Green Opal Meaning and Properties

Green opal is one of the common opal types with colors ranging from pale ivory to dark green. The stone has gained massive significance and value owing to its stunning play of colors and beauty. Generally, opals derive their name from the Latin word “opalus,” which means precious stone. Opals may have also derived their identity from the Greek word “opallios,” translating to to see a color change.

As a precious green stone, the green opal has played major roles in history, and at some point, rivaling more precious stones such as diamonds. Green opal is a seductive gem that releases inhibitions and intensifies emotional states.

It is currently used for decorative purposes in jewelry and provides physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Below is an in-depth green opal guide.

Green Opal History

Green opal has been around for centuries and is relatively available easily. Green opals, among other types of common opal, have been known to carry much significance among Ancient Greeks. The stone was believed to grant the gift of foresight, reveal your genuine feelings, and lessen inhibitions.

In addition, green opal plays a huge role in Greek mythology. Legend has it that Zeus, the god of the sky, shed tears of joy upon triumphing over the Titans. The tears were believed to have turned into opals once they hit the Earth.

Green Opal Meaning and Properties 1

In the late 1800s, opals were rediscovered in Australia, including the green opals. The most common opals types are mined in Australia, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, and the USA. However, green opal is majorly mined in Peru. Ever since its discovery, green opal has gained popularity for its earthy tones and rare beauty.

Green Opal Geological Properties

It is a type of common opal that is mixed with nontronite. Green opal is very much similar to the standard variations. It is formed via a solution of water and silicon dioxide. Water flows down via fissures and cracks deep within the Earth while picking up silica along the way.

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In the process of water evaporation, some silica deposits are left behind. The process repeats itself for millions of years, resulting in the beautiful green opals common today.

Green opal is found in a massive amorphous form, within veins or nodules of altered volcanic rocks. Generally, opal mineral properties comprise of amorphous silica or hydrated silica. In addition, the stone belongs to the tectosilicates family with a chemical formula of SiO2nH2O.

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Green opal, just like the standard opal variations, contains an amorphous crystalline system and a 5-6.5 solidness on the Mohs Scale.

Formula (repeating unit)Hydrated silica. SiO2·nH2O
Crystal systemAmorphous
Crystal habitIrregular veins, in masses, in nodules
FractureConchoidal to uneven
Mohs scale hardness5.5 – 6
LusterSubvitreous to waxy
Diaphaneityopaque, translucent, transparent
Specific gravity2.15+0.08
Density2.09 g/cm3
Polish lusterVitreous to resinous
Optical propertiesSingle refractive, often anomalous double refractive due to strain
Refractive index1.450+0.020
Diagnostic featuresdarkening upon heating
Solubilityhot saltwater, bases, methanol, humic acid, hydrofluoric acid

Healing Properties and Benefits

Physical Healing

Physically, green opal has been known to cool fevers, do away with infections, and improve memory (cognitive) functions. The stones are used majorly in spas. Therapists and healers believe green opal has immense positive effects on bodily functions. The stone is used to improve liver, kidney, and heart problems.

Green Opal Meaning and Properties 2

Green opal also eliminates toxins from your body that build up during stress and anxiety. This detoxification process helps in better organ functioning. Green opal makes your kidneys and liver more effective at cleansing the body and maintaining balance, leading to improved general health. For this reason, it is not uncommon to find green opal being incorporated into fasting regimes and detox treatments.

Green opal also solidifies the functioning of the immune system. It is often used to strengthen your body’s natural ability to fight off a wide range of health issues. Moreover, it is believed to be a reliable aide for individuals who have insomnia. This is most likely a result of the stone’s positive effects on your spiritual and mental health.

Emotional Healing

The stone helps to release fear and sends comfort to the grieving. Green opal is considered a gentle supporting stone. It strengthens different types of relationships from family, friends, businesses, and romantic relationships.

Moreover, if you struggle with painful memories or racing thoughts, green opal has soothing water elements that will help you rebalance your emotions as you gradually confront and work through your thoughts. It possesses the emotional strength necessary to heal emotional wounds.

