Master Crystals

Master crystals what are they? Master crystals are as their name implies, “Masters”. They are in the perfect crystalline form to align with the Divine. They manifest in different forms each with a specific task that will open doorways to the higher dimensions and allow the integration of knowledge into the physical third dimension.

Master crystals act as our teachers, transmitting the energy frequencies that will guide our consciousness to a soul level and bring purity of thought and action into our hearts and mind.

Master crystals must be treated with the highest respect

The Master Crystals


Cathedrals are recognized by the main termination having smaller crystals running parallel to their sides. These smaller crystals can be partially embedded and seem to merge into the main termination. The overall appearance looks like an ancient cathedral or castle with the main facade surrounded by smaller turrets.

Cathedrals hold the programs to enable one to raise one’s vibrations to the next evolution. They are storehouses of knowledge allowing access to the higher dimensions, to aid one in becoming fully aware of one’s multi-dimensional self and thus multi-dimensional consciousness.

A Cathedral also known as a Cathedral Lightbrary and can be thought of as a crystalline computer from which one can “download” pure Divine consciousness. Their energy is of soul group consciousness and universal frequencies that allow one to gain information stored in the “Akashic Records” where all that is, all that has ever been, and all that will ever be, are held.

  • Cathedrals can be used by an individual to gain knowledge, wisdom, and guidance from soul groups and the universal mind.
  • Or by groups that are linked by a common intention so that “all” within the group are given access to information to aid the group consciousness and group aims.


Channeling crystals are recognized by a seven-sided face at the front of the termination and a three-sided face (triangle) on the opposite side at the back of the termination. The “seven sides” represent seeking wisdom and truth

The “three sides” represent the bringing forth of wisdom and truth to be spoken with joyous expression and creativity.

Channeling crystals are used to “channel” knowledge, wisdom, and truth direct from the source held within the Divine consciousness of Spirit via the higher consciousness of the soul.

Then to verbally express that knowledge, wisdom, and truth, through speaking with clarity and joyous creativity.

  • Channeling crystals can be used for personal meditation to bring forward and clarify questions arising from one’s daily activities.
  • To bring forth an answer to a specific question or bring forth spiritual knowledge and insight.
  • To aid those who seek knowledge about their life’s path in this incarnation.


A Dow crystal is recognized by the sequence of an alternating three-sided triangular face and a seven-sided face to make up the six facets of the termination. A Dow crystal is a combination of a channeling crystal and a transmitter crystal. The triangle found at the back of a channeling crystal is the same triangle found at the center of a transmitter crystal.

The “seven sides” are a symbolic representation and attainment of the knowledge, wisdom, and truth of the consciousness of Spirit. The “three sides” represent the expression and manifestation of the spiritual truth. The sum produced by adding all the sides to the facets of the termination equals 30. The 3 represent the trinity which is a symbolic representation of body, mind, and spirit or personality self, higher self (soul), and Divine self (monad). The 0 represents a cycle of birth, death, and re-birth.

The Dow crystal allows one to receive (channel) and transmit the knowledge, wisdom, and truth of the Divine, by expressing them with love and integrity.

The Dow crystal energy affects all areas of one’s being positively by bringing the perfect state of the Divine into physical manifestation.

  • Meditate holding the Dow crystal in the left hand to bring about the perfected state of Divine love.
  • Place a Dow crystal at the Soul Star with the termination facing the top of the head, to integrate divine consciousness into the conscious mind.
  • Place a Dow crystal on any of the physical chakras to align the chakra frequency with the pure energy of the perfected form.
  • A Dow crystal allows us to recognize perfection is all things and brings unconditional love, compassion, and enlightened understanding to all who reside on Mother Earth.


Elestials are recognized by the numerous natural terminations and faces that cover the etched and layered main body of the crystal which can be single or multi-terminated often at both ends. Most Elestials are of Smokey Quartz and some contain water. They can appear to be “skeletal” in some areas of the crystal.

