6 Ways To Safeguard Your Jewelries

It is essential that you not only protect your jewelry from burglars and other individuals who might have the bad intention to take it, but you also have to protect it from the elements especially if you want your jewelries to become heirlooms. So here are various ways to keep your jewelry pieces safe.

1. Once you take off your jewelry, avoid placing it just anywhere. This practice does not safeguard your jewelry because a lot can happen if you leave it anywhere. Avoid leaving your jewelry on the dinner table, the shelf, the center table and even the kitchen counter.

Remember that not all jewelry pieces are big enough to be seen. Your rings and earrings can fall off and get stuck in between cracks. Worst, you might end up sweeping it and throwing it away. Other than that, someone else might get inside your house and take it without you knowing it.

2. When cleaning your jewelry pieces, do not clean it on the sink instead, do it on the table or on the kitchen counter top. Cleaning your jewelry on the sink is not a good idea because it might slip through your fingers and end up down the drain. Jewelry pieces falling down the drain is hard to recover so keep your jewelry pieces safe by doing the cleaning process somewhere else.

3. If you keep your jewelry pieces in velvet or satin pouches, do not store it near vents, heaters and grates. These have cracks and holes on them so the pouches might fall down in it. Other than, that if you fail to tie the pouches securely, the pieces can fall out of the pouch and into the vents or grates.

4. Always check your jewelry for loosened prongs, missing stones and malfunctioning clasps. If the clasp or lock of your necklace or bracelet is malfunctioning, you might want to have that repaired.

If you continue wearing your jewelry pieces with the clasp not working well, the chances of you losing it is very high. Your jewelry pieces should fit you perfectly because if it is too lose, these might simply slip off without you noticing it.

5. Have your jewelry items appraised and insured. Appraising your jewelry regularly will help you keep track of the increase and decrease in values of certain jewelry pieces. In addition, you will need the appraisal form when you decide to ensure your jewelry items.

In line with insurance, you should also check if your home owner’s insurance includes or covers lost valuables. If it doesn’t, then you might want to look into another insurance plan.

6. There is no better way to keep your jewelry items safe than placing them inside the safe. Having a safe is very much applicable for individuals who have a wide collection and selection of jewelry items.

When buying a safe, choose something that is waterproof and fireproof. There are a lot of safes available in the market; just make sure that you buy a durable and high quality one.

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