January Birthstones: Garnet, Red Zircon, Emerald, Serpent Stone

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Most people think of deep red gemstones when they visualize a garnet however most are completely unaware that every garment isn’t right. Some are colorless, and others depending on their variety can be one of many colors. From the opaque varieties commonly used for a variety of different industrial purposes, God is going to range to the highest quality transparent specimens used in the gemstone industry.

january birthstone garnet

Garnet birthstone properties

Found in I’m so inter-ground crystals or individual pebbles or crystals garnets are translucent transparent and opaque minerals. While most commonly found in a reddish shade, they can also be colorless pink, black, blue, brown, purple, green, yellow, and even orange.

Blue Garnets are extremely rare and valuable as the alternating layers of darker and lighter colors are needed to form this crystal around the common. They infuse some garments with a starfish pattern which can appear in a variety of different colors because of reflections that can happen under the different lighting. The commonly used type of garnet in the gym industry is almandine. The largest recorded industrial style garnet crystals have been found in the gore mountains in the US these have measured nearly one meter in diameter.

january birthstone garnet

Meaning and uses of Garnet birthstone

Those common meaning and symbolism attached to garnet as being abundance and prosperity these to encourage people to be gracious and give service to others. They associate this deeply spiritual stone with your heart sort of plexus sacral and base chakras.

Association with friendship and love. Talk to be linked to our inner force blood heart and inner fire the deep red color of the garners has long been a symbol of friendship and love however there’s a slightly sinister connection in their meaning.

In ancient Greek Egyptian and Roman history, there are many legends and symbols surrounding garnet one of the most famous is a golden garnet snake ring. This ring was formed by intertwining the bodies of two snakes to form the Egyptian gold ring’s shank, and it placed a large red garnet at the center.

According to Greek mythology, Hades kidnapped Persephone, the goddess of vegetation, and brought her to the underworld. As part of her release, she swore never to eat Chinese food from the surface world if he would let it return. Legend Hazard that she ate some pomegranate seeds and was first to remain in the underworld, and because of this garnet has long been associated with pomegranates and the stone has been a symbol of friendship and love ever since.

Historically Travelers would carry a garnet with them to ensure that safe return it’s also being given as a gift to a loved one or a friend who’s starting a dangerous journey. Known for giving protection to travelers, this symbolism comes from the myth of Persephone, the pomegranate seeds, and Hades.

Dating back millennia wealthy, famous, and rich people have always favored garden gemstones this is clearly evidenced because many of them being found in ancient Egyptian Roman, and Greek Romans. The Pharaohs dating back to over 3,000 BCE had many Red garnets at necklaces in their tunes the ancient Romans used garnets as part of their signal rings. This symbolized the importance of this gem: a signature is used to stamp and seal wax on important documents.

In cultures around the world, the wearing of garnet gems has a variety of different meanings, including:

  • The promotion of love and joy
  • Nurturing your self-esteem
  • Opening your heart chakra
  • Being trusting and faithful
  • A boost to your daily energy levels
  • Heightens passionate love among young couples
  • Strengthens your confidence
  • Can be an inspiration and have heightened your creativity

In recent years we have primarily used garnet for industrial purposes as it is a highly effective abrasive blasting material. It’s also used in water filtration in a process known as water jet cutting this use of abrasive garnet powders helps improve the accuracy of waterjet cutting and polishing glass cleaning and filtration. Designed to produce a jet of water with extremely high pressure, a water jet cutter uses abrasive greens to make it more effective. It can come true stones ceramic or even metal and does so what produces little or no dust. Many companies are using garnet once they realize that the silica that had been using is dangerous has been linked to many diseases among workers.

Varieties of Garnet gemstones

Garnet has powerful energy and is known for its regenerative properties that protect, strengthen and balance. Garnet is plentiful and has a wide variety of forms depending on the mineral base. Besides the spiritual and healing properties, different varieties of garnet are told to have unique properties.

1. Almandine garnet

You’re not in the red and scarlet energies of garnet almandine feature some earthly brown undertones. This means it directly ties this type of Garnet to the earth and is an unyieldingly strong and protective talisman it helps with resistance and willpower, especially when surrounded by negative energies. It helps them link the blood and circulatory system to the first chakra it is the stone of love and relationships and psychic protection.

2. Andradite garnet

This type of garment is a darker black or yellow even, and olive green color makes it an elemental stone. This type of garnet is of a higher spiritual ranking and it’s linked to self-empowerment and safety and strength. Linked to the solar plexus heart and beast chakras it directly tackles feelings of alienation and isolation and helps you with intimate encounters.

3. Grossular Garnet

This type of garnets is directly linked to everything close to mother earth selling people with empowerment and hope. It can range from red, scarlet, orange, gold, yellow, and occasionally a lush green. Linked to your heart chakra, solar plexus base chakras, this is another deeply spiritual stone.

4. Pyrope Garnet

Why did he describe as a living fire in this type of garnet can range in color from deep indigo to violet scarlet? When you pick one of these stones up, they can be a little mesmerizing, and they’ll help your Christmas vitality and inspiration. Absolutely recognize their abilities and gifts and then share these with others. Its stimulus, gentleness, and warmth combining to create unifying forces that align with your crown and base chakras.

5. Spessartine Garnet

Known as the sun Garnet, this is by far one of the rarest varieties regularly comes in a deep red scarlet, orange or dark gold color. The purest form of the stone is a pale yellow, but in the vast majority of cases, these are mixed in which I’m a dying garnet. Known to activate the most powerful parts of the mind linked to self-confidence and analysis and also help ease fears. taking awake in your lending power and your creative energies by linking your solar plexus and sacral chakra

6. Uvarovite Garnet

This is the most consistently emerald green-colored garnet is formed using rare uniform crystals. This stone is sought after by jewelry makers because of the tiny sparkling crystals that covered the surface. But it’s also people I mean linked to the universe and promote wealth and prosperity it helps enhance your spiritual relationships.

