Malachite – Colors, Shapes, and Sizes

Malachite is possibly one of the most popular semi-precious stones available. In fact, most people that possess Malachite don’t even realize they own it. Malachite is known for its incredible beauty and attractive colors. Malachite comes either in a rich dark green color or a light variety of green. The distinct quality of Malachite is that the many different hues that are present in one stone form bands or rings. This makes the stone extremely interesting and unique and it is definitely a key attribute of this beautiful mineral.

Because of its deep rich greens, this stone looks similar to certain types of Jade. While Jade is much more valuable than this stone, you would be hard-pressed to find someone that didn’t think this stone was as beautiful as Jade.

Because Malachite is mined or found in large masses, you can find large pieces of this gemstone that is created in figurines or small statues. Sometimes figurines are created in animal form and many times, pieces of this stone can be used to create small boxes or cases for your other precious jewels.

Malachite is a form of copper ore and is associated with many different types of minerals. It gets its green color from chromium and usually has an opaque or translucent clarity. This gemstone can come in crystal form which is much more translucent than the normal mass stone variety. While Malachite is not as hard as many other stones, it is a great stone to be used for many types of jewelry.

How and Where is Malachite Found and Formed?

Malachite is one of the more common semi-precious gemstones. In fact, it is so common, that most people don’t even know it by name; they are just enamored by its beautiful color. Malachite is formed from copper, and it is one of the more popular common ores. Malachite is very common as a copper ore that it is associated with about 50% of secondary copper minerals.

Malachite is found in many regions all over the world. Some of the more popular places that Malachite is found and mined are the Ural Mountains of Russia, Namibia, Shaba, South Australia including Brisbane, Germany, Romania, Mexico, and Arizona and New Mexico in the United States.

Regarding size, usually, huge chunks of Malachite are found in the above regions. They are not usually found in very small sizes such as other types of rare gemstones or minerals.

The Uses of Malachite

Malachite is one of the most popular and beautiful semi-precious stones available. While it might be owned by millions, most people are not aware that the ornamental jewelry or figurines they own are created from the gemstone Malachite. Malachite is a wonderful gemstone that is generally used for ornamental jewelry, small statues and figurines, and many times for pigment to make paint.

Malachite usually comes in a rich, intense green and it can be light or dark. What is important is that it is generally banded. In most gemstones, you will see plenty of bands or rings within the stone each with its own color of green. Malachite gets its wonderfully warm colors from the element copper. Malachite’s composition is called copper carbonate hydroxide.

Malachite is named after the Greek word Mallow, which means green herb. This stone has known to man for thousands of years not only to the Ancient Greeks and Romans but also across the Atlantic to many Native American Indian tribes, which still use this stone for ornamental jewelry and pigment.

Today, Malachite is extremely popular in the Southwest part of America. It is used to create ornamental jewelry and figurines. This earthy stone is very popular and is usually mixed with other top semi-precious gemstones to create wonderful jewelry pieces. For instance, some of the gemstones added to the mix of Malachite are Mother of Pearl, Onyx, Jasper, and Coral.

Malachite – The History and Origins

Malachite is one of the more popular gemstones around. While it is not terribly valuable, it is incredibly beautiful and it is usually sold as jewelry and small figurines without many people knowing that it is made from Malachite.

Malachite has been known to man since the beginning of civilization, its name comes from the Greek word mallow which means a type of herb. It has been used to form ornamental jewelry, figurines, and small boxes for thousands of years. As jewelry, many ancient cultures gave it mystical and magical properties. For instance, certain cultures said malachite would protect the wearer from evil.

Malachite is a type of mineral that is a popular copper ore. It is commonly referred to in the scientific community as copper carbonate hydroxide. While it is considered a semi-precious stone, it is extremely attractive due to its wonderful green hues. Usually Malachite is a banded stone and you will see darker and lighter bands within the stone.

While Malachite is extremely popular as ornamental jewelry and for making figurines, it is a relatively soft mineral. For instance, Malachite only scores a 3.5 to 4 on Mohs hardness scale. This means that while very stable, impact to the stone can chip it or destroy it. Sometimes a resin is applied to the stone to protect it from chips and scratches. If you would like to make sure that the stone is real Malachite, you can gently apply a drop of HCL acid onto the stone and you will immediately see it effervesce.

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