Green Amethyst ✨ Meaning ✦ Properties ✦ Benefits ✦ Uses

Green Amethyst is also known as Prasiolite , vermarine or green quartz. It is a typical quartz variety that occurs in the color green. Prasiolite is also a silicate mineral commonly known as silicon dioxide.

A majority of the natural prasiolite occurs in a tiny Brazilian mine. However, other deposits have been discovered in Poland in Lower Silesia.

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Other deposits have also been found in Canada in the Thunder Bay area. However, by February 2019, only Brazil produced prasiolite, and the mine was almost depleted. Green amethyst is mostly used to make jewelry and can easily substitute precious gemstones. Naturally, green amethyst is a rare stone, but you might encounter heat-treated amethyst.

Many green amethysts will change their color to orange or yellow upon heating, producing citrine. However, some may turn green upon treatment. Currently, most of the prasiolite you will come across in the market due to ionizing radiation and heat treatment.

Green Amethyst Geological Properties

It is a microcrystalline variety of quartz among the abundant minerals on earth. As mentioned earlier, natural green quartz is quite rare, so this mineral’s common form is heat-treated amethyst.

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Green amethyst is typically produced by the following processes, which give the stones their unique features:

Heat-treated amethyst

Natural amethyst is heated in a lab oven at very high temperatures. Heating it produces prasiolite, changing its color to yellowish-green or green from purple.

Irradiated amethyst

Experts can also acquire prasiolite through irradiating natural amethyst. It gives birth to prasiolite, which is light green. Typically, the green is not that stable as it could turn colorless when exposed to high temperatures such as 150 degrees Celsius.

Naturally heated amethyst

This is the natural process of heating amethyst to enhance its properties. Usually, it occurs after nearby intrusions or lava flows heat a rock bearing amethyst.

Color in Amethyst

The purple in amethyst is a result of iron mineral inclusions or iron in the quartz. The purple color is stable under normal conditions. Heating the stone at high temperatures can change the color of the quartz. When heated at high temperatures of around 470 degrees, the amethyst will turn yellow and reddish-brown or dark yellow when temperatures reach 550 degrees. Such mineral is sold to interested parties as heat-treated citrine.

Some amethyst deposits have material that turns the yellowish-green mineral to green at these high temperatures. It is the material that turns to prasiolite when under heat. Some gemstone enthusiasts love the green color, while others prefer the purple amethyst. Some claim that heating the amethyst only destroys it rather than enhances its properties.

How to Tell if a Green Amethyst Is Real?

Today, you will come across several fake green amethyst materials in the market. Understand that the synthetic amethyst is very low quality. It is heated to eliminate the weak impurities, which also changes the iron particle’s color.

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Find out more about your vendor or the store you want to make the purchase. Around 90% of all prasiolite in the market is not authentic. Ask the right questions, especially where it is from. If the stone is not from Brazil, that is a red flag.

Healing Properties & Benefits

Any person on a spiritual path already knows that Green Amethyst is a potentially healing crystal. Its healing properties are quite gentle with low vibrations. However, its power is immense and could impact an individual emotionally, physically, metaphysically, and spiritually.

Many people love this stone for the numerous ways you can use and infuse its healing powers in your daily life. From talismans to jewelry to powerful meditation sessions, Green Amethyst can easily create a positive atmosphere.


Have you ever got stuck at some point in life? You remember how humiliating it was. It is normal to get stuck, feel low in life, or work on a project that seems to bear no fruits. Green Amethyst can help you in such situations.

Green Amethyst’s healing properties will boost your mood and help you appreciate the good things in life. You will see the brighter side of any situation. There are times where you can only elevate your mood by seeing situations from a positive perspective. This gemstone will allow the wearer to see issues more clearly, and with that, they cannot overthink any scenario.

Green Amethyst is also vital when it comes to love issues. The stone soothes your heart and reignites sparks you thought were already lost. With the healing properties of this crystal, you will become more patient with yourself and other people too. That will set you up for healthier relationships.


Did you know that Green Amethyst also enhances your physical health, just like with spiritual and emotional health? Natural medicine practitioners love Green Amethyst because it has brilliant healing powers. The crystal can help with problems in the human body, such as thyroid glands and thymus tissues.

People suffering from chronic illnesses such as arthritis, depression, fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue can apply the healing powers of this stone to alleviate their conditions. Green Amethyst can greatly help you in your journey to better health and wellness.

This stone’s other useful properties are that it can boost your immune system, detox the body, combat nausea, cleanse organs, and even promote healing in your circulatory and digestive systems.

Spiritual Healing Powers

If you are trying to get rid of any negative energy that keeps dragging you back, then green quart can help. Use this stone in your meditation sessions and experience how powerful it is. The crystal will dispel any self-destructive thoughts and negative energy that may try to bring you down.

The properties and meaning of this stone will boost your intuition and open your mind. In the spiritual realm, it means you will become perceptive to any negative energy even before it gets to you.

Green Amethyst is also ideal for people who wish to follow a greater path to success. The stone is great for creativity. If you need some creativity to think highly of yourself and make profitable decisions, then this is the stone to go for. You will easily gain confidence, and almost every project you undertake will succeed.

Metaphysical Properties

Green Amethyst’s metaphysical properties make it a perfect stone for the heart chakra. Opening and healing the heart chakra allows you to love unconditionally. You will love yourself the right way and also love those around you. The crystal will also nourish and awaken empathy for anyone around you. It stirs up a deeper sense of compassion and patience in the wearer.

Green Amethyst Usage

Many people love Green Amethyst because of its multitude of uses. Understand that the crystal does not have a wrong or right way of usage. That is why many people love it; you can use it in any way you like and still benefit from its healing power. Below are some of the fantastic ways you can use this crystal.

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One of the most common ways is to carry it with you in the purse or pocket. With this method, the healing and uplifting vibrations of the stone will always be with you all the time.

Use it as jewelry. Apart from the healing properties of the Green Amethyst, it is also a beautiful stone to behold. Many people love wearing it as jewelry, maybe as earrings, pendants, or as a necklace. When used as pendants and necklaces, the stone will always be close to your heart chakra. Rocking the stone as earrings brings it closer to your crown or third-eye chakra. However, you can wear it as you wish and still benefit from its healing powers.

Other people love placing the stone in their offices or home. These are typical places where one needs extra productivity, creativity, and prosperity. Place the stone in these areas, and everyone will benefit from its energy.


Remember that Green Amethyst will require cleansing now and then. Dirt and oils from your skin, unhealthy vibrations, and negative energies could build up on the stone, thereby rendering it powerless.

There are many cleansing ways for the stone, and it is advisable to try several of them and find out which is the best for you. The most common method is to pass the crystal in warm water. Run warm water on the crystal until you are sure it feels clean and free of any bad vibe. After that, you can then clean it dry with a soft towel.

You can clean it by dipping it in raw brown rice. According to experts, rice harmonizes Earth and Heaven, which will help your crystal connect to these higher realms.

Zodiac Connection

Libra, Aries, and Pisces easily tap into the powerful energies of this stone. Everyone can use Green Amethyst, only that these zodiac signs seem to resonate well with the crystal. Green Amethyst helps these people a lot, enhancing their positive traits. It also works on their less desirable behaviors and patterns.

Green Amethyst Value

Green Amethyst prices may be different depending on several factors. These may include the size of the crystal, where you buy it, among other things. It may range between $5 to $50 for every carat.

Bottom Line

Green Amethyst is a magnificent stone with astonishing healing abilities. Use it to your advantage and cast away any negative energies in your life. Use it to bring more spiritual connection, creative inspiration, and compassion to your life.

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