March Birthstones: Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Jasper, Jade, Gold Siva-linga

There are two main birthstones associated with March and a few other less-popular stones for those lucky to be celebrating their birthdays in March. There are the Aquamarine and Bloodstone, being the two main March birthstones. Others include Jade, Jasper, and Gold Siva-linga.



Aquamarine comes from the Latin words aqua and marina, meaning water and sea, respectively. Aquamarine, just like the sea, invokes peace and tranquility.


It is primarily light in tone, and its color ranges from greenish blue to blue-green. The color gets more intense in larger gemstones. The color of this gemstone is caused by iron oxides within the stone’s chemical composition.

Aquamarine is mostly found in Brazil but can also be found in Mozambique and Nigeria.

Like an emerald, Aquamarine is a variety of the mineral known as beryl. It grows in large, six-sided crystals that measure up to a foot long. As such, it should be cut and polished in bigger carats for bigger and flashier jewelry pieces.

Besides being a March birthstone, Aquamarine is also used to celebrate 19th wedding anniversaries.

March birthstone Aquamarine

Meaning and Uses of Aquamarine

Aquamarine invokes the purity of crystalline waters and the tranquility and relaxation of the sea. This gemstone is intended to soothe, calm, and cleanse. It inspires trust, truth, and letting go.

Throughout centuries, Aquamarine was believed to be a mermaid’s treasure. Sailor used the gemstone as a talisman for protection, fearlessness, and good luck. The gemstone was also believed to be a stone of happiness and eternal youth.

Currently, Aquamarine is used to open transparent and heartfelt communication channels. It is also used for protection when traveling by, over, or near water.


Aquamarine embodies everything linked to the sea and those relating to Heaven reflected on the water surface. Its symmetry makes it conducive for meditation and revelation since it allows users to explore the deepest depths of their souls.

Aquamarine Uses

Aquamarine is linked with the Throat Chakra, also known as Vishuddha. Throat Chakra is the fifth primary chakra according to the Hindu tantra tradition. As such, Aquamarine is used to overcome the fear of speaking. The gemstone relaxes a speaker to a consciousness stage, in which they are entirely aware of their thoughts, feelings, wisdom, and truth and can confidently and clearly articulate them out loud. In difficult moments, Aquamarine can help you to speak clearly without anger.

Aquamarine also speeds up the intellectual reasoning process and improves the ability for quick responses.

Aquamarine makes you invincible through self-learning and learning about the physical world.

It grants light-heartedness, discipline, and perseverance. The gemstone also promotes the principle of service to the universe and the advancement of humanity that embraces healing.

Aquamarine helps those overwhelmed by responsibility to discover order and inspires judgemental people to tolerate more. It radiates a loving and gentle energy that promotes moderation and responsibility for your actions.

In a nutshell, Aquamarine creates harmony between lovers, friends, family, or acquaintances. It is often given as an eternity ring or love token and increases harmony and love as long as the water flows.

Aquamarine Healing Properties

Aquamarine can be compared to the moonstone in its nourishing and healing effect.

Aquamarine Physical Healing

It is effective in healing chronic allergies, hay fever, frequent coughing, and sinus conditions. It also helps to relieve bronchitis and colds.

It is a cooling stone, making an effective sore throat solution.

Aquamarine also supports the healing of inflammatory diseases and hinders herpes outbreaks.

Aquamarine Emotional Healing

Due to its flowing and peaceful energy, the gemstone has a potent ability to secure and purify your energy and help in emotional healing. It can put you in deep meditative states to help you harmonize your thoughts and emotions.

It is a water element stone powerful for cleansing your emotional being and open your communication channels.

It illuminates your emotional patterns and helps you understand why you hold on to these emotional patterns and thoughts that hinder your progress. By consciously releasing these negative emotional patterns, Aquamarine allows for love, compassion, and healthier relationships.

It helps balance fear or excessive anger and is an excellent stone for those who have undergone traumatic situations and act aggressively.

