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Sodalite is a collection of minerals classified under the feldspathoid group. Sodalite first appeared in Greenland, where the Europeans discovered it in 1811. However, the group of minerals can be traced back to 2600-2000 B.C. to the Caral People and was used for trading purposes.

Primarily, this gemstone is blue but can also appear in diverse colors such as yellow, red, white, and green. Other members of this impressive group include Hauyne, Nosean, and Lazurite.

Green Sodalite Healing Properties and Benefits

Emotional Healing Properties

Green sodalite is known to be a stone of truth. It enables the subconscious and conscious mind to connect with your feelings and thoughts easily. The stone will help you verbalize and recognize the truths and feelings objectively. Your emotional wellbeing matters a lot and is dependent on truths, inner peace, and logic.

Green sodalite will allow the negative traits and shadow qualities you dislike to surface for you to acknowledge them without judgment. The stone will help clear your mind leaving space and time for problem-solving and logical thinking. You will think correctly with no despair. Sodalite will help you understand that glass is always refillable, whether half or quarter full.

Sodalite is also known as The Poet’s Stone. It will allow you to see the beauty of life. For writers, sodalite is a stunning stone that will encourage you to get a pen and write down your ideas chronologically.

Sodalite will also enhance positive thinking and allow you to see the good in other people. When you feel the world is overwhelming, sodalite could be the emotional anchor you require.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Green sodalite is a fascinating stone that unites intuition and logic. It encourages deep thinking and spirituality. The stone is effective in dream works, meditation, and traveling the shamanic journey. Sodalite will offer you the sacred laws of Mother Earth. It will calmly present insights and ideas or deep insights from your subconscious.

The gemstone allows the subtle feeling to get to your epicenter and stimulate your thoughts. The stone will allow the beholder to know the truth and speak the truth while promoting multileveled understanding.

Many people know sodalite to be a fantastic grounding tool and enhances metaphysical, spiritual, and inspirational writings. The stone will help activate the six clairs, which include clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairolfaction, claircognizance, clairgustation, and clairsentience.

Physical Healing Properties

Green sodalite will bring up your physical prowess. The stone will enhance your self-esteem and build up your inner trust. With the help of the stone, you will not second guess your intuition, and you will always use your voice anytime you feel like it.

Having vocal cord damage, larynx issues, or hoarseness may tamper with your speech-making abilities. Sodalite will easily soothe all these issues that are connected to the communication instruments, thereby allowing you to speak freely. The gemstone will strengthen your immune system, lower your blood pressure and cool your fever down.

Green Sodalite and Chakras

Green sodalite is associated with the heart chakra. It harmonizes and balances the heart chakra aiding in physical and emotional wellbeing. The Sanskrit people refer to this chakra as Anahata as it colors life with love, beauty, and compassion. This chakra is found near the breastbone center and regulates interactions with external forces.

Heart chakra controls what you resist and embrace in your life. With the help of the stone, you will be yourself in any environment. At any time, your heart chakra is out of balance, you will feel out of control all the time.

Heart Chakra bridges spiritual and earthly aspirations via the principles of transformation and integration. This chakra’s main functions and meanings involve self-love and the people around you. Heart chakra controls how individuals deal with the people around them and how they handle relationships.

Heart chakra helps you have compassion and empathy. It also helps the wearer have the ability to forgive other people and accept them. Heart chakra will help in attaining tranquility and peace. It will help you grieve properly. With a free heart chakra, you will feel the harmonious exchange of positive vibes all around you.

Zodiac Connection

When speaking of healing benefits, green sodalite has no limits. The gemstone is not discriminatory, meaning any person can take advantage of its benefits regardless of what sign you bear. Even though it is not official, green sodalite seems to have a deeper connection with a particular zodiac sign.

Sagittarius seems to resonate perfectly with this gemstone. People who fall under Sagittarius are always on standby for action and are outgoing. This outgoing nature may make these people restless if they do not have a course to follow. Even though these traits are admirable, it puts these people in difficult circumstances. Their life may turn chaotic frequently because of the need for action. Sodalite helps them calm down.

The gemstone also helps Sagittarius with clarity. They become more thoughtful and analytical. The stone also reminds them to have empathy and compassion.

Different Ways to Use Green Sodalite

Green sodalite energy is resonant and strong. Thanks to its stunning beauty, the gemstone can be used for decorations. You will come across sodalite as intricate statues, sculpted points, and inorganic raw cuts. The stone is also perfect for use as interior décor. Sodalite will bring positive energy at home or in the office and even refresh the room.

The stone is great for rooms with lots of socialization. Infuse it in your living room to have honest and fruitful discussions with the family. Sodalite is versatile as you can even place it in your room to cease the endless thoughts and have restful nights of sleep. The gemstone can also be used as jewelry. Bring it close to your skin and infuse its energies to give you clarity and calm in life.

Some people use sodalite as loose stones and use them for meditation. You could carry the stone in your pocket or pulse to infuse its healing and calming energy.

How to Care for Green Sodalite

Understand that sodalite is soft compared to other typical gemstones. It is quite sensitive, especially if you put it on every day. If you take good care of the stone, then you will have many days to wear it.

The gemstone might easily scratch due to strong pressure, resulting in fractures. Clean it and then wrap it using a soft cloth. That is to ensure the stone does not come into contact with other gemstones that are not polished. Do not undertake heavy chores while wearing sodalite, as you may accidentally scratch it, making it less effective.

Do not expose the sodalite to sulfuric acid and too much sunlight. It will easily fade and lose its healing powers.

How to Cleanse and Charge Green Sodalite?

There are different ways you can charge and cleanse your sodalite stone. You could place it in a sunny area to absorb direct energy from the sun. Cleansing is most effective when you expose the stone to direct moonlight. That will help the stone return to balance and also equip it with power.

Place quartz close to your sodalite to cleanse it. You can boost the spiritual capabilities of this stone by pairing it with other stones such as amethyst. To enhance its defensive side and sense of calm, pair it with clear quartz.

Where are Sodalites Found?

Its first location was Narsaq in West Greenland. Today, significant gemstone deposits occur in a few locations that include Quebec, Ontario, Bancroft, and Mont-Saint-Hilaire in Canada. In the U.S., it occurs in Maine, Arkansas, Magnet Cove, and Litchfield. It also occurs in British Columbia and the Ice River complex. Smaller deposits occur in Portugal, Burma, Russia, Romania, and South America. Some deposits can be found in Italy and northern Namibia.

Green Aventurine vs Green Sodalite

Green aventurine may not be as common as other gemstones, even though it has a close resemblance to green sodalite. Green sodalite bears prominent white spots in its makeup, but the green aventurine appears to have flakes. Sodalite has patterns and little black spots that cannot be seen on the aventurine.

How to Tell If Green Sodalite is Real?

Placing the stone in or near water is not good, but it is a way to tell if your sodalite is real. When submerged in water, it will easily crack and splinter, which is why it should not be near water.

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