If you are feeling closed off from any emotions or ruled by emotions, green opal can gently join your heart and mind to increase growth. It harmonizes your thoughts and feelings, thus rejuvenating you with a fresh vision.

In addition, wearing green opal near your heart helps to fill your heart with strength and positivity. The stone also radiates so much positive energy that alters your thought process and your general approach towards life.

By cleansing your soul and mind, the energy radiated from green opal allows you to connect better with those around you. In addition, by clearing chaotic thoughts, you can focus on what is really crucial, including open and honest communications, inner strength, and self-love.

Most importantly, the stone opens you up to embrace the new things in life. As such, you can comfortably make smarter judgment calls and form reasonable opinions about people and situations. Consequently, you will be inviting more positivity into your existence.

Spiritual Healing

Green opal is sometimes known as the stone of change. As a potent spiritual stone, green opal helps to open up one psychic level. It opens up your spiritual side, allowing you to comprehend spirituality deeply. You can use green opal if you wish to understand spiritual concepts better.

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Are you an artist who has strayed from or lost your creative touch? Green opal can help you regain your desire for art. It can also help inspire you and connect you with your craft. The stone will always remind you that youth, with its carefree nature, is always within reach.

It is perfect for any individual experiencing a transitional phase. In addition, if you struggle with constant daydreaming, this stop can do wonders for you. Green opal helps to clear your mind and raises awareness of your immediate surrounding. It helps you stay clear of distractions and reminds you to live in the moment.

Green Opal and Chakra

Green opal is connected to the Heart Chakra. It opens up your heart to accepting more love. The stone also grants you to approach emotional relations with a fresh perspective.

The stone also clears blockages in the third eye chakra, allowing you to think more clearly and with purpose. Owing to the improved clarity from the third eye chakra, one can make tough decisions about any matter of the heart.

The connection between your heart chakra and third eye chakra makes love matter easier, whether leaving a toxic relationship or growing closer to your loved one.

In addition, the green opal cleanses your heart chakra, allowing you to experience emotions instead of being ruled by them. It works wonders at clearing negative emotions by fading old wounds and renewing your spirit with joy and growing passion in place of old wounds.

How to Use It

The stone has different ways you can use to derive its benefits.

1. Jewelry for Aesthetics

Green opal is mostly used in jewelry, majorly for aesthetics. The stone is stunning enough to warrant and get attention. As a heart-shaped necklace, green opal directly connects with your heart chakra. Consequently, it will constantly fill you with positive and potent energy.

In addition, green opal as an alternative form of jewelry will act as a constant reminder to think with purpose and clearly while relishing every moment in life. The stone’s mere presence is sufficient to grant you positivity regardless of your situation.

2. Meditation

If you meditate from time to time, you can incorporate green opal into your meditation routine and enjoy the enhanced benefits of the stone. You can include raw stones or large prisms in your meditation room. Alternatively, you can apply tumbled stones to your chakra.

Zodiac Connection

Green opal is believed to favor mostly the zodiac water signs such as Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer, who generally have an unwanted connection and deep emotional ties to the past. Other zodiac connections may include Libra and Aquarius. It helps them release old pain and opens them up to new and more wonderful opportunities. However, green opals are still beneficial to individuals who don’t share the above zodiac signs.

How Much is Green Opal Worth?

There are different varieties of opal gemstone. In addition, the green opal also has its varieties depending on hues.

Green Opal Meaning and Properties 3

Each opal variety has its individual shade and elements. It is vital to note that the value of green opal often varies depending on several criteria. These include:

  • Transparency
  • Green patterns
  • The color of iridescence
  • The intensity of the iridescence.

Other non-physical related factors include where you are buying the stone from. While there is often standard pricing in the sale of jewelry, some vendors tend to inflate prices for different reasons.

Bottom Line

Green opal doesn’t vary much from common opal types, except for its unique green color. It is a stunning color valued highly for its earthy tones and beautiful appearance. Generally, green opal makes for an attractive piece of jewelry.

In addition, it has plenty of benefits and health properties that make it the ideal gift in certain scenarios. Green opal helps to clear negative emotions and clear one’s dark thoughts and memories.

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