Aquamarine Spiritual Healing

It is an empowerment stone for men and women. Aquamarine helps you realize that not all power stems from force. There is power in aligning with the results.

Most importantly, it enhances your intuitive abilities.

Aquamarine and Chakra

As previously mentioned, the throat chakra is the foundation for fluid communication, authenticity, and creation. When it is balanced, you can fluidly communicate and radiate your truest version.

Aquamarine is a stone of open and clear communication.

Using Aquamarine in Meditation

Meditation is associated with all healing types, from emotional trauma to physical illness. Aquamarine is ideal for enhancing meditation and achieving mental clarity. Wearing an Aquamarine gemstone during its assigned month is believed to heighten its healing powers.

All crystals grow in the earth and contain some magnitude of the earth’s electromagnetic vibration. A crystal’s vibration or frequency intensity depends on various factors, such as its color, shape, size, and mineral type.

When meditating close to your Aquamarine, it merges with your electromagnetic field and improves your overall vibration level.



Bloodstone is the second March birthstone. It is commonly embedded in riverbeds or rocks as pebbles.

It is a dark-green gemstone flecked with vivid iron oxide red spots.


Bloodstone is primarily found in Australia, Brazil, and India.

Bloodstone is also referred to as heliotrope, an ancient Greek word meaning “to turn the sun.” A common belief is that it was named so due to ancient ideas of how minerals reflect light. It is also believed that the sun would turn red if you place a Bloodstone in water.

Bloodstone comes in two forms; heliotrope and plasma. Heliotrope is more transparent with red spots, while plasma is more opaque with little to zero red spots.

For the highest-quality Bloodstone, your best option is a gemstone with a solid green color with visible red veins. Bloodstone comes in varying cuts and shapes, including traditional cuts like cushion, oval, and emerald.

Bloodstone may not be as attractive as Aquamarine, but people generally use it for its symbolism and properties.

What Does Bloodstone Symbolize?

Bloodstones have acquired mythology throughout centuries, especially via mild associations with blood, for example, how Bloodstone has been considered effective against hemorrhage.

Bloodstone symbolizes courage and bravery through its association with vitality, blood, and Mars, the Roman god.

Due to its spot’s blood-like appearance, the Middle Ages Christians commonly associated Bloodstone with martyrdom and the Crucifixion of Jesus.

Meaning and Uses of Bloodstone

In ancient times, Bloodstone was considered the prettiest of the Jaspers. Often referred to as Christ’s Stone, Bloodstone’s energy carries the purity of blood and naturally speaks of life and birth, passion and courage, strength and vitality.


The Bloodstone is magical and mystical as a talisman, and it has protective and nurturing virtues.

Bloodstone is considered a gem of noble sacrifice and offers solace and courage to those called upon to volunteer or sacrifice something for the good of others.

Bloodstone evokes the highest, selfless character of anyone who carries it.

It was treasured as a talisman of good health and long life. The gemstone is known to bring its owner fame, riches, good fortune, and respect.

Bloodstone Uses

Bloodstone is used as a protection amulet against bullying, whether physical or verbal. It guides you to confront and withdraw when appropriate and needed.

Bloodstone helps to increase mental clarity and helps in decision-making.

It boosts you mentally when you lack motivation and reenergizes your mind when fatigued.

It stimulates dreams and improves intuition.

Bloodstone is ideal for elevating creativity and cultivating a project right from conceptualization to actualization.

It is a nurturing mother goddess gemstone that helps ease misunderstandings and motherhood challenges.

Bloodstone is used to boost energy levels and elevate endurance in physical activity. On the same note, it is used as a good luck charm for sports matches and competitions.

Bloodstone Healing Properties

Being a stone of noble sacrifice, purification, and courage, Bloodstone has an outstanding history of use for its healing properties.

The gemstone has a lot of mystery folklore surrounding its association with blood. It is considered to have blood purifying properties and carries the energy of sacrifice and higher life calling.

