an extremely magical and mystical aura of light. Besides blue moonstone, other colors that can occur are orange, brown, green, yellow, and multi-colored stones. However, it should be noted that blue is the most popular and valuable.

The stone which Moonstone is cut from doesn’t look that special, but through cutting the stone properly and then polishing it, true beauty can occur.

While Feldspar is found all over the world, moonstone does come from specific regions. For instance, the most valuable types of Moonstone which are blue can be found in Sri Lanka. Other colored moonstones come from areas such as Tanzania, Brazil, Germany, Myanmar, Mexico, and certain regions in the United States.

The Uses of Feldspar

One of the fascinating stones that are sold as ornamental jewelry is the moonstone. Moonstones have been known to man for thousands of years and are extremely popular today. Moonstones are not a special mineral or stone, they come from Feldspar.

Moonstone is mainly used for jewelry but does have other uses as well. For instance, it can be used as part of a cleaning product, usually as an abrasive. It is also used as a glaze on ceramics.

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