Indigo Calcite Meaning and Properties

Indigo Calcite is a vivid deep blue form of calcium carbonate from Argentina. The color tone is mid to deep blue. There is a more aqua green toned variety of this crystal, also from Argentina which is known as Aquatine Calcite. Both of these forms can be referred to as being Blue Calcite however they differ in appearance having a greater transparency to them.

The frequency of Indigo Calcite connects to the third eye chakra, opening and stimulating this chakra so that one’s consciousness is open to knowledge and guidance from the higher dimensions. It can also support other psychic abilities.

This deep blue form of Calcite helps with one to have greater insight into one’s life’s experiences by expanding one’s consciousness, which in turn will help one see the ‘bigger picture’ and thus be able to put these insights to one’s greater good and current life’s purpose.

This deep blue-toned form of Calcite can aid one with mental concepts so that one may have greater clarity of thought.

Associated Chakras

  • Third Eye

Spiritual Connection

  • Connection to Higher Dimensions
  • Insight
  • Psychic Ability

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