Greenlandite Meaning and Properties

Greenlandite is the name given to a green-colored combination stone comprising a mixture of compacted grains of Quartz (silicon dioxide) known as Quartzite and green Fuchsite, a Chromium-based mineral. It is similar in appearance to Green Aventurine however the Quartzite produces a ‘streak effect’ or ‘schlieren effect’ which appears within the crystalline matrix, whereas Green Aventurine lacks this effect.

Greenlandite was first discovered within an Iron deposit near Nuuk Greenland hence its name.

The frequency of Greenlandite connects to the heart chakra, opening this chakra so that one can ‘feel’ emotions present within situations and allow one to interpret their meanings with a heart-centered awareness. So that one has a positive attitude to one’s life’s issues.

The energy of Greenlandite supports one emotionally so that one is ‘open’ to the emotions of others. It helps to ‘heal’ situations by allowing one to understand that one should be accepting of others and giving one insight into the best way to move forward on one’s life’s path.

Greenlandite can aid in physical healing by supporting one’s emotional body.

Associated Chakras

  • Heart

Emotional Issue

  • Emotional Support

Spiritual Connection

  • Emotional Healing

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