Elestials carry the vibrations to regulate energy within one’s the physical body and other energy fields. These vibrations can aid in the clearing, healing, and re-awakening of the group consciousness and lend strength to overcome emotional issues.

The Smokey nature of Elestials will help protect from negativity and help to ground the higher vibrations they bring forth and to ground one’s soul’s light.

  • Elestials are powerful crystals bringing forth the vibrations of love, knowledge, and wisdom from the Angelic realm and the higher dimensions to aid one on one’s path in one’s 3rd-dimensional incarnation.
  • Elestials help one acknowledge and then release deep emotional belief patterns that are no longer serving one.
  • Elestials help one to go deep within one’s self and connect to one’s soul to bring forth guidance and inner truth, by stripping away any falsehoods and untruths.
  • Elestials aid the conscious mind to discover who one is, much more than the “physical” being, and connects one to one’s multi-dimensional self.


Isis signifies the female Goddess archetype, of nurturing and creative power. An Isis crystal can be recognized by the five-sided face in front of the termination. The five sides represent the physical 3rd dimension of duality and polarity. The lower baseline is the physical dimension, the lower two opposing sides represent contradictory forces and finally, the upper two opposing sides meet at the apex, which represents unification or coming together with the Divine.

The Isis crystal helps to balance and harmonize any polarity be it male or female, the mind (thoughts) or the heart (emotions), positive or negative, joy or grief, life or death by uniting the opposing aspects to a state of spiritual wholeness or oneness with the Divine.

  • The nurturing energy of the Isis crystal will help to heal emotional wounds by allowing Divine loving energy to flow unhindered.
  • One can meditate with an Isis crystal focusing one’s thoughts on Isis’s face to bring the feeling of balance and harmony into one’s consciousness.
  • The Isis crystal can be used by both sexes to balance the male and female aspects of the self. For males this will help to develop the receptive, feeling part of their being. For females to strengthen the connection with the Divine Feminine Goddess energies.


.Manifestation crystals are quite rare and can be recognized by a small enclosed crystal that has formed or “manifested” within the larger crystal termination or body

As the name implies Manifestation crystals are used to aid in the manifestation of that which one desires. They aid in the transformation of Spirit into the matter. When working on a manifestation one must be very clear and precise. Focus and accuracy and the key points to remember, any contradiction or energy distortions will prevent the manifestation from being brought forth into the 3rd dimension.

Manifestation crystals can be used in meditation to bring forth that which one desires to be present in one’s life. This may be for very 3rd-dimensional objects or for the feelings and emotions that are of a higher vibration. These could include the connection to one’s soul, love for one’s self, relationships, and healing.

Meditate with the Manifestation crystal to bring forth that which one wants to be manifested into one’s life. Be very precise, visualize your manifestation, feel what it is like to be living your manifestation, and hold those thoughts and feelings. Visualize the energy of your manifestation being projected into the crystal and ask for help in bringing the manifestation into your life.

Record Keeper

Record Keepers can be recognized by triangular-shaped markings that appear to be engraved on one or more of the faces of the termination. The triangular-shaped markings are symbolic of the trinity, representing the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of our being that become aligned and balanced with the spiritual aspect at the uppermost point of the triangle.

Information stored from the universal mind is held within the Record Keeper crystals to be assessed by individuals to gain knowledge and wisdom when needed. Allowing those who access this information to feel the connection to the group consciousness and thus help to raise their vibrations and help to heal humanity as a whole.

  • Record Keepers are personal crystals to be used to activate the cellular memory of those who have raised their consciousness to the soul level and are centered within their hearts. Then one can gain the wisdom held within the crystals.
  • Record Keepers are used in mediation by holding the triangular marking to one’s third eye. Close your eyes, relax, empty the mind of all “busy” thoughts and be open to receiving the information allowing it to enter your consciousness. Integrate the information and wisdom to move forward on your journey and also bring it into the world for all to share and benefit

Time Links are recognized by the presence of parallelograms forming within the faces of the termination. A parallelogram that slants to the right is known as a Time Link Future, and one that slants to the left is known as a Time Link Past. One or more Time Links can be present on any particular termination.

