Hubnerite Meaning and Properties

Hubnerite is a manganese tungsten oxide mineral a member of the Wolframite group and is often found in Quartz and associated with other minerals such as Pyrite. The color range of Hubnerite is black, brown/black, brown/red, and brown/yellow with a slight metallic luster.

The frequency of Hubnerite connects to the base chakra, cleansing this chakra so that one feels safe, secure in one’s physical vehicle, and grounded.

Hubnerite helps to balance and stabilize one’s energy fields so that one’s physical vehicle is energetically stable and one has physical stamina, vitality, and vigor.

Hubnerite supports one so that one can be accepting of one’s life experiences and “trust” and “know” what is the right way forward by being adaptable in one’s thoughts and actions.

Physical Ailment

  • Physical Stamina
  • Physical Vitality

Emotional Issue

  • Adaptability
  • Trust

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