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Green goldstone is one of the many man-made crystals with its origin in Italy. It is an artificial glass with a glittering and reflective appearance. Generally, goldstone comes in various colors such as green, brown, purple, blue, and reddish-brown. Here is everything you should know about the green goldstone.

Meaning and History

Contrary to popular opinion or assumption, goldstone do not have any gold. The Miotti family in Venice invented the Green goldstone during the 17th Century. Other legends pointing to the origin of the green goldstone is that it was an accidental discovery by unknown Italian monks.

It is also allegedly the product of alchemy. However, the Miotti family origin story is believed to be more authentic. Its meaning is expressed deeply among the healing community since green goldstone is typically glass made from Quartz sand (silica) linked to healing benefits.

Green Goldstone Geological Properties

Green goldstone, also known as chrome aventurine, is an artificial glass infused with reflective substances from chromium oxides instead of elemental metal. This chromium addition is what results in the deep, shimmery green goldstone. Green goldstone has an amorphous crystal system and weighs 7 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness.

Healing Properties and Benefits

Green goldstone is a healing stone beneficial for the mind, body, heart, and spirit. Here is how you can benefit from green goldstone’s healing energies:

Physical Healing

Green goldstone contains copper particles that make the stone a viable option for physical healing, especially inflammation and pain. In addition, green goldstone helps to relieve discomfort from the joints. It soothes and eases your joints and muscles, allowing for normal body functioning.

As a healing crystal, green goldstone is bound to provide positive effects to your general immune system. The stone is ideal for the heart, nervous system regeneration, circulatory issues, bone disorders, and arthritis. If you are feeling tired, green goldstone also restores and balances energy as well as relieves headaches and migraines.

Emotional Healing

Green goldstone is a calming crystal that provides sufficient emotional healing in necessary situations. The stone’s healing properties soothe and heal the uneasy emotions and feelings resulting from heartbreaks, sad memories, or simply daily frustrations and negative emotions you can come about unexpectedly.

Green goldstone is also generally a positive crystal. It transmits energy that brings a feeling of joy and positivity. In addition, it also balances out your energy field making you more harmonious with yourself.

Mental Healing

Are you feeling riled up by someone or a terrible situation? Green goldstone has calming properties that benefit you mentally. The stone’s soothing energy is perfect for any situation requiring a calm and clear mind, such as when making a major decision, brainstorming for new ideas and projects, and preparing for an exam.

Green Goldstone Metaphysical Properties

Green goldstone provides potent energies that protect individuals from negative vibes. The stone also transmits potent willpower and courage. Its energy makes you feel motivated and encouraged to chase after your dreams. It keeps you focused on your life goals, plans, and dreams.

As a man-made crystal, green goldstone radiates positive energies of uniqueness, creativity, and innovation. You can use it if you are chasing new and exciting projects. Ultimately, green goldstone helps you attract financial prosperity and abundance in life.

You can use the green goldstone in several ways to derive its metaphysical energies and benefits. One of these ways is through meditation. The stone helps to calm your mind for an effective meditation process. by calming your mind, the stone then transmits its healing and metaphysical energies, leaving you feeling refreshed and better after your meditation.

You can also use green goldstone when journaling to manifest healing, boost your ambition and courage, and assist in clear thinking. Journaling with the green goldstone allows you to express all the uncomfortable feelings and thoughts.

Another way to derive green goldstone metaphysical benefits is via affirmation. Hold the green goldstone in your hand and affirm positivity, good fortune, and healing.

One of the most common ways individuals use the green goldstone is through jewelry. You can wear the stone as a necklace, ring, or bracelet. Besides its fantastic healing properties and benefits, green goldstone is perfect for its beauty and charm that you can add effortlessly to your daily look. As a piece of jewelry, the green goldstone is close to you at all times, allowing you to derive its benefits constantly.

Green Goldstone and Chakra

Green goldstone is connected to the heart chakra, making it perfect for emotional healing. By aligning your heart chakra accordingly, you can combat any negative emotions and make proper emotional decisions. The heart chakra keeps you emotionally intelligent, whether by yourself, with friends, lovers, or colleagues.

Green Goldstone and Zodiac

Green goldstone is more linked to the zodiac signs Taurus and Sagittarius. It is mostly a secondary birthstone for individuals born in these months of the zodiac system. In addition, green goldstone vibrates to the number 7 and planet Jupiter.

Proper Care of Green Goldstone

Green goldstone is made of fine glass. As such, it requires extra caution when handling to reduce damage. To wipe off dirt, use a cotton ball to cleanse the surface of your green goldstone crystal, whether it is jewelry or raw stone.

However, if you are going for a deeper clean, rinse the stone using clean water. Slide it gently into a bowl or container of lukewarm water without detergents. Alternatively, you can wipe the stone using a damp cotton cloth. Dry the stone using soft tissues or paper towels.

It is always recommended to cleanse and charge your stone regularly to ensure the stone remains effective. To charge the green goldstone, you may want to use lukewarm water. You can also use smudging for the cleansing and charging process for a fresh flow of healing energies.

Bottom Line

Green goldstone is a color variation of the goldstone, which appears mostly as reddish-brown. Though it differs slightly in chemical composition, which contribute to its color, green goldstone provides most of the benefits that goldstone generally provides. As a beautifully colored and shinny gemstone, green goldstone is ideal for jewelry. Moreover, as a gemstone, it can also be used to derive healing properties and benefits, more of which differ from others.

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