Garnet Birthstone Healing Properties

Garnet regularly used to treat states of mind such as depression, then also linked to dealing with bad dreams garnet has a wide variety of healing properties

Garnet has been said to have some physical healing energies, it’s said to be linked to the reduction of toxins within your body. It’s thought that you could encourage blood clots by placing garnet over the wounds. They have also linked garnet to the treatment of cellular and spinal disorders by stimulating metabolism; it helps your body regenerate and also regenerates DNA and helps your lungs, heart, and blood stay pure. All there is to insist that it helps you absorb vitamins A D & E minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iodine.

Has also been linked to easing cardiac rhythm disruptions a little libido and even acne it’s reported that people with psychological businesses Arctic pain and dramatic pain can’t get some relief from using Garnet too.

Garners is also talked to provide a calm, stable Vitality and how to protect the body it’s also been linked to healing emotional problems by placing it we need your pillow at night it’s taught the garnish can help protect from bad dreams in ancient times medicine man used the stones to help treat people who had psychological issues

Is also useful for people who are struggling in life as they feel that it’s become fragmented and they are in a crisis as a specific situation arise they feel they’re being backed into a corner it strengthens your survival instinct and fortifies and activates your ability to think your way to these situations but turning in crisis into a challenging garment can help you in times of trouble

Balance to your energy systems uplifts your attitude and stimulates your motivation known as a balancer that helps prevent insecurities and fear they’re all so lucky stones and they’ll help you avoid losing money set and reach goals become more successful and love. Trying to cancel makes you more popular I said to increase your positivity and boost your self-esteem this tells you with an energy that is attractive to both people in personal and business relationships.

If you get a square-cut garnet, this is supposed to be useful to people in business circles. We have also linked these types of garnets to helping widows find new partners or husbands. It prevents them from morning or too long and regaining the spirit they once had by having them overcome emotional pain and calm their sadness. Hudson becomes more self-reliant and seductive and works to their despair on somebody that can be useful for widowers too.

The darkness that’s also used for balancing crystals and for healing your chakra. If you’re looking to re-energize and cleanse your chakra balances purifies and revitalizes energy bringing both passionate securities whenever appropriate they also help inspired devotion and love bring sports to your emotional disharmony and believe you it’s any issues with your sex drive stimulates and AIDS your sexual potency these are linked in particular to the crown and base chakra and help energy flow through your inner pathway down your spinal column distributing the energy evenly these portion of your body.

Some expert believes you find that is also strongly linked to your pituitary gland and as a result, it helps you with past life we fall and expands your overall awareness of the universe

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The difference between Garnets and Rubies

What sets these two stunningly red stones apart and why is garnish far more common and used and Rubys more rare and expensive

Cassandra’s many garnets are incredible I could show you a color Palace that ranges from a deep blue to orange. You can even get a green garnet some even change colors as they’re more sensitive to light.

When you’re talking in terms of red rubies, the minerals centers that are formed are colorless: the crystalline structure of this colorless mineral is formed by chromium and during the formation, it makes the stunningly red rubies that we love. In terms of colored stones, rubies are by far the most sought after and their most valuable cars of all colored stones. The more fluorescence, the more chromium, the higher the value.

If you ask people to list the four most precious gemstones in the world chances are people would guess ruby, diamond, emerald, they might struggle for sapphire, but garnet will not be our animal’s list. Despite some of them being a dead ringer for the more precious ruby garnets are semi-precious this doesn’t mean they’re less beautiful but there are some clear indications as to the difference between the two stones.

Start by examining the color we know red garnets to have a hint of pink or orange whereas rubies I have occasional hints of purple or blue but are far more vivid red

Look for the rainbow holds the gemstone in light until you realize the spectrum reflecting from The storm if you can see two rainbows but no hint of a green or a yellow band then it’s highly probable you’re looking at a ruby if you see a full rainbow the stone is most probably a garnish

One of the most laborious ways to test the quality of garnet or ruby is on the moose scale this measures the hardness of precious stones garnets rank somewhere from 6.5 to 7.5 Which is far softer when you compare the rubies ranking at 9 just below diamonds

If you have any concerns, we advise you to take your gemstones to an expert they will quickly identify whether it’s a garnish or ruby.


Red Zircon

This is a transparent gemstone that is commonly used as a diamond substitute while it does occasionally come in red it’s most commonly found in blue it’s also known as a hyacinth. In ancient Italian and Russian cultures, they went the reds was the January birthstone while the hyacinth is the most famous red variety of zircon you will occasionally find this January birthstone to have a yellow tinge.



In ancient Tibetan culture, their January birthstone was an emerald in particular a deep green variety of barrel however as this is one of the world’s most expensive gemstones making especially as it’s one of the four gemstones regardless of precious it’s obvious that these type of birthstones it’s not accessible to everyone. Most highly prize for this verdant green color occasionally be found in yellow or blue, also known as heliodor or aquamarine, despite the only difference being the color the stone is far less valuable.


Serpent Stone

When you’re looking at the Hindu calendar, you can see that they are January birthstone is a serpent stone. However, some people are dubious about identifying this January birthstone many say that there is little no difference between a serpent stone and a ruby as the ruby is also the birthstone for Capricorn which does not overlap with January similar to the red zircon and garnet serpent stones also a deep red color. However, others insist that in the Hindu religion they list the birthstone for January as a serpent stone, nothing else it’s also commonly referred to as a snake stone or a black stone.

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