Bloodstone Physical Healing Properties

It boosts the immune system.

Bloodstone purifies one’s intestines, kidneys, bladder, liver, spleen, and blood. It also neutralizes and eliminates toxins from your system.

It favors blood-rich organs, regulating and stimulating blood flow while helping in blood circulation.

Bloodstone is associated with birth birthing processes. Women use it during their childbearing years and ease the birthing process, and provides strength during labor.

Bloodstone Emotional Healing

It carries a potent power to ground you fully in your body while enhancing your capacity to function with courage, determination, and strength.

Bloodstone provides emotional support during tough emotional times and helps the bereaved feel connected to the Divine and feel less lonely.

It dispels confusion and enhances decision-making while nourishing your feelings of self-sufficiency, self-confidence, and worth.

Bloodstone Spiritual Energy

Bloodstone is a gemstone of wisdom and courage, altruistic character, and noble sacrifice.

It is also a mystic stone that provides insight and the spiritual intuition truths transcending common understanding.

It protects your soul on many levels. Since its colors can change in different lights, Bloodstone is regarded as a shape-shifting stone. This teaches you to travel invisibly between the worlds and negotiating varying realms.

Bloodstone and Chakra

Bloodstone is an intense healing stone utilized in cleansing and realigning the lower heart chakras. It is also conducive to balance the full body to overcome any anxiety or distress linked to your chakras’ realignment.

Bloodstone stimulates the Base and Heart Chakras.

The Root or Base Chakra is at the spine’s base. It controls the kinesthetic movement and feeling.

The Heart Chakra, located adjacent to the breastbone’s center, regulates human interaction with the external world.

Using Bloodstone in Meditation

Ensure there are no distractions around you if you want to channel the stone’s energy. Hold the stone in your hand and set your intentions while meditating. This is the best way to manifest Bloodstone’s healing properties.

In whatever setting you choose to meditate in, Bloodstone opens up your mind to the energy flow and infuses you with nature.



It is also a traditional March birthstone. Jasper was the March birthstone in the ancient Hebrew, Italian, and Russian calendar. Prior to becoming the birthstone for these ancient calendars, Jasper was the Aries planetary stone, which falls partly in March.

March Birthstones: Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Jasper, Jade, Gold Siva-linga 1

It is an opaque variety of chalcedony that popularly occurs in red. Jasper mostly composes the red inclusions located in Bloodstone.

It is a form of Chalcedony quartz with a maximum of 20% of mineral impurities. Therefore, interpreting its spiritual power is not as easy as expected. Each individual gem comes with its unique strengths.

It balances negative and positive energy while stabilizing your personality.



It is the March birthstone in the old Tibetan calendar. It is also a Pisces zodiac stone since it partly falls in March.

March Birthstones: Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Jasper, Jade, Gold Siva-linga 2

Jade consists of two chemically unrelated minerals; nephrite and jadeite. It is a love and virtue symbol. Both of these stones improve physical strength.

Nephrite is more popular than jadeite. Its deposits have been discovered in New Zealand, Poland, Alaska, Taiwan, Russia, Zimbabwe, Canada, China, Brazil, and Australia.

Jadeite is mainly from Myanmar, which is the only imperial jadeite source.

The Aztecs and Mayans believed that Jade could cure side-body pains. It is thought to possess health-strengthening properties and encourages longevity.


Gold Siva-linga

It is the March birthstone in the Hindu calendar. The gemstone refers to various flesh-covered Jasper with thick brown streaks.

It is a very sacred gemstone in Hinduism. It is so sacred that Hindus do not dare attempt to cut it to make it into jewelry.

Bottom Line

Aquamarine and Bloodstone are the two main March birthstones widely recognized in all calendars. March birthstones bring about tranquility and a myriad of healing properties. They can be worn as jewelry or carried around for different purposes. The principal characteristic among all March birthstones is the spiritual healing they offer. Ensure to do your homework before getting a gemstone for your respective birth month.

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