Time Links act as a bridge for the soul to travel across to access parts of itself that are existing in other dimensions and other times, thought of as the future or past.

The two sets of parallel lines that make up the Time Link face are the links between the dimensions that as multi-dimensional beings we exist in at any given time. The single top line is symbolic of one’s existence in the present “now”, the line opposite (below) represents another part of one’s being existing in a different dimension or “time”. The other two parallel lines on either side represent the bridge that one’s “present now” self can connect with to visit one’s “past” or “future” selves.

The Time Link faces are due to a spiraling growth sequence within the crystal lattice. Imagine a moving spiral staircase that can move clockwise and anti-clockwise. The spiral staircase of a right-facing Time Link is moving clockwise into the future and the spiral staircase of a left-facing Time link is moving anti-clockwise into the past. If both left and right faces are present on the crystal termination, then both the past and future can be accessed.

  • Focus on the Time Link face and allow the spiraling energy to bring into the consciousness aspects of your past or future self that require certain energy patterns to be released and thus healed.


Transmitter crystals are recognized by a perfect triangle in the center with two symmetrical seven-sided faces on either side. The “seven sides” represent the ability to control the physical senses and emotions and enable one to recognize the truth and purity of higher consciousness. The “three sides” represent the ability of the individual consciousness to express that truth through the correct use of personal power and manifestation. The central triangle is the point at which higher consciousness is aligned and unified with the individual consciousness.

Transmitters aid in the transmission of precise and clear individual conscious “thought forms” to the higher consciousness to be answered by the transmission of equal precise clarity.

The energy of the “thought” is transmitted from the third dimension to the higher dimensions via the transmitter crystal. Thus allowing a communication system to be set up which provides a conscious connection to the higher dimensions bringing forth an answer expressed as pure energy or Light.

The energy transmitted from the higher dimensions can then be integrated and applied for one’s highest and best good, for that of others, humanity as a whole, and Mother Earth.


Twins can be recognized by two separate distinct terminations that share the same base. They are therefore a pairing of two single points bonded together, which can be of equal or different heights.

Twins are concerned with relationships either with one’s self or with others.

The Twin points symbolize the unity of one’s personality self with one’s higher self or soul and one’s monad or Divine Essence. One must be aligned with one’s soul to be one with the Divine. One must have a healthy, strong, stable, unified relationship within one’s being to be able to have that relationship with another being. One’s inner reflects one’s outer.

The energy of Twin crystals is connected to the joining and bonding of all aspects of one’s being into one unified whole.

  • Meditate with a Twin crystal for personal use in connecting and joining with your soul and Divine Essence.
  • Twin crystals can be used to help understand or heal relationships with others either on a personal level or on a non-personal basis.


Windows are recognized by a large diamond-shaped window in the center of the crystal forming the seventh face of the termination.

The four points of the diamond window connect with the angles of the other faces. The top point of the diamond connects with the line leading to the apex, the bottom point to the line which runs down the side to the base of the crystal and the two side points connect to the angles which form the faces on either side.

The four sides of the diamond-shaped window symbolically represent the meeting of the lower dimension of physicality and the higher dimensions of spirituality (the upper and lower triangles that form the diamond meeting at common points). Thus the window face acts as a bridge for the integration of the dimensions.

Windows allow one to see the reflection of one’s soul’s love and light, so one can then see and reflect on one’s inner self. They are one’s mirror to look at aspects of one’s self, reflecting the dark as well as the light.

One sees one’s self as one truly is and thus can see the parts of one’s being that need to be altered to integrate fully with one’s soul’s purpose for this incarnation.

The images the Windows transmit can be accessed by either:

  • Holding the crystal in front of you and focusing your eyes on the diamond-shaped window, be open to the images and feelings that enter your consciousness.
  • Placing the diamond window on your third eye (with your physical eyes closed), be open to “see” the images that form within your mind’s eye.

With either method, if there is a specific aspect of yourself that you need a greater understanding of then bring this into your consciousness and focus your attention on the window shaped face.

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