Leo birthstones

BirthstonesOnyx (Main), Sardonyx (Alternate), Carnelian & Tourmaline (Alternate), Ruby (Hindu), Tiger’s eye (Hindu), Citrine (Hindu), Rock crystal (Planetary), Diamond (Talismanic)
Keywords“I will”
Color(s)Gold, Orange
Lucky Number1

Leo, the fifth sign of the Zodiac, brings us the kings and queens in this world.

Leos love attention, and while some signs might find the glare of all that attention uncomfortable, Leo’s revel in it and deep-down, feel it is their due.

It is sometimes said, every Leo must have their kingdom and subjects who admire them. This sign is often associated with Actors and Actresses, for they love the limelight and have a grace and power about them that naturally draws people to them. They usually land on their feet, no matter the disgrace. Image is everything to the Leo.

Affectionate, sunny, generous, loyal and beneficent, Leo’s rarely harbors a grudge. All they ask in return is praise and gratitude. If they don’t get this, they quickly move on.

Leo rules the 5th house of romantic love, recreation, gambling, and children and they usually like all four.

Drawbacks? Leo’s Achilles heel is pride and a deep need for admiration. This makes them very susceptible to flattery and thereby manipulation. They can be a bit lazy and self-centered and can be over-bearing bores at times. Leo’s are also the biggest spenders of the Zodiac and can get in trouble money-wise. (Libras are second).

Generally, though, Leo’s are warm, affectionate, romantic and loyal to those who love them. Which is all they really ask.

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