Hedenbergite Meaning and Properties

Hedenbergerite is an iron-rich mineral of the pyroxene group, closely related to Diopside. The color range is usually light to dark sage green and is often found within Quartz. It is one of the constituents of Seriphos (Green Quartz).

The frequency of Hedenbergite connects to the root and heart chakras, activating and energizing these chakras.

This crystal has a soft, nurturing energy which supports the transition of energy from one state to another. This energy is greatly enhanced when present in combination with Quartz.

Hedenbergite allows one to have inner patience to be able to follow thoughts with positive action, allowing for healing to take place on many levels. The regenerative energy of this mineral allows for healing to occur within one’s physical body, subtle bodies, and thus all of one’s energy fields.

It connects to the energies of Mother Earth and thus is beneficial in Earth healing.

Associated Chakras

  • Base Root
  • Heart

Physical Ailment

  • Healing – General
  • Physical Healing

Emotional Issue

  • Emotions – Healing
  • Nurturing

Spiritual Connection

  • Earth Healing
  • Transition

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